Inaugural #Sportsbiz #StadiumJamz Hangout Transcript on hosted by Old Hat Creative

The online meeting point for #sportsbiz professionals looking to share their favorite picks for the best music in stadiums, arenas and in intro videos ever! 

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Peak Attendance:16

How it works:

Six DJ Spots are available in the room for participating participants to share their music picks with the room. Once a DJ picks a song, the participating participants are allowed to vote the song, which starts off at a 50% approval rating either ‘Awesome’ or ‘Lame.’ If an overwhelming majority of the room’s participants vote the song ‘Lame’, the song is automatically skipped by

Given the song-rating participation, a song with an average approval of 65% or more should be considered ‘Excellent.’

During each song, participating participants also encouraged to reflect on the song choice or share in relevant information regarding stadium/arena music. Participants may also share questions or comments regarding best practices in #sportsbiz today.

Included with each song listing below are any corresponding room conversation.


Song Title by Artist-Approval%
DJ Name or Twitter Handle
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So Good by B.o.B-75%

Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore-33%

Zombie Nationa by Kernkraft-83%

Supermassive Black Hole by Muse-67%

Time to Go by Dropkick Murphy’s-50%

Moves like Jagger by Maroon 5-67%

Put Your Hands Up in The Air by Danzel-44%
• Summary traciehitz: Northwestern used/uses this at the end of the 3rd Quarter and it's grown into a big tradition.

Rock & Roll Part 2 by Gary Glitter-44%
• I was not able to retrieve Messages from this song, however in summary, it was decided by the room that despite the negative connotations associated with Gary Glitter, it is still a classic, especially when played by the band.

Let’s Get it Started by Black Eyed Peas-69%

Run This Town/Posthumus Zone by Jay-Z -63%

• Summary: Song kicked off 2011 Super Bowl TV intro video.

Remember the Name by Fort Minor-73%
• @MJFarrell: haven't been able to find this song in the queue list but The Undisputed Truth's - Red Zone would be a fantastic song to take a clip from if you have a football

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes-75%
• @skaffmania: Song has blown up in stadiums over past year
• @amvillalobos: There was a big article about in in Deadspin a   couple months ago
• ColleenWall: I have noticed that, and fans singing the bassline is a new thing too
• @skaffmania: The new version in the GIJoe2 trailer is good too, I've seen some sports highlights on that track
• @amvillalobos: Re: 7 Nationa Army -- Jock Jams: How The Song Seven Nation Army; Conquered The Sports World - @Deadspin
• @amvillalobos: Great insight into the song and what makes a great sports ANTHEM
• @ColleenWall: Awesome, thanks!
• @skaffmania: good article, I knew PSU was one of the originals, thanks! 

Beautiful Day by U2-62%

Levels (Skrillex Remix) by Avicii058%
• @MJFarrell: skrillex is the rage now

Shake Senora by Pitbull-63%
• @amvillalobos: Anything Pitbull Rocks, as long as you use an instrumental in house
• @amvillalobos: the subject matter of his songs tends to be a bit 'colorful'
• @ColleenWall: There's a good word for it
• @MJFarrell: this is hits all the generations though
• @MJFarrell: nice 

Crazy Train by Ozzy Ozbourne-58%
• @ColleenWall: I was in the pep band at Sacred Heart and we dubbed this the unofficial theme song of SHU men's basketball
• @ColleenWall: We played it at the start of every game as they came out of the tunnel
• @ColleenWall: One of the players requested it hahaha

Enter Sandman by Metalica-62%


• @MJFarrell: anyone ever tried to get confetti cannons up at a game - we're thinking about trying it for soccer and blasting them every time we score a goal next year. just worried about the clean up after
• @amvillalobos: I'd go streamers for outdoors
• @amvillalobos: preferably metallic--that way they dont get all sticky with water if the field is wet
• @MJFarrell: what's the preference?
• @amvillalobos: confetti will blow everywhere and I'm sure someone on campus would complain about the mess
• @amvillalobos: plus if they're tissue, they'll get wet and they'll make a mess
• @MJFarrell: has anyone ever put discount cards to a local vendor in with either streamers or confetti?
• @MJFarrell: we were going to get adaptors for our t-shirt cannons and mount them for outside games
• @amvillalobos: thats a good idea about putting the vendor cards in with the confetti, you just have to make sure you notify fans that theyre in there or they may just disregard it as part of the mess


Glad You Came by The Wanted-62%
• @Brian Bowsher: Great beat to this song

Midnight City by M83-64%
• @MJFarrell: used by victoria secret, but not before how to make it in america blew it up
• @MJFarrell: @Brian Bowsher where would you use this song? video?
• @Brian Bowsher: Yeah, video or pregame
• @Brian Bowsher: There's probably a way to remix it for a hot timeout situation
• @MJFarrell: yeah - would like a beat that hits a bit harder to play during a game
• Brian Bowsher: when it gets going, it's pretty good. A little too much down time as it is.

Bangarang by Skrillex-54%


• @MJFarrell: the maple leafs use beautiful beat beat to great effect:


This City by Patrick Stump-63% (2)
Colleen Wall

• @jakeschwartz1: Great choice! The OKC Thunder use this for one of their videos
• ColleenWall: Cool didn't know that!
•  @amvillalobos: Yeah, the video they got going with it is pretty sharp too. they featured during the Keynote Dinner for NSF this year!
• @ColleenWall: Is it ever used during a game?
• @amvillalobos: i've never heard it during a game. doesnt mean it cant be. with the right video, it can be an incredibly powerful crowd engagement piece
• @amvillalobos: 04
• @ColleenWall: Awww OKC babies!
• @MJFarrell: love the OKC mascot going all teen wolf on top of the van
• @ColleenWall: Excellent video @amvillalobos!
• @amvillalobos: Rumble is nuts!
• @centeno20: @amvillalobos very nice!

Where Have You Been by Rhianna-58%

My Time by Fabolous-64%

Right Now by Van Halen-%68

Lonely Boy by The Black Keys-71%
• @amvillalobos: I thought this song was fitting for baseball/softball season
• @Brian Bowsher: Buffalo Sabres goal song
• @MJFarrell: had this one lined up in my queue before i realized i need to actually be a DJ

Beast Mode by B.o.B-60%

Stand Up by James Durbin-61%
• @ColleenWall: FYI this song is from the 1st volume of NFL gameday music put out by the league
• @ColleenWall: There's even an original song on the album from Darius Rucker
• @@MJFarrell: that wasn't included in a burger king commercial?
• ColleenWall: I thought it was a cool idea

Doo Doo Doo Doo(Heartbreaker) by The Rolling Stones-59%
• @descott4: this is a great baseball song for a pitching change
• @MJFarrell: good call, hadn't thought of that use

Wobble(Radio Edit) by V.I.C-59%

Number/Encore by Jay-z/Linkin Park-71%

Gold Digger by Kanye West-63%
• @alancassinelli: the beathoven remix of this song is dope. look it up on youtube

L’estasi Dell’oro (Ecstasy of Gold) by Ennio Morricone-46%

This Town by O.A.R-39%

Feel So Close by Calvin Harris-46%

We Built this City by Starship-33%

She’s A Beauty by The Tubes-35%

Apache by Sugarhill Gang-58%

Without You by David Guetta-N/A

Cupid Shuffle by Cupid-71%

Twist And Shout by The Isley Brothers-71%

Respect by Aretha Franklin-63%

Barbara Streisand by Duck Sauce-68%
• @MattBeckman: You can yell Bronco Nation instead of Barbara!
• @Matt Beckman: We edited it
• @NateBain: brilliant!

Teach Me How To Dougie by Cali Swag District-64%

Danza Kuduro by Don Omar-50%

300 Violin Orchestra by Jorge Quintero-68%
• @Matt Beckman: this is out player intro song
• @amvillalobos: i still dig it though
• @Brian Bowsher: Nice... Never knew the name of this one.

What’s Golden by Jurrasic 5-64$

Ditty by Paperboi-64%

Got to Give It Up, Part 1-55%

Broken Tarted by Karmin-56%

Peanut Butetr Jelly Time by Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz-50%

Float On by Modest Mouse-67%

Hospital Food by David Gray-44%

No Church in the Wild by Jay-z/Kanye West-56%

• @amvillalobos: harsh lyrics, but an instrumental would be great for Starting Lineup Intros.

Centerfield by John Fogerty-63%

Short Skirt/Long Jacket by Cake-44%

Faster by Matt Nathanson-44%

Power by Kanye West-50%

Rosa Parks by OutKast-55%

In The Dark by Dev-50%

The Time by Black Eyed Peas-71%

Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO-69%


Aaron M Villalobos
This being our first try at this, we lost a few of the initial conversations, but I included a summary below song titles anyway. Also, some of the comments got jumbled when I initially transfered them into Word, so my apologies if your comments are misclassified (shouldn't be too many) See Y'all next week!
Doug (not verified)
I know it's possible to export playlists from TT to but do you know if it's possible to export a room history from TT so I can import that into my library? Thanks!

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