Recently I’ve been asked by a few clients if we can do certain print projects. The answer has always been yes. With our top notch design team, we can design pretty much anything! While I enjoy getting to work on the traditional print projects we do like schedule posters, schedule cards, magnets, brochures, tickets and game programs, it’s also fun to get to work on some of the more unique projects that come our way. Here’s a few examples of some of the different kinds of projects we've been able to work on:

We created a seat tarp for the University of Delaware to use in an endzone of their basketball arena that still allowed space for the band.

We took the Junior Iron Dukes logo we created for the Duke Kids Club and applied it to a t-shirt design.

We created truck wraps for App State to use on a variety of vehicles.

We created branded XBox and iPhone skins for UCO to use as giveaway items.


We designed a version of Duquesne's mascot to use as a cut out for fans to take their picture as the mascot.

We created a variety of banners for the University of Utah to use around campus.


Last week, Dustin and I took our second trip of the year to the University of Utah for a video and photo shoot.  This time, we were capturing footage of basketball and gymnastics.  This was my first gymnastics shoot, and as expected, I was super excited to be back in a gym.  

The gymnastics world is extremely small, and it turned out, I already knew a few people in the Utah gymnastics family.  I even caught up with an old teammate of mine from home.  She is a former Ute herself and was in town to do makeup for the girls.  Also, my old athletic trainer at Illinois State is now the Utah gymnastics trainer.  It was neat to catch up with everyone.

It was also great to see our on campus designer, Douglas and see how well he is doing working at the U.

As always, thank you to the Utah marketing staff for organizing the shoot and another great trip to the SLC.

Checkout a few photos! 

 Men's Basketball green screen video

Men's Basketball action photos

The team gathering around to see their work

My new tall friend...only a few inches difference

More video in different settings

Gymnastics photos

Gymnastics green screen video

My old teammate Nina!

It is that time of year, people. Football is back and my life is complete. Well, sorta. My life is seriously lacking in Fantasy Football wins. I know, it's only 2 weeks in, but in these past 2 weeks, I've lost by a measly 5 points each matchup. UGH. It's killing me. And now, Mark Ingram, who I just picked up last week, who has had a great start this season, IS NOW OUT FOR MULTIPLE WEEKS WITH AN INJURY. The football gods are mocking me, and I WILL perservere. Mark my words.

ALSO, anyone who has said anything good about the Seattle Seahawks defense over the past 7 months can definitely stop now because they are dragging down my entire team. Yes, that Seahawks defense that "SHUT DOWN" Peyton Manning and the Broncos in the Super Bowl. I officially hate them. But I won't drop them, because then they'll start doing really well for someone else in my league. That is how bitter I am. Because I'm the only person in my league that is 0-2.

Now I'm going to go look at who I can trade. I hope everyone else is having a much better fantasy start than me.

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