Hi all, 

I just returned back to the office after a mini vacation to North Carolina and Tennessee over the past five days. During my trip, I toured Chapel Hill and UNC's campus and attended a beautiful wedding in Johnson City, Tennessee. 

I'm happy to be back in Oklahoma with my puppy though! 

Now that it's May, I am in full swing of things with our Super Fan 5K. This year, we've added some new additions. I am excited to partner with Oklahoma Athletics to bring out the inflatable schooner for runners to take off through, RUF/NEKS, Cheerleaders, Boomer, Sooner and Barry Switzer. We're also working with a local restaurant, The Garage, to host our packet pick-up on Friday, May 30th from 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM. If you haven't done so already, check out our website. If running isn't your thing or if you don't live near Oklahoma, you can still help! With a donation of $25, you'll receive your very own race t-shirt designed by Old Hat Creative. All proceeds go towards the Mary Abbott Children's House and the Norman Public School Foundation to support our local youth! 

Last week, Dustin and I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to Laramie, Wyoming, to visit the University of Wyoming.

I have never been out that way, so I was very excited to go.  I knew it would be a little cooler up there than it was here in Oklahoma, but I was definitely not ready for 25 and snow!  When we left, it was 85 in Norman.  

We met up with our client Nick and captured some video for football, men’s basketball, and women’s basketball.

The shoot went really well!  We had two set ups:  green screen and a practice gym.  The green screen was set up for the football intro and basketball player features.  The gym set up was for both basketball intro videos. 

I now have a better understanding as to why it is so tough to play in Wyoming.  I was out of breath just moving our equipment around at that altitude!

Thank you Nick for an amazing trip!  

Be on the look out for this season’s Wyoming videos!

Here are a few photos:

Our drive started out nicely from Denver...we were enjoying the view: 

...then as we kept climbing higher, we noticed the temperature kept dropping, and before we knew it, this is what it looked like:

They had the room ready for Dustin with a sign and everything!





Every once-and-a-while I get these million dollar ideas.

These ideas are so good I could take them to a bank and they'd start handing me money. But since I'm a nice guy (and don't know the proper channels to make ideas happen) these ideas usually get written down on a sticky note where they'll live with the other little ideas, grow old and become obsolete.

Add another one to the list: I was thinking up a new idea while I wasn't watching the NBA playoffs—specifically game five of the OKC-Memphis series. As a pretty diehard Thunder fan I would have been watching the game had it not been removed from national broadcasts and only offered on local programming. That's a problem for me, the fan in Utah, would doesn't prefer to watch Miami sleep its way to a round one victory. 

So I was thinking, "Wouldn't it be great if there was a streaming service with no blackouts or region locks that could show us the sports we want to see for a reasonable monthly cost?" Steve, my dog and the only person ... animal I talk to told me it was a great idea.

ESPN has something like this with ESPN3. At least the way I see it when I load the app using my Xbox. But the selection is limited to the sports that are pretty cool and relevant but not cool and relevant enough to appear on cable TV. So, yeah, no Thunder-Memphis. 

I'm sure it would create a lot of heat with competition, too. Think about how Time Warner Cable and Comcast throttle Netflix bandwidth.

Also, I just googled "sports netflix" to see if I wrote this blog for no reason. Turns out Netflix turned down the opportunity to stream sports. 

So there you have it—a million dollar idea. Born out the fact that I didn't get to watch game five and I'll always be mad about that.

If anyone makes this happen just send me a royalty check or something for my intellectual property. Or some tickets to the Thunder game. 

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