State of Sports Marketing 2016

At Old Hat, we take pride in knowing what’s going on with collegiate athletics. We’ve also got some mad research skills. So we decided to combine those two things in order to give you greater insight into what’s going on in the industry and how your marketing stacks up to that of your peers.

More than 320 professionals from over 140 collegiate athletic programs participated in our State of Sports Marketing survey. We also asked 150 sports fans just one question to see how well their opinions matched up with yours on a very important topic.

Download a free copy of our State of Sports Marketing Report to find out:

• What’s up with attendance.
• Why fans (really) go to the game.
• Who’s sitting in the stands.
• What’s going on with ticket sales.
• The good, the bad, and the you-oughtta-be-using it of marketing tactics.
• Tips for improving your ticket sales and attendance.