Yep…How ‘bout them Cowboys?!

Last Sunday’s game against the Seahawks was certainly a great game of football, and it was just absolutely amazing day for Cowboys fans.  To play in an atmosphere like Seattle’s and come away with a win, even while making it difficult for themselves, (cough…special teams) is just…wonderful.

I didn’t see the game though.  I was in the car driving back to Norman from Dallas.  Was I disappointed I couldn’t watch the game?  Of course.  But you know what I could do instead?  Listen to it on the radio!

I'm assuming like most people, I typically would rather watch a game than only listen to it.  While I do understand football, sometimes it is hard to follow when I can’t see what is happening at the same time because the radio announcer just talks so darn fast.   

Let me tell you, I forgot just how exciting it is to listen to a live sporting event on the radio.  Brad Sham, longtime Cowboys radio voice, is superb.  Not only could I imagine the scene in my head as he described every detail, but he definitely let his excitement be known.  He’d raise his voice in anticipation as Tony Romo’s play would develop or when Dez made an incredible catch. 

I don’t know if it was just because it was THAT good of a game or I had the volume up loud enough to where I felt like I was there with the "12th man," but I was on the edge of my seat.  Listening to that game made my drive seem so much faster than when I’m normally just singing along to my favorite songs.

Only having the game on the radio made me think about some of our intro videos with radio calls.  They get me every time.  There is just something about the raw excitement in the announcer’s voice watching the action unfold in front of their eyes, not knowing exactly what will happen next…it just takes it to another level.  

In today’s world of visual HD everything, it was refreshing to get back to the basics and enjoy the game through the airwaves.      

So last night I was talking to my best friend in Cali on a project I was doing for her.  Just a little graphic to go in the back of her truck, nothing fancy.  I sent her a proof of the image and she loved it and said how excited she was, which was really cool.  I like to think I have some photoshop & illustrator skills from time to time.

Then we started talking about Old Hat and I told her, "If you think that was good you should see some of the work that our designers do", since I spend all my time here coding the websites and not really designing.  Which got me to thinking about the coolest posters I've seen here, which is quite a few, but the first one that came to mind was the 2012 Florida State Football poster.

So just to admire it one more time, here is the timelapse:

Hope you enjoyed it all over again.  I know this is a really short blog, but I really want to work on my current project, which is going to be a super sweet website when I finish.  Hope you all have a great day!

Last year the college football team that won it all, had their poster designed by Old Hat Creative.  The current number one had a new logo designed by Old Hat Creative.  In fact, if you look at the current top 25 you can see it is littered with schools that work with Old Hat Creative.


All that could be between you and athletic success could simply be a poster design from Old Hat Creative. 

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