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Old Hat Interactive recently launched our newest product, Fangage. 

The purpose of Fangage is to engage, entertain and connect with your fans. Fangage features fun and entertaining quizzes for your fans to take and share on social media and is a completely unique way to connect with your existing fans. You simply add the quiz link on your website or social media platforms and watch it go viral.



Fangage features viral marketing through fan engagement in social media. Data collection can be incorporated if you wish.

To use, fans simply click on a custom URL from their mobile devices or computer and answer a series of questions. Questions can be simply entertaining or you can add survey-like questions to gain more information. A result is given based on how the series of questions were answered. Fans share their quiz results on Facebook or Twitter. Other fans see results posted and are encouraged to take the quiz as well.


The results from the 12th Man Foundation's "How Aggie Are You?" Fangage launch were very impressive. 

In the first 24 hours after the initial Fangage release:

5,209 - Number of users that completed the quiz.

12,156 - Number of users that viewed the quiz.

562 - Number of users who clicked the ad within the quiz.


One week following the 12th Man Foundation's "How Aggie Are You?" Fangage release:

74,416 - Total number of Facebook users the quiz reached.

785 - Number of new "likes" on the 12th Man Foundation Facebook page, directly attributed to Fangage.


Additional Fangage clients include the University of Oklahoma and the University of Oregon


Here are the most up to date stats since October 20, 2014:

University of Oklahoma ("How Sooner Are You?" and "Are You Bud, Barry or Bob?" combined):

10,119 sessions 

9, 172 users

22,965 page views 

666 ad clicks

52 shares on Twitter

11 shares on Google+

9,159 quiz submissions 

Facebook App Stats:

     - 37.7K story impressions 

     - 1.1K published stories 

     - 289 clicks on story 

Texas A&M 12th Man Foundation ("How Aggie Are You?" and "Which Aggie Football Coach Are You?" combined):

11,536 sessions

10,375 users

26,546 page views

270 ad clicks

40 shares on Twitter

10,668 quiz submissions

Facebook App Stats

     - 46.2K story impressions

     - 856 published stories

     - 522 clicks on stories

University of Oregon:

7,117 sessions 

6,509 users 

11,365 page views 

177 ad clicks 

49 shares on Twitter 

4 shares on Google+

2,805 quiz submissions 

Facebook App Stats:

     - 8K story impressions 

     - 176 published stories 

     - 60 clicks on stories


Old Hat can provide suggestions for quizzes or we can incorporate your ideas into a quiz. 

Interested in Fangage? Please contact us at for more information and pricing.

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