It recently was brought to my attention that I am the commissioner of two fantasy leagues.  It is not that I did not know I was commissioner; it was that I had not made time to handle my duties.  The real issue is that one of those leagues starts this Saturday and I have done little to no planning for the season.  It is fantasy football, but not the kind you are thinking.  

Saturday kicks off the English soccer season.  There are several fantasy games to go along with the leagues and one I have been playing for a few years now.  It is completely different from fantasy football and lasts twice as long.  I actually watch the games throughout the year (compared to fantasy football where I hardly watch any NFL games) and enjoy the drawn out season.  

However, because the season is longer, there are a lot more games, and it requires more strategy.  Player and team values can change throughout the year. There are add on features that can only be used once or at certain times of the year.  It is a different game.  

Old Hat recently started offering the Sports Marketing 180.  We are adding a service to the same games we have always worked on, but approaching it in a different manner from what we have done in the past.  It takes our clients and us to another level because of the strategy involved.  This process is a full-scale brand assessment that is especially ideal for any organization that is in transition. We come on campus and survey key members of your staff, donors and fans. Then we attend events (we will wear your colors and cheer loudly, we promise) and research all of the ways you are currently communicating with your fans and donors whether it be through fundraising solicitations, marketing collateral, television commercials, coaches shows, etc. And at the end of all of that, we provide a report to you that shows what we have uncovered, along with a list of recommendations for how to increase fundraising levels, raise fan affinity and improve ticket sales.

We are going more in depth than ever before in an effort to serve our clients completely.  How does all of this tie in to fantasy soccer or fantasy sports in general?  Well, I need some strategy.  Does anyone out there offer a Fantasy Soccer 180 or maybe 360?  Seriously, I need some help…

Today I begin Year Seven at Old Hat. I researched gifts for one's six-year anniversary and I look forward to all of the candy AND iron I'm supposed to get. In Harry Potter terms, I should expect some serious stuff to go down. I should also expect a lot more hugs. So that's good. 

Here are seven predictions for Year Seven:

1)     GIFs - lots of them. Like these:

2)     Several late nights at the office

3)     A lot of jamming.

4)     Misunderstandings

5)     More GIFs

6)     A lot of coffee

7)     Some really amazing projects that I love being a part of

I am struggling to write something today.  I would write about some of our stadium website projects, but I did that earlier this week.  I could write about my trip to California last week, but Robert already did that and included more pictures of me than I prefer.  I could write about the busy season, but I did that last time I blogged. 

I am at a loss and I could write about that, but I have done that before as well. 

Today’s blog is going to be random and as Dustin would say, “deal with it.”

Yesterday I was asked what the scariest thing I had ever done was and I struggled to come up with an answer.  It would be a lot easier to answer, “What’s stupidest thing you have ever done?” because I think I have a list of things that would fight for that number one spot. 

We are getting busy, as I have mentioned before, it is exciting and nerve wracking.  We went from working on one website to working on several and my project board is filled up.  I like it and am looking forward to launching some amazing websites for our clients.

This Saturday is the anniversary of me flipping a ford explorer on I-35.  You may think you are talented, but have you ever flipped an SUV, while hauling a trailer, and managed to not flip the trailer? 

Next Saturday is the start to the English Premier League and the official start to annoying my significant other because I will wake up at 6am on Saturdays.  I am a big fan of soccer and this league especially.   It is always interesting to see how teams start the season off marketing themselves.  Some highlight new signings

Some highlight the fact that they are returning champions

And some highlight the fact they made into the top level of the game.


Each team has a different approach to how they sell their teams at the beginning.  European soccer does things a little bit differently than our major sports in the U.S. and I think there are lots of ways we can learn from how they approach marketing.

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