Last week, Robert and I, as well as Joel, Holly and Jentry from our OKC office, participated in a Snapchat webinar. After exploring the selfie lenses (and posting our photo to Instagram)...

we learned some Snapchat stats:

- 100 million daily active users

- 8 billion videos viewed per day

- 60% of Snapchat users are creating content daily

- The average Snapchat user opens the app 15 times per day

- Largest age demographic is 18-24 years old (37%)

Next, we learned how people use Snapchat vs. how brands use Snapchat. Everyone uses Snapchat differently. A study conducted by the University of Washington in 2014 shared what most people share on Snapchat which included: people, funny things, selfies, food, events, what they're up to, drinks, beautiful things, and animals. I use it to share snaps of my dog, Happy.

But brands are using Snapchat a little differently. They have the option to create organic content as well as paid content, and typically, they're using Snapchat to meet marketing objectives. Across the sports industry, you'll see alot of teams using it to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at venues (locker rooms, new stadiums, etc), a look at student-athlete personalities (singing and dancing), and locker room celebrations.

What brands should be looking at is how they use Snapchat and compare it to how their "fans" use Snapchat. The goal should be to create something in the middle to better connect with their audience. Are you wondering how you can engage with your fans through Snapchat? Here at Old Hat, we can not only help you keep your message consistent across all social media, but through our Sports180 process, we take a thorough look at what your fans are interested on a much larger scale through extensive research, and make suggestions for how to improve your social media and better present your brand.


Last Monday I posted an article about the death of the schedule poster as we know it and talked about the need to breathe life back into it through treating it more like an advertisement than an informational tool. Simply informing people of when the games will be played and scattering athlete photos around an 18 x 24" space doesn't do much to actually drive attendance anymore. It needs to be a part of a grander marketing campaign.

So that begs the question: How do we do that?

Answer: Through a research & discovery, internal & external surveys, target audience indentification, strategic messaging, media audits and brilliant creative.

Sounds difficult and daunting, doesn't it? Well, it's not. It's time-consuming and requires expertise in all of these fields. It involves large groups of people working together to provide feedback and input. It requires everyone in an organization buying in to a common goal. But fortunately, Old Hat has the tools and processes in place to facilitate all of it. It's called the Sports180° Process and is our proven, research-based process that gets to the heart of your unique position. Through this approach, we help you clarify objectives, analyze your playing field, and develop a winning strategy.

We just completed the initial phases of the Sports180° with SMU and are entering implementation phase where we will launch an internal and external marketing campaign, a ticket sales website and multiple gameday experience pieces that are united under a common message and goal.

Phase 1: Scouting

The first step in the process is research and discovery. Understanding your internal culture and inspiring your staff can prevent disconnects between your brand promise and what your fans experience. Their weigh-in will produce buy-in.  We talk to Senior Athletic Department Staff, Individual Department Team Members, Development, Marketing, Ticket Sales, Sponsorship and Support Staff as Directed (Team Operations, Coaches, Game Operations, Designers, Interns, Game Day Contractors, Facility Staff, Merchandise, etc.)

There are other key groups that play a role in the success of your brand, so we meet with a few representatives or request their participation in your survey. This may include groups like Fundraising Club Members, Alumni, Students, Community Influencers, Individual Game Buyers, Premium Customers, etc.

By the end of this phase we’ll understand both your market and your uniquely compelling story, as told straight from the horse’s mouth.

Discovery process on campus at SMU

Phase 2: Playbook

In phase two we analyze the research and develop a playbook to achieve your objectives. This phase involves refining your leadership vision, identifying sales and marketing opportunities, aligning your target audiences with your brand differentiators, and assessing how you can win against your competitors.

Leadership Vision: Review and discussion of the vision shared by your organization’s key leaders.

Research Findings: Presentation of comprehensive research findings and analysis, including key takeaways and opportunities.

Audience Alignment: Development and presentation of profile personas for key current and desired target audiences.

Marketing Opportunities: Identification of opportunities that support your vision, engage your key audiences, and position you for greater success.

Examples of Findings:

 Phase 3: Game Day

Incorporating your feedback and our research findings, this is where we execute our recommendations and begin to engage with your fans, alumni and donors. We will present a set of campaign platforms that demonstrate how you will connect with your key stakeholders. You’ll also receive comprehensive reports with our research findings and strategic recommendations plus a detailed brand launch marketing plan.

Key Components

Strategic Recommendations: Summary of insights and recommended actions.

Brand Platform: Presentation of final creative look, feel, and messaging as a springboard for future tactical elements.

Marketing Communications Plan: Marketing campaign launch plan, including recommended tactics, message channels, delivery, and timing. 

Brand Style Guide: Written brand style guide detailing fonts, colors, photo types, brand language and more for internal use in execution. Provided following final approval of brand platform.

The SMU Sports180° is complete and the creative elements will begin to see the light of day in the coming weeks. Through our research, we were able to identify what their most important needs were and how to properly address those needs. Portions of the Sports180° process were also used in the Raise Up Carolina project where we conducted research to identify what was unique about football game days in Chapel Hill and built a site around that position that was targeted at the proper audience. 

A brilliant marketing campaign targeted at the wrong audience will produce no better results than a terrible campaign targeted at the right audience. Old Hat has the proper experience, tools and processes that allow us to both identify and target the proper audience and build the creative that will reach them.

The mission of most collegiate athletic departments surround the idea of developing the student-athlete. And we know that's impossible without the financial support that comes from having fans in the stands. Old Hat's mission is to increase attendance at sporting events. Plain and simple. Together, and using this process, Old Hat can achieve our mission while helping you achieve yours.

It’s unseasonably chilly here in Norman, which makes a post about football posters make me think that it's almost time for kickoff, but sadly, we have a whole summer to wait. Luckily, for you, the print dudes have been in football mode for a while now, thinking outside the box boat and creating designs to showcase some of the new coaches around the league. 

Here are some of our recent designs. Look for more to come in the next few months! 

Syracuse and North Texas are both about to kick off the 2016 season with new coaches. To get fans excited, we made the coaches big and prominent. Add some fans, some text that looks likes it's moving and you have a couple of awesome posters! 

This Western Michigan poster isn’t your normal rectangle. It’s even more! They have been Rowing the Boat for a couple years, but now there is a poster to truly showcase it. This poster is cut in the shape of a boat and features some specialty printing that features a shiny effect on the text. We’ve never done a poster like this before, and we are happy with the result! 

The Redfoxes are ready to Defend The Den this season. Featuring some of their best players and a great shot of their stadium, this long horizontal poster is sure to get people excited to attend the games next to the Hudson River this season. 

Utah’s spring game is always a fun event, putting Red vs White against each other. This year we even added some mountains and some space-like features to make it even more OUT OF THIS WORLD. 

FIU wanted to show the team, Miami skyline and a big player, so how else could we have done that? The team inside the visor shows that this team is ready for the season, and I have a feeling, it will be a good one! 

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