The World Cup is almost here.  I love World Cup summers.  It gives me soccer for almost an entire year.  

I watch the English Premier League every weekend during the season at the annoyance of my significant other who LOVES to have her Saturday mornings interrupted at 6am for me to turn on the TV.  However, this is the exact reason I am really excited about this world cup.  The games are on during daylight hours.  I have watched most of every world cup since USA 1994.  To be honest, the last World Cup hosted on this continent played a large role in why I love this sport.  Each location has never really been an ideal time.  South Korea and Japan were rough since the games very early in the morning.  France was not that bad and neither was Germany since those games started around the same time as the leagues I normally follow.   You can check out the schedule here 

We have a lot of TVs in the office and they will be tuned to the games.  There are even games that we can enjoy in a bar after work or in our case, the lounge

I am sure there are many of you saying soccer still sucks.  In fact, there are probably people reading this that I can see from my desk saying that.  I can understand.  I love soccer.  I have played the game for 25 years and have an understanding that even makes a nil nil draw incredibly exciting. You should still watch a couple games if you enjoy sports.  This is the biggest sporting event in the world. Attending a match that matters between two entire countries is one of the most exciting events I have ever witnessed.  The passion displayed when you are cheering for your country is second to none.  

And to top it off, I get to watch soccer on Friday the 13th.  Jackpot!

Check out these goals from past world cups. Enjoy the games!!

Well…not really.

If you know me, you probably know that I do NOT run.  I always say that I only ran 82 ft. down the vault runway and that is it.  

Some people see going for a run as therapeutic or using it as a peaceful time to get away and reflect on life.  

I absolutely do not.

Running hurts.  It is just painful to me.  It hurts my hips, my back, and my ankles.  I don’t know if it hurts me so much because I spent all of those years in gymnastics or if that is just what running feels like.

A few weeks ago, I participated in my first 5K in probably 15 years.  Not only was it a 5K, it was the first day of a three-day Crossfit competition.  I signed up for this a few months in advance and knew I was going to have to force myself to practice running.

So, that worked out well.  I ran maybe twice in preparation for the race.  I did three miles one time only a week before the run.  I figured I would be fine.

I finished the race in 32 minutes.  I am fully aware that 32 minutes is by no means a fast time, but my goal was to be between 30 and 35 minutes.  I was very happy with my finish, plus the fact that after I sprinted across the finish line (yes, I picked up the pace for the home stretch), I felt perfectly fine.  No collapsing needed.   Like I said, I was happy with my time until I checked the scores.  I think came in 4th from last - 196/200ish people.  That’s what happens when the race is made up of all crossfitters.  When I told one of my coaches my time, he responded with, “Did you get lost?!” 

Say what you want about Crossfit, but even though I only practiced for the 5K a couple of times, I was also doing Crossfit workouts, and I’m pretty sure I have those to thank for not being in THAT much pain after the run.  My body didn’t hurt like it used to, and I was able to breath while running.  The only reason I had to stop and walk for a minute was because I tied my shoes too tight and my feet were tingly.  

Last Saturday, we hosted our 2nd annual Super Fan 5K.  Luckily, I was tasked with capturing the exciting moments in photographs instead of running.

Here’s a few of my favorites that I took!


While I'm aware these blogs tend to function best when we write about things related to "the business" I often find it difficult to find things to write about that fall within that category. I quite honestly don't know much about it. I mean, I was hired as a designer, an artist. My only job is to create images that convey certain feelings and emotions. Outside of that I'm not sure what my blogs can offer as far as an insight into the business. 

With that in mind, I just decided to take this opportunity to share some of my non-sports related art with you. When I'm not designing your football poster or a logo for your stadium, I like to do...

Portraits of friends and family...



Pieces inspired by a quote I read or lyrics from a song I heard.



Sometime I just feel like playing around with shapes and colors.



Sometimes a friend will ask me to design something for their radio show or motorcycle rally.



Other times they're just pieces I feel like doing for fun.



Sometimes a family member will ask me to fix and colorize an old family photo like this one. Other times I feel like doing something outside the computer.


Then there are times I don't feel like making  or doing anything which is when I end up making things like this...



Well, there you have it. I'm not sure what purpose this blog serves other than giving you an insight into the mind of a guy who sits in a corner all day listening to music making neat pictures... 

Hope you enjoyed...


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