If you haven't seen it yet, Twitter now allows its users to retweet tweets to appear as Twitter cards. Instead of modifying retweets to fit in a handful of words, users now have 116 characters remaining for their own comment. With the new feature, businesses have the opportunity to build their brand by increasing conversation with more thorough comments. To learn more, check out these articles below:

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Forbes - How Twitter's New Potential 'Retweet With Comment' Feature Could Help Business

First up, congrats to Old Hat client Duke on winning the National Championship last night. The leadoff photo is from my last time out there shooting for them. Mason Plumlee (pictured above) isn't there anymore, but his little brother still is. 

Here's some quick speedlinks leading into your Tuesday. Here we go...

• Federico Babina makes super cool illustrations of animals in the shape of architects' famous buildings. 


• Do you like court projection videos? Of course you do. But other industries are using the same technology to make cool stuff. Check out the video above from American Idol. 


• How about tintypes? Do you like tintypes? Don't lie, you probably didn't know what those were. Basically if you wanted to take photos like we were still in the 1800's, well that's what you'd do. Not sure I have the patience for it, but holy smokes is it cool. So props to her for making it happen. 

That's it for today! Come back next time for more.

A few weeks ago, we held our semi-annual Staff Infection which is our version of a staff retreat. This year's was all about Corporate Multiple Personality Disorder and I think the session went really well. I blogged about the process we used to determine our company's personality HERE

Then I was asked to speak at the Big Ten Marketing Meetings in March and I needed a topic to speak on. I had just finished the presentation to my staff and I got to thinking about how valuable this might be to an athletic department. So I tweaked the presentation a big and went up to Chicago to talk to the universities in the Big Ten about making sure their departments weren't suffering from multiple personality disorder.

I've been presenting to the Big Ten marketing folks for 9 years... and I've never had the response to a presentation like I did to this one. I had multiple people come up to me afterward asking for me to email the presentation to them so they could do the exercise with their department. Many others told me that it was the best presentation they'd had at the marketing meetings. So I began to think that maybe I was on to something.

I believe that many companies, organizations and athletic departments suffer from this condition... the condition of sending mixed messages because their staffs don't know what voice they should be speaking in. They don't know their organization's personality. And since there's no great tool for a company personality test, I developed one myself. I've been asked to present this at a local Rotary Club in April and I'm hoping that I have the opportunity to present on this topic more in the future. It's something I'm passionate about and something that I think could be very beneficial to many organizations.

So, if you're in need of a speaker or presenter at your company meetings or gatherings, and think this could be of value to you, shoot me an email at zac@oldhatcreative.com


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