This week I had the opportunity to go to East Carolina University with Dustin for a video shoot. We’re fortunate to be working with the ECU Pirates on a new branding initiative that will include a logo design, two videos, one commercial and a publication piece. We’re currently working on the logo design, but before we can get to work on the video projects, we needed to go to ECU to capture the necessary footage. 

There’s a lot of planning that goes into preparing for a video shoot. We started by working with ECU to determine the overall direction of the videos and what content we needed to capture. For this video shoot, the plan was to interview 15 people including ECU administrators, coaches and student-athletes. Knowing this, Dustin then needed to determine what camera, lighting and additional equipment to use and then have it shipped to the client.

To plan for the actual day of the video shoot, we needed ECU’s help to secure a room with minimal noise and traffic and that was large enough for the green screen and lighting equipment. Additionally, we relied on ECU to select which people were interviewed and to schedule them so that we could film everyone in one day. Old Hat and ECU then collaborated on what everyone would be saying during the interview process so that we were capturing the footage needed to create the videos.

Since Dustin and I arrived the night before the video shoot, we met up with our contacts at ECU to collect the equipment that we’d sent so that we could set up everything and be ready to go first thing in the morning. We spent the day of the video shoot interviewing everyone and getting to chat with some great people.


After the last interview was done, we broke down all of the equipment and got it ready to ship back to Norman. Dustin and I headed to the UPS store right when they opened the next day to drop off all of equipment and then headed to Raleigh where I dropped him off at the airport and then made my way back to Greensboro.

We had a great time at ECU and captured some great footage. Now we’re excited to get started on creating the video projects and for ECU to unveil this campaign in late January.

Thanksgiving is one week away and for the first time ever I'll be spending Thanksgiving away from my family, but I have a lot I am really looking forward to!

First is the Turkey Day 5K. Did you know more races take place on Thanksgiving than any other day of the year? has estiamted that 318 Turkey Trot events will take place this year alone. The race I am running will benefit the United Way, Norman's long-term recovery fund for those affected by the Moore Tornado this past May.

Lately, I've been running more thanks to an app called Running Interval Timer Lite. It's a free app that helps you run in intervals. Every minute it will beep to remind you to run or walk. 

After running, I won't feel so guilty about eating thousands of calories from our Thanksgivign dinner. I love cooking, but Thanksgiving is a big task. I'm excited to be cooking my first turkey and making my mom's homemade dumplings! 

Lastly, I'll be spending the holiday break watching Kevin's dog Marley. 

Have a Happy Thanksgiving! 


I can't sleep. I've gone through a box and a half of sleeping pills in the last week. That's probably not good for me. Maybe it's my bed. Maybe it's my back. Maybe it's my 3yr old son. Maybe I was just stressed out by what to write for my blog this morning. I don't know. Whatever it was, I've been up since 4:30. It sucks as bad as you think it does.  

Anyway, as I was laying in bed this morning trying to go back to sleep, I tried to think of something to write about. You'd think that I would have come up with something sooner given how long I've known about it but you'd be wrong. You know how it goes. Why do it today when you can put off till tomorrow…or something like that. As I laid there in the dark my mind was a complete blank. Which is strange. Usually my best ideas come to me in that in between stage of being half asleep and half awake. This time, nothing. I wasn't able to concentrate on any one idea for more than a few seconds before my mind was off on something else. 

At first I thought I'd just write about music again.  That's easy. I thought I'd mention something about going to see these guys in OKC tonight and how I never really feel comfortable at shows like this and how I don't fit in.

I thought about saying something nerdy to illustrate my point like:  "Whenever I go to shows like this I feel like I don't belong, like an anthropologist observing some newly discovered tribe…" See what I mean? But then I thought, nobody cares about that, so skip it. 

Then I thought, well, I've seen some really great documentaries on Netflix about music, maybe I should mention those. I was going to tell you about this one documentary called A Band Called Death. It was about these 3 brothers growing up in Detroit in the early 70's who started a band. But instead of playing what was popular at the time, they invented their own thing. It was something way ahead of it's time.They only recorded one album but it was never released because their record company wanted them to change their name but they refused. It went unheard for almost 30 years. 

But then I thought, nah, nobody is interested in that. So I decided to write about another documentary called You're gonna miss me. It was about this guy named Roky Erickson who literally invented psychedelic rock music in the early 60's with his Austin based rock band the 13th Floor Elevators. I was going to tell you about how he was diagnosed with schizophrenia then later arrested and sent to a mental institution where he wrote some of his most influential songs.

But then I decided that was too depressing. Nobody cares about a crazy, has been musician even if he did influences countless other musicians over the years.

Then I started thinking about maybe telling you about some of the books I've been reading and my personal journey to find answers to life's big questions. 


But I decided against that because I didn't want to come off as nerdy or pretentious. Besides, that's stuff you're not really supposed to talk about, especially in a work blog. So it was on to something else. 

I thought maybe I'd write about sports. After all, it's what we do. For some reason I started thinking about the Washington Redskins and the debate over their name. I thought about telling you how I felt the name was in bad taste and giving a long list of reasons as to why I felt that way. But again, I thought nah, let's not get political. That's too heavy of a subject for  a work blog. Then I thought, well maybe I could show folks all the really great alternative concepts for team names, uniforms and logos that would fit Washington a little better. 

Once again however, I thought nah, better skip that one too. I'm a self proclaimed uniform aficionado and I know how angry fans can get when designers start messing around with tradition. Which started me thinking about the new Texas Tech Lone Star uniform. I thought, hey, maybe I could write about how these new uniforms and helmets feature a logo I designed. I thought about telling you how cool it felt to see my work on a team that I have followed and been a fan of my entire life. 

But then I thought, the logo is just the state of Texas with a double T sitting on it. It's really not that big of a deal. Writing about that might come across as bragging. I don't want to do that. 

So there I was, 6 o'clock in the morning with no idea what I was going to write about. It was time to get up and get the kids ready for school and get to work. I decided that I would just tell Kevin that I was unable to think of something to write about and apologize for procrastinating. I guess I need to go do that…

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