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There are always people talking about the “arms race” in collegiate athletics. Stadiums are getting bigger.  Schools are not only competing on the field, but with their ACTUAL fields, courts, stadiums, locker rooms and more. At Old Hat we have had the opportunity to work in support of several of these capital campaign projects.  Whether it’s producing amazing environmental graphics, creating exciting reveal videos, or informational brochures and infographics, we’ve been part of many facets of facility improvement. 

While there is a lot that goes into a massive project like this, what I want to focus on is the websites.  For most projects that involve major renovations or creation of a large facility, the timeline is usually longer than a season or even a school year.  Add in the fact that schools will need the full support of their fans, alumni and current students and you need a way to disseminate information to the people that matter.  A website is a great way to do that, and Old Hat has had the pleasure of helping several schools with that exact issue.  Below are two great examples of our work.

Texas A&M decided to renovate Kyle Field in dramatic fashion several years ago.  They approached us long before the plans were public to talk about a website and what would go into it.  As we began the discovery phase, we spent a week on campus with the 12th Man Foundation staff and talked to everyone involved in the process. It was a great way to get information and it helped us understand all of their goals.  Once we knew their goals it was time to start developing a plan.  

Each school is unique when they go through a major facility overhaul and after meeting with the stakeholders on campus it was clear they wanted to get out as much information as possible.  That choice to be open about the process helped us understand how they needed the website to be built.  The 12th Man Foundation wanted fans to have the opportunity to digest all the changes on their own.  There are always going to be questions from fans, but when you are taking the time to put it all out there, they can be minimized.  

KyleField.com covered everything…

Inspirational video that gets the fans pumped up – Check

Information on how to contact the ticket office – Check

Chance to see the new seating options – check

Time line and schedule – Check

Construction Cams - Check

The site even had information which walked the fans through the process of selecting new tickets or signing up for the wait list to get tickets when they became available.  Their goal was accomplished: a Texas A&M fan could come to this site and get nearly any information they needed.  If they couldn’t find it, there was a live chat feature built in so they could get their answers.  

The University of Oklahoma decided to handle their project a bit differently.  The amazing changes in store for Gaylord Family Memorial Stadium are extensive and they wanted the opportunity to show fans the process in a one-on-one conversation. To handle this process, they created a simple website with basic information and an amazing facility that allowed them to personally walk their fans through the process.  Old Hat got to help out with the personal touch that Oklahoma is currently utilizing in this process.  

We created a touch screen website that allowed them to review every new seating option, amenity, and even new items on their menu.  With an Oklahoma staff member walking the fans through all the changes and giving the release of their plans a personal touch, it allowed them to connect one-on-one with their fan base.  Fans could ask specific questions, have them answered, and even be shown renderings that would explain it in more detail.  

Oklahoma made this process special for their fans.  Our touch screen system allowed Sooner staff to promote the new stadium and sell tickets at the same time.  It was a unique experience and a fun project to be involved in. 


These are just two unique examples. But we know that each athletics department and project is also unique. While each of these websites helped a university educate their fans, promote new projects, and most importantly sell tickets, they were done in completely different ways.  Every project like this is unique and Old Hat would love to help you make sure that you have a website or sales piece that matches the awesomeness of your new stadium.   

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