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We all know fall isn't just about football. This week, I asked everyone here at Old Hat to choose their favorite fall project from our Print or Production division that was not football related. It's difficult for us to choose favorites; we have so many awesome clients and are proud of so many of our creations. Here is the selection that we came up with.


Our Print Production Manager, Tricia, has seen each and every print project that's been designed this fall. She says this about the Florida State Women's Soccer poster, "I liked this poster because Jared used some different effects and coloring than we usually do. The client sent a sample of some graphics they liked, and he took it and put his own spin on it. I thought it turned out really well."


Zac chose North Texas Women's Soccer. His reason: "Green isn't a common color in athletics, so it's different. Also, the boldness of doing an all green poster is nice. And I like how the player photos blend into the green background."



Kevin and Jared chose the Georgetown Men's and Women's Soccer posters as their favorite, respectively. Jared mentioned the layout of the women's poster being a reason why he loved it. Plus, he designed it!



Geoff and Robert are both big fans of the Notre Dame Cross Country poster. Geoff's thoughts: "This will be the template for all of their Olympic sports posters this year and the first time we've had to follow their strict new brand standards. It was designed to have a pot of gold at the end of each poster for the lucky fans. #magicallydelicious" 

Robert was so inspired by the design that he actually wrote a poem:

"Watch them run. See how they go.

Watch them run. They're not so slow.

Watch them run. That's what they do.

All decked out in green, gold, and navy (you thought I was going to say blue)."



Kelby chose the North Texas Volleyball poster because, "I like how the designer added the box design, incorporating different aspects of North Texas Athletics and North Texas Volleyball."



Both Justin and Tanner mentioned the Syracuse template posters. Tanner mentioned the volleyball version in particular but overall is a fan of the coloration and the effects. Justin says, "Geoff always does great work, but these are some of his best recent designs. He utilized the orange and blue color scheme of Syracuse to the fullest, to create an eye-catching series of posters that scream energy and emotion."



Several Utah Projects were mentioned. Hannah loves the 2015 Utah Volleyball marketing materials including the schedule poster, tickets and ads because, "They're so red!  Plus, I really love the girls’ photos showing off their personalities…especially #14." 


Deb chose the Utah Volleyball Intro/Hype video as her favorite. Her reason: "Utah went with a song that allowed us to incorporate some lyrics into the design that helped energize the video. I really dig things like that."

Douglas, our Utah designer on campus, chose the Utah Cross Country poster, which he designed himself. Douglas said, "Cross Country is one of those sports that doesn't get any love and can be difficult to create good designs for. I started this project feeling unsure about the whole thing, but ended up really happy with the way the poster turned out, and the responses we received from fans have been great too."


Jessica chose a project that's been keeping us busy for weeks, the Duke Social Media graphics package. Jessica says, "I enjoyed this project because we were able to build off of the Olympic Sports template poster we already designed for Duke to create a cohesive set of profile and cover photos. These are being used across Duke's different social media platforms and create a consistent brand across all twenty of their sports' social media accounts."  Each sport has a profile pic and cover graphic to use on both Facebook and Twitter, and also a variety of template graphics for starting lineups, gameday, recruiting and more. 


Other fall favorites:

Texas Tech Volleyball Intro Video

Pittsburgh Web Graphics

Samford Template Posters 


Illinois Template Posters


To see more of these projects, click on the links on the right side of this page. To see any that we didn't mention, check out more of our work here.