A former supervisor of mine used to say "I don't mean to brag but I'm terrific" when asked how he was doing. That's kinda what I'm doing here. Though I'm coming up on my six-month anniversary here at Old Hat, I'm still the new guy - someone who is still learning things and picking up new skills. Even before I got here, I knew this place turned out an amazing amount of quality projects in a variety of areas. You saw several of the great intro videos in yesterday's blog, so here are a few pieces I grabbed from the print realm. With the recent start of hoops season, I'll limit these to some of our most recent basketball schedule posters.


North Carolina Tar Heels


Michigan Wolvervines

Notre Dame Fighting Irish


Rice Owls

Arizona Wildcats

North Texas Mean Green

Utah Utes

SMU Mustangs

Florida State Seminoles

James Madison Dukes

Duke Blue Devils

Appalachian State Mountaineers

You might be surprised at the amount Deb-time that goes into figuring out what in the world to write about for this blog. I value the opportunity that this platform allows me to share my thoughts and views about what actually goes on here at Old Hat, as well as other video production and sporty topics. As interesting as I find my own life I'm not entirely convinced this is the arena to share that stuff because what do you care about the going-ons in my life which would of course include my awesome bulldogs (-I know some of you may find that VERY interesting and that's why we're good friends). So while it may seem old hat (haha see what i did there??) to write another post about projects we just finished up on, this is in fact WHY you read our blog!

Alas, let's stick to what works: fantastic videos.

There were a couple of songs this season that were definitely the soup du jour or the bees knees, if you will: Black Skinhead (Instrumental)- Kanye West and Light Em' Up- Fall Out Boy. Macklemore's Can't Hold Us was a close third (but we used that one last year before it really blew up on the radio/videoboards, go us!) and probably tied for third or in fourth was Wake Me Up- Avicii. They're all good sports video tunes and I think they worked pretty swimmingly. We are still wrapping up a few more hoops videos and we'll be sure to post on our YouTube channel. That's where you can view all sorts of cool stuff, including a few Hockey videos we completed for Wisconsin and Michigan, as well as some conference commercials for the WAC and WCC. We also have sport-specific playlists should you need sport-specific video inspiration. 

So enjoy what is the by-product of awesomeness/stress/late nights at the office/love. These are my babies:








Hello everybody!  Hope your week is off to a great start.  My focus lately has been touching up the final stages on an iPhone game.  So much so, that I just realized it was my day to blog.  But that aside I can't think of any thing better to talk about then this app.  As Dick Vital would say, "It's gonna be awesome baby!"

So what is the game?! Glad you asked... All I can say right now is you better start brushing up on your sports knowledge, especially Hall of Famers, or Duey is going to own you in this game!  So that is what I have been up to and I am getting pretty excited.  Stay tuned for all the details when the app launches!  And good luck! You're going to need it as it is no walk in the park.

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