HEY PEOPLE, IT'S NEW YEAR'S EVE!!! It's time to party like it's 1939. That's the old saying, right?

Now I don't typically pick favorites amongst our video/animation projects because I'm proud of all of the work we do. Every project is our most important project. I also think it's hard to compare projects because each one is unique with unique assets, concepts, and audiences. However, it's the end of the year people seem to enjoy lists. So here's a top ten list of my fav 2015 Productions projects that I think are unique.


10 - Colorado State Basketball Madness Commercial

9 - North Texas Men's Basketball Commercial

8 - North Texas Men's Basketball Intro

7 & 6 - American Athletic Conference Football Championship Intros


5 - Kennesaw State Football Intro Inaugural Season

4 - Wisconsin Football Historical

3 - Murray State Women's Basketball Intro

2 - Army West Point Derby

1 - Utah Basketball Projection

If you have read this blog, this blog, or even this blog, you'll know that I love to read. I received four books this Christmas, and once I finish The Gifts of Imperfection by Brene Brown (she's my favorite!), I'll be diving into these. For 2016, my work New Years resolution is to share what I am learning from each book listed below with you on our blog. If you've read any of these books, let me know in our comment section or on Twitter. I'd love to discuss with you! 

1. I Thought It Was Just Me by Brene Brown 

Brene is my favorite author. She studies negative emotions and discusses how we protect ourselves from shame, judgement, vulnerability, critisim, blame and so on. She's great because she tells the truth on a tough subject. She shines the light on how we are subconsciously acting out when we experience these negative emotions so that we can become aware of our actions and change our reactions to these negative emotions. 

2. Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is best known as the creator, head writer, executive producer and showrunner of the medical drama TV series, Grey's Anatomy, along with Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder. With iconic characters in her TV shows who openly speak their minds, you wouldn't know Shonda is an extreme introvert. When her sister said, "you never say 'yes' to anything", Shonda decided to dedicate a year saying 'yes' to anything that scared her. 

3. Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert

Author of Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth inspires her readers to tap into their creativity by embracing curiousity.  

4. Living With Intent by Mallika Chopra 

Have you ever felt guilty? In Living with Intent, Mallika shares her journey to find more meaning, joy and balance in life. In her book, she shares wisdom from experts such as her dad, Deepak Chorpa, and Eckart Tolle, two of my favorite thought leaders. 

Here's a few things on my mind on this cold, snowy, Monday morning of December 28, 2015.

- It's cold outside.

- I went from 75 degree weather to sub freezing in a day.

- Last weekend, we celebrated my grandparents 60th wedding anniversary! 

- It was nice to have my whole family together again for the holidays...cousins/siblings came home from California, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

- I decided Eggnog is not my favorite drink

- I saw the movie The Big Short - while I didn't quite understand every banking/money term, it was a very good movie and they explained it as much as they could.

- The Dallas Cowboys lost...again...and I'm not even mad.

- The $10 I spent for 3 months of Spotify Premium (normally $10/1 month) was totally worth it for how often I've been driving back and forth to Texas.

- I planned ahead a little too early and am going home for the weekend because I thought Illinois State football would be making another trip to Frisco, Texas, for the FCS Championship game on January 9, but they lost...oops. NDSU will be there for the 5th year (I think) in a row, and the town will be overrun with green and gold.

- I think for the first time since I can remember, I did NOT go to a mall Thanksgiving or Christmas weekend.

- Best gift I received this year - a food scale.

- Best gift I gave this year - Maui LavaBats t-shirt

- There is so much chocolate in our office right now and I am trying very hard NOT to eat it.


That's all I got!

I hope you enjoyed your holidays and got to spend time with family.  Here's to a wonderful 2016!


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