As you know, football is fast approaching, and we've been super busy with a lot of football projects. This year, we've been able to do a lot of concepts we haven't done before, and the results have been awesome. I can't wait for all of you to be able to see the epicness we've been churning out.  

Speaking of epic and football, NFL Films/HBO's Hard Knocks started back up last week, following the Houston Texans. I'm always amazed at what they put together in such a short turnaround. I mean sure, it's relatively easy to get amazing footage when you have 5-6 camera crews and a plethora of robotic camera set ups, but sifting through the ~350 hours of weekly footage to create a 1 hour episode is incredible. Last week's episode was full of getting to know certain players, the basic culture that Head Coach Bill O'Brien has established and great practice footage, including a look at the fight that took place during their joint practice with Washington [giving me even more reason to hate our NFC East rivals; Go Cowboys]. While I didn't love the overall pace and stringing together of storylines, I still greatly enjoyed the episode and can't wait for a new one tomorrow.

Last week I came across an Instagram account called @billys_friend via @pitbullsofinstagram. Their mission is to improve the image of shelter dogs by donating photography services to increase dogs chances of being adopted. This is how we found our dog, Happy. He's pictured below as Ernie (middle box, last row), and his mom was Mollie (pictured in the center). Mollie was a foster dog, and what we found out later was the foster mom was a photographer. She placed this photo on Facebook the morning the puppies would be at the shelter. All eight boxer/pit bull puppies were adopted within two hours. 

Here's Happy now, waiting to eat a snow cone. 

If you're looking to adopt, check out Billy's Friends or your local animal shelter.  

Hey Old Hat Blog Readers,

I've been out traveling for work. A lot. So forgive me for my absence if you can. As a matter of fact, I leave for another shoot in just a couple hours. So today's blog will be short, but oh so sweet. 

A couple months ago we went out to The University of Utah to capture stills and video for the upcoming football season. One of the things we did while we were there was shoot some photographs for their throwback uniforms that they just unveiled recently. 

Here's some of those shots. 


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