I have never tried to blog from my phone before, but figured it was worth a try. Today, Zac and I travel to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to talk about a website. I do not normally travel, but this year I am covering quite a bit of distance. 

This trip is shorter than my last, I will only be spending about 20 hours in the state of North Carolina. Lucky for me, this is not my first trip out to Chapel Hill so I do not have to worry about site seeing, but I am still excited to make the trip. 
I enjoy getting on campus to meet with clients. It helps us understand the client's needs and message. It allows us to get a feel for what is important and helps us make sure we build a custom website that solves a problem. 
Stay tuned to see what our trips this summer will produce!! And check out our latest website, timetoshinememphis.com.

Lately, I've been doing a lot of thinking about vacations. Probably because I do not have any significant trips happening for the remainder of 2015, and I'm a little wistful. I'm already starting to plan for next year! My family is considering a trip to the beach in early summer and my husband and I would like to take a vacation together to celebrate our 5th anniversary. I always keep a running list of places I'd like to go and things I'd like to experience - and it changes often. Right now, this is a list of the places I'm looking forward to traveling sometime in the (hopefully) near future:


I've been to Colorado a lot since it was a very easy vacation destination when I lived in Nebraska. I actually lived in Colorado for awhile too. One of the things on my husband's bucket list is to White Water Raft. I've done that, and it was really awesome. So, we are tentatively planning a Colorado trip for next summer. We'd like to White Water Raft (my preference would be to go through the Royal Gorge), hike, bike and more. I'd also like to show him where I used to live in Colorado Springs. I like outdoor activities, and we don't get the opportunity to do lots of this in Oklahoma. 

The Northeast U.S. 

I've never traveled north of New York City and I'd really love to visit this part of the country. For me, part of the allure is the possibility to see multiple places that are very close together, for example, Boston, Providence, and maybe even Portland, Maine. We've also been working with clients in this area and I've been looking at a lot of photos of Boston as I'm doing some research for a project I'm assisting with. It looks awesome. Also, there are so many amazing food options. I love seafood!


Central America

A good friend of mine is in Nicaragua for his honeymoon, and every photo he posts on Facebook makes me more and more jealous. They climbed a mountain and sledded down the ash...amazing! The history and culture really intrigues me and the scenery looks incredible. 



A few years ago, I traveled to England. That was very cool, but a small part of me was a little bothered by the fact that I was so close to Ireland, but wasn't traveling there. I'm really hoping to go there in the future. 


Any all-inclusive beach resort, anywhere.

This is probably my ideal vacation. I've been to Jamaica and I'm ready to go back to the all-inclusive. Sit me in a beach chair, with a drink in my hand, and I'll be good. 







If you work with Old Hat or especially for Old Hat (shout out to all my OH co-workers), you might have guessed things are picking up around here. I'm even late on my blog because of the busyness going on today.

So, as is typical with a lot of my blogs, I'll revert to using photos to tell my story. Today's story will be about my recent travels to the magical campuses I've traveled to.

Since my last trip to USC last month, Dustin and I went to the American Athletic Conference media days in Newport, RI. I've never been to Rhode Island, so I was able to cross that off my bucket list (#282, right after "jump in during act at SeaWorld and wrestle baby dolphin").

Here's my photo recap of Rhode Island and a shoot visit to North Texas, brought to you by Instagram.


Early flight

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 5:58am PDT



Nice view from the hotel room on this week's work trip.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 1:08pm PDT



Hard to beat this view for a morning stroll

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 5:55am PDT



Very cool place for our dining tonight.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 7:52pm PDT



A video posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 4:56pm PDT



I don't normally Instagram food, but come on... Tonight's dinner looks de-lish.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 5:05pm PDT



Working my on-camera smile before our shoot today.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 13, 2015 at 2:37pm PDT

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