Each week this past month our client reps have been sharing some of their favorite projects they worked on in 2015. And this week, it's my turn! Since I became a client rep in July, I've been taking on some of our new clients, while assisting with some of our long-term clients. Scroll down to see some of my first and (also my favorite) projects as a client rep in 2015. 

University of Memphis

My first project was for the University of Memphis' Time to Shine website. This site was built to help fundraise for Memphis' football and men's basketball new facilities. Check out the video playing in the background! 

University of Michigan

Another fun project was the University of Michigan's football animations for the 2015 season. For these animations, our productions team incorporated a brick wall and iron gates to create a traditional feel. You can see a full list of the animations here 



Northwestern University 

We created a fun, new Derby animation for Northwestern Football, customizing it for their sponsor, Coca-Cola. Our productions team created helmet to completely cover the drivers face and uniforms that match different Coca-Cola products.  

DePaul University

In November, the City of Chicago broke ground on a new convention center, the McCormick Collection which will house the McCormick Place Event Center. Starting in the fall of 2017, DePaul Men's and Women's Basketball teams will begin playing here. Old Hat was given several opportunities to assist with this project including three websites and a video to get Blue Demon fans excited about the move to this downtown Chicago facility, 

HomeCourtChicago.com - This website highlights everything related to the new convention center including hotels and the entertainment venue. 

Sales Presentation - This website is actually a touch screen website that is displayed on monitors throughout DePaul Preview Center. Sales Associates at the Preview Center walk Blue Demon fans through the project and show premium seating opportunities. 

Scheduling Website - This site is used to help Blue Demon fans schedule appointments easily with a DePaul Sales Associate to look around the Preview Center. 


Last year was a solid four seasons of hard work in the Capture department. Per usual, more than a few thousand miles in the air and on the ground. 

We shot plenty of jobs for old clients and quite a few for new ones. We made a lot of good pictures and videos and definitely shot some bad frames and setups along the way as well. That's just kind of par for the course when it comes to this crazy gig of shooting. The photo leading off this post is a good metaphor for this whole photography gig. Sometimes the way forward can look a little hazy, but it always manages to clear up in the end. 

I'm sure you used a lot of photographs in your marketing this past year. I bet you also took hundreds or thousands of them in your personal life for Instagram or Facebook or whatever it is you like. We look at so much imagery nowadays, it's easy for it to get tossed to the wayside.

This year I took a lot of photographs. No surprise there. I also lit and shot a lot of videos, some of which I have pulled frames from for use here. It's good to look back on a full year of work, or just life for that matter, and be proud of some of what was accomplished. So here are my Top Ten Photographs/Stills of 2015, in no particular order:



- Illinois Football -

This was a still from a shot we did up in the Colonnades Club at Memorial Stadium. It's just such an impressive view with all of the columns receding into the distance that I knew I wanted the team framed up for a shot there. Does it make sense that they're randomly walking around up there? Of course not, but it looks good, which is the primary focus of any intro video. 

- Kennesaw State Football - 

Another still pulled from a video shoot. This is the first year that Kennesaw State has had a football team, so there's pressure there to show people what they're all about. I liked this frame because you can see how intensely he's keeping his eye on the ball. It feels like he could be stepping out onto the field any minute. 

- Utah Football - 

I took this frame during a shoot where we were primarily looking to capture action. But I caught a glimpse of the gold teeth and I knew I just had to show them a little more closely. I also love how his helmet is slightly crooked. He's a linebacker anyway, so to me it feels like he could be celebrating after just laying a big hit on someone, cockeyed helmet and all.

- USA Softball -

We shot a lot of individual photos for USA softball, all of the ladies by themselves, posing in various ways. But I loved the interaction when they got together, playing off of one another. The frame before this one was very serious and then they couldn't help but laugh at how 'tough' they were trying to be. 



- SMU Basketball -

I really enjoyed the contrast of this one. The subject is 6-9 and 250 lbs but he brought his very new, very tiny puppy to the shoot and really wanted to get a photograph together. 

- Illinois Basketball -

Here's a still pulled from the video we shot for the Illinois men's basketball team. All of the lighting was from continous lights setup around an indoor gymnasium. I light a lot of setups for video that I think are often more impressive than the setups we get to do for still shoots and this was one of them. We smoked up the whole gym and then brought in icelights really close to light his face. It's a wide angle lens pushed in close, so not the most flattering angle, but a cool shot I think.

- SMU Basketball -

Another one from SMU basketball, but taken during a different shoot. They wanted to highlight their fans on some of their ticketing materials so they put a call out for "superfans". I just really like the look on her face as she goofs around with her husband of many years. 

- North Texas Football -

A still pulled from a video shoot here. We shot this video at night, right as the sun was going down with the stadium lights on. There's some supplemental lighting coming in from either side here as well. I really like the stadium name filling the dark area at the top of the frame, the hand in the back making a number one sign and the eagle statue in the front. Lots of little things going on in this frame which is why it made my favs from the year. 

- Texas Tech Football -

Another one from a video shoot and a total contast in style to the last photo. This one was all about the action and the captured moment. No supplemental lighting or setup really here. Just me backpedaling through obstacles on the ground with a steadicam in my hand and trying to stay out of the way of a very fast, very strong athlete. 

- Tulsa Football -

There's something about the look in his eyes that gets me here. I also love the tape on his knuckles and the little scowl that's starting to creep onto his face. Not someone I'd want staring me down from across the line. 

Well, that's if for this post. Thanks for stopping by and check back soon for more Capture news. 

- Dustin

2015 was busy! It was filled with lots of projects for a wide variety of clients. When I was asked to share a few of my favorite projects from 2015, I knew it was going to be challenging. Every project is fun and unique in its own way. A few of the projects from 2015 that stick out to me are:

1. Towson Women's Basketball Intro Video

I enjoyed this project because the Towson Women's Basketball coaching staff had a clear vision of what they wanted this video to be. We traveled to Towson to shoot footage of the women's basketball team and Baltimore to bring their vision to life. It was the first video shoot I'd been a part of where we captured footage off campus. My favorite part of the video is how our video crew was able to show the movement of the team and basketball through the iconic locations in Baltimore.

2. Army Football Videos, Graphics and Animations

We had the opportunity to do 6 different videoboard projects for Army football. I really enjoyed these projects because each one was so unique. We had the opportunity to do a high end 3D logo animation, a Make Some Noise crowd prompt animation, a Shuffle game, a Derby game, a hype video and an intro animation for Army to use prior to their own video features. Stay tuned for some awesome new projects for the Army / Navy basketball game on January 23 at Madison Square Garden.

3. Delaware Custom Font and Wordmarks

This project was great because we had the opportunity to create a custom font for the University of Delaware and then used that font to design wordmarks for Delaware and all of their sports. Since Delaware was getting a new uniform supplier, all of these marks were then used on their 2015 team uniforms. It was really cool to see our work being worn by all of the Blue Hen athletes.

4. Duke Social Media Graphics

I enjoyed this project because we were able to work with Duke to create a consistent brand across all of their sports. This included creating profile pictures and cover photos as well as a wide variety of templates and holiday graphics for each sport to use. We based the social media profile and cover images off of the Olympic sport poster template design to create an even more cohesive look.



2016 is already off to a flying start with some exciting projects underway. I'm looking forward to another year of memorable projects!

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