Tuesday night I attended a private Toby Keith concert. 500 people were invited to meet in a church parking lot between 5pm and 6pm to check-in. No one knew where the concert would take place but four buses were provided to take you to the location and back to your car at the end of the night. 

After we checked in, we hopped on the bus which took us only 2 or 3 miles down the road to an old, 1920's gas station that had been remodeled. 

As you walked out back on the patio, there was a newly built stage with hanging lights, palette seats spread throughout the yard, and even dinner and drinks were provided. 

The event was part of State Farm's Neighborhood Sessions. The purpose of the event is to give big-time artists the opportunity to give back to the community they lived in. This was the second session, the first was Jennifer Lopex in The Bronx, and the event will air on TBS in October. 

It was a really cool event to be a part of and I found out that the place it was held is actually a restaurant owned by Toby Keith and his father so I will definitely be going back sometime soon for lunch.

Yesterday I was talking about one of our websites with Kelby and discussing propagation.  When you look up propagation in the dictionary (ok, ok, I mean Google and then Webster) you get a couple different options for the definition.  For the purposes of this discussion we are going with option B:

the spreading of something (as a belief) abroad or into new regions

When talking about propagation in websites, we are typically talking about the propagation of a site to the servers throughout the world.  This process can take up to 72 hours and is typically the explanation to why one person in Texas can see your site while a person in California, at the same URL, can not see the site.  It can be a pain, but since I started working in web, the process has improved and does not seem to take as a long.  

As Kelby mentioned the other day, she is working on more projects now and quite a few of those projects are websites.  I am not sure she wanted the impromptu lesson on server propagation, but I would rather someone understand than just regurgitate the words.  This conversation got me thinking about the sports industry and how ideas tend to propagate through (around?) the industry. 

Good ideas are usually copied in our industry.  It is as much a part of life as football in the fall.  I try to see it as a compliment when someone copies what you do.  It is interesting to me to watch the ideas propagate through the industry.  College sports is where most of the websites we build are targeted and a quick look through college athletics websites, it is quite easy to see some of the more “popular” ideas, templates, or layouts that are being used.  All it takes is for one high profile school to do something cool and then you can watch it propagate throughout the industry.  This is not always a good thing and it is not always a bad thing, that all depends on the idea and the execution.  

At Old Hat Creative, we do not use templates for our websites, but we do take good ideas and execute them in a way that we think will be most successful for our clients.  Our motto is “We Amplify the Sports Experience” and we like to do that with good ideas as well.  Do you have a website and always wanted to see something like it done for your school?  Lets talk about it.   You bring the idea and we will execute it in a way that makes you unique and successful in your goals.  

The process does not stop with the idea or even the site launch.  You have to execute the site well.  You have to make sure your visitors on the site are finding the content you want them to find and are truly motivated by your call to action.  

Want to know if your idea is causing fans to look at your ticket options more?  We can provide analytics on your site that will tell you exactly who is clicking and where they are clicking.  

Want to make sure your visitors are reminded about the season ticket benefits they were browsing through last week?  We can set your site up to reach out to them later in the week and send them information specific to what they were browsing through on your site.  

Want to know how long people are spending on the site and why they leave?  We can tell you where their last clicks were and work with you to tailor the content to get them to want to stay on your site. 

There is always going to be propagation of ideas in our industry and probably every industry, but at Old Hat, we can help you take that idea to the next level.  


As mentioned before (only once or twice), since my retirement from gymnastics, I started doing Crossfit. And as one of the most polarizing fitness "trends" of recent years, you can say what you want about it, but it is something that works very well for me. It is very similar to what I used to do in the gym and is a tough work out every. single. time.

I usually go straight after work because I know that if I went home first, I wouldn't get up off the couch again. I try to go at least five days a week.

For the next six weeks, things will be a little different. Yesterday, I started a six week "boot camp" at 5:30 am. Yes. AM. I will go early in the morning on Monday's, Tuesday's, and Thursday's, and if that isn't enough, I plan to still go most days at 5:30 pm too.

The great part about this is that it is all encompassing. The program I'm following not only provides a great workout, but it focuses on nutrition, sleep, and water consumption as well. The nutrition plan of choice is the Paleo diet. While there are varying levels of strictness, I just concentrate on eating fresh foods that are not processed and out of a package. There's A LOT of protein involved, along with good fats and minimal carbs. It's crazy because I feel as though some days I really don't eat that much, but yet, I still feel satisfied. I realized that the difference is I'm eating foods filled with nutrients instead of "empty" calories. It's really amazing how much better I feel in general.

I'm only two days in, but I cannot wait to see the results after six weeks. My fellow Old Hatters are really going to test me when they decide to randomly bring donuts into the office.



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