Hi all, 

It's February and I am onto book two of my New Years resolution, to read a professional development book focused on leadership every other month. I finished up Lean In pretty quickly so I decided to move onto the next one, Quiet by Susan Cain. 

I found this book after listening to her TED Talk which I provided below. But if you're interested in learning about the psychology of introverted and extroverted personalities and how they work in the workplace, this is a great book, once you get to chapter 3. 

I don't know when having a bucket list became a "thing" but semi-recently I decided to pretend to have one. 

I have a pretty good checklist of things I'd like to do in my lifetime in my head but I'm not very intent on completing it in a timely manner. If it happens, it happens and I can remember how it went and feel like my life is a little more fulfilled. 

Since winter in Oklahoma is typically frigid, icy and evil, I figured I'd experience a more friendly season here in Utah. The following is a list of things I have done in recent memory and how they went:

1) Ski

I've always wanted to ski or snowboard, but never really knew how to go about it. I mean, obviously you need a mountain. Anyway, the first time on skis is a little foreign to the human body because it has spent years walking efficiently and coordinating your muscles and bones and appendages to work together. And then you're like, "Hey, buddy, try standing still on these flat surfaces while I careen down a giant hill!" Your body thinks it's weird.

Skiing is pretty cool when you're comfortably heading down the slope in a nice zig-zaggy formation looking at the pretty scenery around you. It is less nice rolling head-over-heels into trees and rocks. 

Luke rating: 4/5 stars. Very fun as long as you don't die.

2) Go to Sundance

I was a film minor in college partially because you watch great movies for class and then talk about them in ways you typically don't talk about movies. I've been to film festivals before but I've never attended the holy grail of festivals. I was thrilled to get a ticket to see a foreign film and meet their crew. The only downside was my lack of social status. The typical interaction at the festival was, "I'm sorry, sir, but this (party/room/screening/bathroom) is restricted to VIPs only."

Oh, yeah: That and the guy who scolded me for eating M&Ms. "M&Ms are for plebeians. My candy shell-covered chocolate isn't branded." What a jerk.

Luke rating: 5/8 pizza slices. Very cool but you need insider passes and candy elitist repellant. 

3) Climb a mountain 

Mountains are cool. The views are incredible. Going down after a long climb with old man knees is bad.

Luke rating: 10/10 would climb again

4) Attend a gymnastics meet

I don't know anything about gymnastics scoring. When the girls do their loop-de-loops and balancing, I think "Wow! Look at all that flipping. More than anyone else today. Surely that is a perfect score?" But the judges respond with something like "Left pinky extended for too long and toes did not curl appropriately." So I don't know what I'm doing. When the crowd stands up cheers "10! 10! 10!", then I cheer too.

Luke rating: 9.925/10

5) Meet Olympians and Olympic-hopefuls

One of the marketers I work with here in Utah has major experience in World Cup Aerial Skiing. Through him, I've been lucky to meet some cool athletes and upcomers. Also, aerial skiing is intense. I think it was invented after its creator went insane and tried to jump off a cliff—realizing instead he made a really cool sport.

Luke rating: 16/16 thumbs up (but 1/23 for feeling inadequate about your athletic abilities)



Saturday night was a great night! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate Old Hat Creative turning 10 years old. We had a great time, and are SO thankful for everyone that lets us create and gives us a job to do every day. We love working for you and can't wait to do it for another ten plus years! Here are some photos from the night! 


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