OKLAHOMA CITY—Sports marketing firm, Old Hat Creative and financial services marketing firm, Third Degree Advertising recently announced plans to merge the two central Oklahoma headquartered agencies. The merger is expected to be completed and in effect by January 1, 2016.

Old Hat CEO Zac Logsdon started the agency in 2004, which is headquartered at 102 W. Eufaula St. in Norman. The firm employs 16 marketing professionals and also works with clients throughout the United States. Old Hat is considered to be among the top collegiate sports marketing firms in the country. Additionally, the firm works with a growing list of minor league and professional sports teams with plans to make greater inroads into those arenas.

“Merging these two expert firms seems like a natural choice with both agencies at the top of their games in their respective industries,” said Zac Logsdon, CEO of Old Hat. “We look forward to bringing our shared and expanded pools of knowledge, skills, strategy and idea generation to our clients.”

Founded in 1995 by CEO Roy Page, Third Degree is headquartered at 501 N. Walker, Suite 100 in Oklahoma City with a second office in Durham, NC. The agency employs 15 team members and has gained national recognition for its expertise in credit union marketing with clients represented from coast to coast. Additionally, the firm serves clients in Oklahoma who specialize in healthcare, higher education, social cause initiatives, digital publishing, oil and gas industry suppliers, and more.

“The primary objective of this merger to share expertise and talents such as digital marketing, media planning and buying, web development, video production, and marketing strategy skills across the two firms,” said CEO Roy Page. “The plan is to keep both Third Degree and Old Hat brand names in use for serving clients as well as the two Oklahoma office locations and an east coast office in Durham, NC.”

Both Page and Logsdon will continue as principals of the merged firm. For more information about Third Degree please contact (405) 235-3020 ext. 121 or www.ThirdDegreeAdv.com. For details about Old Hat Creative please contact (405) 310-2133 or www.OldHatCreative.com.

Today is my birthday and as it turns out I'm finally getting "old". You might be saying "but Jared, you're only as old as you feel", and I would agree; I feel old... and I'm not even 40 yet.


Recently several things have occurred that remind me I'm not getting younger. For example, I bought a button down shirt the other day and I look just like my dad in it, the college girl next door calls me sir and my 9-year-old daughter does a dance apparently called The Whip and Nae Nae. 


Anyway, I'm not gonna sit here and dwell on the fact that I'm getting older... so here's a list of notable events that happened today, September 17th. 


1630- the city of Boston was founded

1787- the US Constitution was adopted

1835- Charles Darwin landed in the Galapagos

1862- the battle of Antietam, the bloodiest day in the Civil War

1920- the NFL was organized

1923- Country singer Hank Williams was born


1947- Jackie Robinson was named Rookie of the Year


All of which happened before I was born which makes me feel a little better. Maybe I'm not so old after all. 

Ah mid-September it's probably my favorite time of year. 90% of our football projects are out the door and there are only the slight rumblings of the 2015 basketball season in the distance (that might just be the print department dealing with basketball ticketbooks and posters). It's nice to take a breath, watch some football and enjoy the break, because before you know it "the hoopies," as i have started calling basketball, will be here.

With Productions it's our goal, if given the opportunity, to do something different with every video or animation project that comes our way. There will always be that one concept - prepping before a game or green screen hyping into the camera; or that ONE song - I'm looking at you Fall Out Boy and Kanye; that fans and marketers are head over heels in love with. It's kind of the same reasoning there are so many superhero movies with the same type of story structure. It's what the people like. However, that doesn't mean they can't redo Captain America, right? Right. (seriously click that link, "The best scene of the lackluster Captain America film from 1990.")

For our videos we actively look for opportunities to do something different with one or several of the following: music, script, design, highlights, photos, green screen, shoots, etc. We also aim to execute these ideas well, whether it be in the capture, pre-production and/or post-production phases. Execution is something that differentiates an Old Hat project from a lot of the other videos out there. It's not in my dna to half-butt (ha) something here at OH. In fact, it's probably my number one pet peeve.

So without further ado here's a snippet of some of the 2015 Football Videos:









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