Three little steps.  It does not seem like much.  Most of us would go up or down three steps with ease.  Robert and I run the Oklahoma football stadium steps weekly or at least we did in the summer and they never seemed that difficult.  But three little steps can be overwhelming…

Think about taking the first three steps to changing your life.  The first three steps of a new work out plan can be intimidating enough that you never take them.  What about attempting to go back to school when you have been out for a while?  Those first three steps probably include funding (which depending on the degree/school could be the most difficult), school selection, and standardized testing.  I hated the GMAT and spent over a year trying to select a school for my master’s degree. The first three steps can be the hardest three you will take on any journey. 

Life seems to have a way of reminding you nothing that is worth it, is ever easy.  The things that you learn to appreciate usually end up that way because you had to work hard to achieve whatever it was. It can all come down to the first three steps.  

Recently, my nine-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer.  It sucks.  A week ago he had surgery to remove what they could find.  The surgery went well but it is only the beginning, probably the second step in the journey.  The first was realizing/admitting there was a problem and taking him into the vet to start the process.  The third will last months/years as we watch and wait to see if the cancer comes back and decide from there what to do.  

As I sat there thinking about my blog this morning, all I could really think about was three little steps.  To get into my house, there are three steps.  Regardless of whether you are using the front or back door to my house, there are three little steps.  Never have these steps seemed like much until this last week.  Due to the surgery, my dog is not allowed to walk much and stairs are strictly out of the question.  Those three little steps seem like quite a bit carrying a 65 lb. dog up and down them five times a day.  

I found out this weekend that my dog would be fighting cancer or have cancer for the rest of his life.  That process will not be fun and will probably involve carrying him up and down those three steps quite a bit, but it will be worth it.  My dog has been with me for over nine years now.  That is long enough to for me to get a bachelors degree, move from Texas to Ohio, get a masters degree, and move to Oklahoma to start at Old Hat Creative.  It amazes me that I have a dog that has gone from a farm in Texas to an apartment in Ohio to a house in Oklahoma and never seemed bothered by any of it.  It has been an incredible journey.  A journey with a lot of steps.   

What are the three little steps that stand between you and starting an amazing journey? Are they as difficult as you think or have you worked them up over the years so you would have an excuse?    I am not excited about taking the three little steps to carry my dog outside every day but I know in the end it will be worth it. Ready to take those three little steps?

Minnesota Duluth Winter Sports Commercial 

Michigan Hockey Intro Video 

Wisconsin Hockey Intro Video 

You guys, Netflix is the coolest. Let me clarify... Netflix streaming is the coolest. Netflix DVDs are cool too, but who wants to pay another $7.99 for one disc a month? Probably some people, but not me, sir.

Documentaries are just the best. Bethany and I are both die-hard netflix documentary-ists. We compare and constrast all of the ones we watch, pretty much daily. Between us, we have probably watched a solid 50% of Netflix's library of docs, at least... but I didn't want to brag...because that's something to brag about, obviously.

So, just off the top of my head, I thought I'd give you some suggestions if you're in the market:

The Up Series  |  7up - 56up

These are 8 different documentaries that follow the lives of 14 different children starting at the age of 7 and follow up with them and their lives every 7 years. 


Miss Representation

From Wikipedia: It explores how mainstream media contribute to the under-representation of women in influential positions by circulating limited and often disparaging portrayals of women.


This one will make you hate men for a while and how they've suppressed us women! Boo men and society!

Serving Life

IMDb: The story of a group of inmate volunteers who staff their own hospice inside a maximum security prison in Louisiana where the average sentence is more than 90 years.


And if you really want to cry and cry until you can't cry anymore:

How to Die in Oregon

Wikipedia: The film is set in t Oregon and covers the state's Death with Dignity Act that allows terminally ill patients to end their own life with medication prescribed by their physician (a form of assisted suicide).


Dear Zachary

Wikipedia: A 2008 American documentary film conceived and created by Kurt Kuenne.

Kuenne's close friend Andrew Bagby was murdered by Shirley Jane Turner after Bagby ended their tumultuous relationship. Shortly after she was arrested, she announced she was pregnant with Bagby's child, a boy she named Zachary. Kuenne decided to interview numerous relatives, friends, and associates of Andrew Bagby and incorporate their loving remembrances into a film that would serve as a cinematic scrapbook for the son who never knew him. 



This one really takes the cake for saddest thing I've ever seen. It's really really really sad. But so so so good. 


There you go, start watching more documentaries. 

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