Notre Dame Baseball Poster


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Client: University of Notre Dame

Project: Baseball Poster


Notre Dame came to Old Hat with three baseball players and a dream, a dream of having us create a spectacular poster.


There wasn't a lot of specific design direction with this project, but Notre Dame wanted to make sure there were sunny skies and an inviting atmosphere to draw fans to the games. 

As with any print project, photography plays a major part in the final outcome of the piece. Fortunately for us and Notre Dame, their photographer did a great job capturing three of the key players on their home turf. Besides a little color correcting, the only changes to the photo were adding a new sunny sky (90% sunnier than the original sky), which we used to portray some good ol' spring ball. 

Notre Dame also wanted to incorporate this year's athletics theme, "The Journey Begins", to signify their inaugural season in the ACC. 


Welcome to 2014 Notre Dame Baseball. I'd say we knocked this one out of the park.

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