It’s almost June, which means this year’s NACDA convention is just around the corner. I feel fortunate that this will be my 8th time at the convention. I’ve attended twice as a participant with the rest of the times being as a vendor. Regardless if I’ve been a participant or a vendor, I’ve always felt that I leave the convention with new friends, ideas and plans to continue to grow in my role.

One of the things that I enjoy most about working for Old Hat is the opportunity to interact with so many different people and organizations. With our clients being spread out all over the country, it’s sometimes hard to get to meet with people in person. NACDA gives me the opportunity to spend time with the awesome people that I work with on a daily basis and to meet new clients as well.

Since I’m located in North Carolina, NACDA is also one of the few times during the year where I get to see my fellow Old Hat employees. They’re a fun bunch!

So if you’re at this year’s convention, come on by the Old Hat booth (#427) in the exhibit hall and say hello! Here’s a fancy map to help you find your way

It’s a fun opportunity to connect in person and to see some of the exciting work that Old Hat has been doing over the past year.

See you in Orlando!

Easy title for a simple blog…Right?  

Yesterday as I sat at the vet for two hours I started planning this blog.  With an appointment at 4, I finally got to see a vet at 5:30.  Then I spent all of 4 minutes with the vet before she was out the door and on her way.  It was a great experience.  

During the time I was there, five different employees apologized, not a single one looked me in the eye as they did.  When I was taken back to a room four times, an assistant came to the room hoping to stash another patient in that room only to be disappointed that it was in use.  They then proceeded to talk directly on the other side of the door about who was in the room, how long I had been there, and what I needed.  They also mixed in some trash talk about another patient.  I guess they thought the door was sound proof?

To add to this wonderful experience, while in the waiting room, I witnessed them bring out a dog who they had given the wrong shot.  They “apologized” to the owner, and once she was out the door the girls at the front desk proceeded to blame the owner, debate whether they should charge the owner for the shot, and then decided to call the owners boyfriend blaming the person who picked the dog up while charging him for the shot nobody requested.  

What is the point of this rambling besides the obvious fact I need a new vet?  Customer service… that’s the point.  

We pride ourselves on customer service at Old Hat.  When Zac writes about being grateful for the opportunity, he means it.  When we send out small gifts on our client’s birthday, we do it because we truly hope we can brighten the day of the people who give us a reason to show up in the morning.  

I had so many people tell me they were sorry yesterday but not a single one of them meant what they said.  When I brought this up to the vet, she at least looked me in the eye while she fed me lines about how they “care” about my time and that unfortunately ”things like this happen.”  I am a little embarrassed to say that I laughed at her when she said they cared about my time.  They do not care about my time. They care about my wallet.  From the time I entered the office to the time I left, my money was what mattered.  They could say all they wanted about my time or apologize to me.  When it is that easy to tell they don’t mean it, they are wasting their breath. 

Old Hat has a staff made up of people who worked on campus at some point in their careers. We know how difficult it can be to deal with 80,000 fans that are truly passionate about their alma mater.  There are always going to be problems, but if you actually care about customer service and treat your customers in a way that shows you care, they will see.  If you fake it or your staff fakes it, the fans will see through the charade and it will cost you.  

We are Old Hat Creative.  We are committed to customer service and our clients. 

Last week, Dustin and I went on another adventure together.  We traveled to the University of Cincinnati to visit our friends Brad, Jaime, Leslie, Ronnie, Michelle, Shane, Tommy G, and Koz.  We were on location to capture footage for this year’s football intro video.  

Normally when we are on campus for a video shoot, we usually stay exactly that: ON CAMPUS.  Not this time…

Since October 2013, Brad’s mind was set on our next shoot being in a warehouse with FIRE (see blog title for exact quote).  While fire quickly became a very dangerous option, Deb and Dustin crafted a plan to keep this concept in line, just minus the fire.

Jaime stumbled upon a building perfect for us.  Roadtrippers, a start-up company, owns a building with a scary basement for us to borrow.  After venturing about 80 feet below ground, we set up our equipment and had our location for the shoot.  

Legend has it, this building used to be a brewery.  Around prohibition times, they brewed the beer where we were, and then took it down this long dark tunnel and bottled it across the street.  No one would ever know because it all stayed underground.  

Dark scary tunnel behind us:

I wonder if Dustin is related to any of the Schmidt Brothers Brewery...

The only way to accurately describe how awesome (and scary) this space looked is to show you photos.  Enjoy!

What the location looked like before we set up:

Coach Tuberville

If this isn’t fate, I don’t know what is…but we ran into Lil’ Duey’s great great grandparents!  They miss him very much and hope he comes to visit them soon.  

The boys...posing for an album cover?

Our 2nd annual trip to Graeter's Ice Cream!  Sooooo good!


Thank you to everyone at Cincinnati who helped out with this video shoot!  We couldn't have done it without you!  This is going to be an EPIC video, and I absolutely cannot wait to see it.

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