Recently, I checked an item off of my bucket list. Something I always wanted to do. No, I didn't travel around the world (I wish) or jump out of an airplane (already did that, years ago when I was younger and fearless). I cut my hair. And donated it to Locks of Love. 

I know it doesn't seem like that big of deal. People do this all the time! But for me, someone who loves their hair no longer than shoulder length (just enough to put into a ponytail is perfect for me), it was a sacrifice as well as a lesson in patience.

Prior to a few weeks ago, the last time I made a major cut was July of 2010...about a week before my now husband proposed.

I remember being just a bit annoyed at my timing. Although I wasn't one of those girls who had always dreamed about every detail of their perfect wedding day, I'd kind of pictured having hair long enough to put up and out of my face. Especially after setting a July of 2011 Oklahoma wedding, I really regretted my decision. I started growing out my hair. I took extra vitamins. Only got the tiniest of trims. And on advice from my stylist, even took Biotin as an extra measure (this promotes hair growth). 

On my wedding day, I did have enough to put up in a bun just at the nape of my neck. Thank goodness, considering it was 108 degrees that day.

I considered chopping it right after my wedding. Oklahoma heat, remember? But instead I decided that not cutting it much over a year could provide a good opportunity to donate it, something I'd seen several friends do and wanted to try myself. So, I kept growing it out. Pregnancy really seemed to jump start the process. I'm 24 weeks pregnant in this photo from May of 2013 and by this time had been growing out my hair for almost three years.

Just before my son was born in October of 2013, I decided it was time for a cut. With a newborn, the last thing I wanted to take up more of my time was worrying about my hair. But, upon measurement I realized I didn't have the 12 inches I'd wanted to donate. Locks of Love requires 10 inches but I thought a foot of hair sounded perfect for me...hey, I'm an overachiever! So I kept on...

Until November of 2014. Robert and Hannah helped me measure at the office and we were almost positive I'd have at least 12 inches and even be able to keep enough to put in a small ponytail. So I went it for the cut.


I ended up with 14 inches, well beyond my goal.

Bucket list item - check! 

A couple times a year I spend a day going over the analytics for all of our Old Hat sites.  When it comes to that usually leads to a discussion about the salad bowl game.  

To be completely honest, I had never heard of this particular game, but thanks to Tricia, I am reminded about it every time I look at our analytics.  Interested to know what it is? 

Exciting stuff isn’t it?  

As someone who makes a living working in web and the digital space and who blogs on a regular occasion, it is not easy to accept that the most relevant blog on the old hat site according to the internet is one about a made up party game. Not one about our work or our staff or even our clients, just a salad bowl. 

I know I am far from the best blogger, but I try to write about things that are relevant to what Old Hat does as a company.  If anything, it makes for an interesting case study.   What Tricia managed to do was to find that long tail or that niche market where her blog can reign supreme.  When I write about thanking our veterans or going viral or about our amazing staff and the awesome work they do or customer service, I am writing about things already saturating the market.  There are other companies thanking veterans and talking about going viral.  Don’t get me wrong, high quality and relevant content is still king, but finding that niche market can go a long way to telling your story and letting the world know who you are.   

The next time you are blogging or trying to tell your story, think about your competition.  Think about how many other people are out there talking about the same thing and then find a unique way to reach your audience.  It may not be as simple as a salad bowl, but finding the niche market that aligns perfectly with your message will go a long way to coming out on top of that google page.

So everytime I'm on Facebook I see multiple postings to articles with titles like, "10 Nerdy Child Actors Who Are Hot Now," or "13 Professional Athletes that Have Killed People," or "19 Photos of Macaulay Culkin Looking Cracked Out."  So I decided to do start my own series that I can alternate between my famous "Zac's iPhone Interviews" that I do sometimes.  Today's photo series... 10 Photos I Took of Old Hatters Without Warning.  Enjoy.


Hannah Deutsch with a blurry hand (hand is not actually blurry in real life)


Justin Wollard

Deb Livingston

Tricia Robben (she really is blurry in real life)


Stevie Collins


Jared Stanley

Robert Smith

Kevin Kelly

Tanner Naeher

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