Anyone seen those features on ESPN that gives you an inside look at a coaches office? 

I thought I’d give the internet a little inside peak at what goes on at my desk. Ya, at first glance you probably get stressed out because it is so messy, but there are things on my desk for a reason. And everything has its place! So leave me alone! But here you go, world, for what goes on at my desk. 

1. Wooden Emoji’s crafted by Old Hat’s very own Robert Smith. 

I sent Robert this video one day and it gave him the idea to try to make some himself. His plan was to give them away in our dirty santa gift exchange, but he got super sick and didn’t make it to the holiday party, so he brought them into the office for everyone to enjoy. These two are the standard happy and sad faces, and when I don’t want to be bugged, the “sad face” faces outwards. Currently it is facing outwards so I can finish this blog. 

2. Trophy from Holiday Party

This is a trophy from our holiday party where every Old Hatter received an award. This one is Geoff’s which he put on my desk after the party. He got “Most baseball teams supported” because he likes to wear hoodies from baseball teams. I received the award “Most likely to participate in a video she had no clue she was participating in”. You can view those videos here. 

3. Pack of Oatmeal

Maple and Brown Sugar is the kind of oatmeal I enjoy, and sometimes I get hungry, so I keep food randomly around my desk. This is where I keep my oatmeal. 

4. Coffee Mug

This is what I ended up from our dirty santa gift exchange. It is a very quality travel mug. It holds my coffee, which I spend too much money on, but need to get through some mornings on account of my living situation. In the summer, I have a different travel cup because thats when I drink iced coffee. 

5. Water Cup

This is my water cup. I take it EVERYWHERE with me. It is really important to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water. When I travel and don’t have this cup glued to my hand, I notice I get more headaches and not enough water. This is a tervis tumblr and it is the greatest cup I have ever owned. I recommend them to everyone. 

6. Elephant

Jared saw this elephant somewhere one weekend and got it for me. I LOVE elephants and this one keeps watch over my desk. I also have another little one on top of my computer, (photo above blog post in the header thingie) next to my Mike Wazowski spoon that Justin gave me from a cereal box. I enjoy that my designers think of me and my random quirks and bring stuff to me like elephants and cartoon spoons. There is also a light up snowman next to the elephant to keep him company during the cold winter months. 

7. “Don’t Worry Be Yonce” 

A friend of mine gave me this print for christmas. I love Beyonce and when I am having a hard day, it reminds me to chill out, and listen to a Beyonce song. And she is a diva and a goddess and incredible. 

8. 30 for 30 DVD Box Set

I haven’t watched all these yet, but Kevin borrowed them like 2 years ago, and then like 6 months ago he brought them back to me. I just have been too lazy to take them home so they are sitting on my desk. 

9. Pad of Paper

This is where I write notes about what is going on, if I get a phone call, or need to remember things. Isn’t that what everyone does with a pad of paper? I also doodle on it. A lot. I’m like, really good at stick figures. 

10. Doodles from Geoff

Geoff doodles from time to time. This is a series of doodles featuring “Tubby the Tupperware Dinosaur”. They make me happy. 

11. Reese’s Cups

This is a bag of candy. It changes depending on what mood I’m in when I’m at the grocery store. Right now it is Reese’s cups, but next it will probably be Heath Bars. 

12. Picture of my nephew

I also have a picture of my sisters, but it has made its way to behind my computer maybe one day when I clean my desk, it will get moved too. For now, I look at my cute little nephew. He is the cutest human on this earth and I will tell anyone that to their face. No one is cuter then him. I PROMISE. 

13. Jar of pens

This is where a lot of pens and pencils and other random skinny things are kept. I don’t use pens a lot. I have one that I use and the others sit there until that one runs out. 

14. Granola Bar

This is for when I’m not feeling the oatmeal. But recently our grocery store has been out of my favorite granola this is one that I’m not too wild about but still make myself eat for breakfast because breakfast is important or something. 

15. Brides of Oklahoma Magazine

Am I getting married? SURPRISE MOM, I’M ENGAGED!!! Just kidding. I don’t think my mom reads this blog-and no, I am not engaged. BUT do we get a box of these magazines to our office? Yes. Am I a girl? Yes. Do girls love looking at wedding stuff, no matter what life stage they are in? Yes. SO-thats why its here. Its the new spring one and they did a little bit of a redesign, which also I enjoy looking at. 


So there you have it, my desk. Wanna know what the rest of our office looks like? Check out this blog from a while ago. 

Hey blog readers! Here are the things I've been checking out lately. 

• Vany Ringlight - "You will get THE BEST light source ever made for a mobile device." Sounds interesting right? I'll be keeping an eye on this to see what happens. I do like the look of a ringlight in certain occasions. Most selfie pics that are shot in low light indoors somewhere could really benefit from something like this.

I've used a large ringlight before on some shoots and you can see an example of what that looks like below. It's a very flat light that comes in from the front and has a very specific look. 


• Sports Illustrated fired the rest of their staff photographers yesterday. I'm not sure what this says about where things are going but they're definitely changing. On the plus side, if they need shooters they know where to find us here at Old Hat Capture!


• This made our twitter feed and up on YouTube but now I've embedded it for you loyal blog readers. 


Here's a timelapse video of our latest shoot with SMU's new football staff. 


Thanks for coming by! See you next time.

I am Zac "Bisquick" Logsdon, owner, founder and CEO of Old Hat Creative. See that photo on the left?  That's me, about 5 years ago. Dead-sexy, right? You might not admit it but that's what you were thinking. I had hair. I was thin. I was wearing a freakin' FUR COAT! That might be the single greatest photo ever taken of anyone. Some might give credit to the photographer (Dustin Schmidt). But you and I know the truth. A face that good-looking makes the photographer look good. Not the other way around.

Anyway, that's what I looked like 5 years ago. But slowly, over the course of the past few years, I have lost and gained much. That is, I lost hair and gained weight. That photo was taken around the time when I had completed my third marathon and I was tipping the scales at around 165. Now see the photo on the right. That was taken yesterday. I'm bald, 195 pounds and I walk around making that horrid face all the time. 

Here's the deal... I don't want to be fat. I hate it, in fact. I love running and it's a lot harder to do when you're carrying the equivalent of a small child with you. I want to be thin again. I still run a few times a week but I can't get back into a regular routine. I've gone on diets and lost 10-20 pounds at a time (I was up to 208 a year ago) but I have a long way to go to return to my glory days. There's nothing I can do about being bald (until I strike it rich and can call Wes Welker's hair transplant surgeon), but I CAN get thin again.

I just need the motivation. But more on that later.

Why do it when you can overdo it?

Yes, that's my mantra. One character trait I have that sometimes comes in handy but more often causes me trouble is that I'm an all-or-nothing kind of guy. I don't do things halfway. If it's not something I'm going to fully dedicate myself to, I just don't do it. Which is why I haven't been able to drop the weight like I want to. I either have to be an extremely healthy eater all the time, or not at all. So I have to change my lifestyle completely. I don't do things in moderation. And therefore, I'm not going to do this in moderation.

So here's what I'm going to do:

STEP 1: The Rules

I shall publicly state my weight loss plan in this blog.  So here goes.  These are the rules I will live by until I reach my weight loss goal of 175 pounds.

1. I will eat no more than 1600 calories per day. According to this website ( if I eat 1669 calories per day I will "lose weight fast". So 1600 will be my maximum base caloric intake. On days when I jog, I will add 100 calories for every 15 minutes of exercise that I do, not to exceed 2000 calories.

2. I will eat no fried foods. None. No french fries, no hash browns, no nothing.

3. I will reduce my caffeinated beverage intake to 3 per day for the first week, 2 per day for the second week and 1 per day thereafter. I will allow myself one non-caffeinated soda beverage per day (Diet Orange Crush). I know this isn't healthy but I don't care.  Bite me.

4. I will drink no less than 64 ounces of water every day.

5. I will eat no white bread.

6. I will eat no pasta (Exception: Lean Cuisine macaroni and cheese and whole wheat pasta is allowed)

7. I will allow myself to use up to 100 calories per day on sweets. I can't help it. After a meal I need 5 M&M's or something. Not a lot but I have to have something sweet.

8. I will eat at least one serving per day of fruits and vegetables but will vow to try for two. This might be the most difficult thing I do as I do not like fruits or veggies.

9. I will eat no chips. I include this because Cheetos are baked, not fried. I will allow myself chips only if they are the Baked Lay's or something equivalent.

10. I will eat no donuts, no pastries, no muffins, no cookies... nothing that could fall into that category.

11. I will jog no less than 15 miles per week with the goal of running 20 per week.

12. I will do no less than 400 sit-ups and push-ups (or the equivalent) each week.


1. Rules do not apply if I am on vacation. I will still be good but I do not want to be at the mercy of these rules when I might not have the ability to follow them. Business trips do NOT count as vacations. The exact start and end time/date of any vacation to be agreed upon by the officiant of this plan.

2. I will allow myself one meal per week when no rules apply. Again, I will not eat enough at this meal to counteract the rest of my efforts but I need at least one meal per week when I can eat a hamburger or some fajitas or something. Meal must be completed at a single sitting.

3. If health becomes a factor for some reason and a medical doctor advises that I stop my weight-loss plan, I can do so without repurcussion.


STEP 2: Get Motivated

My problem with losing weight in the past has always been that after a month, a week or an hour of starting my diet, I always lose motivation. I obviously do not have enough intrinsic motivation to complete this on my own. So I have hatched a plan to provide some extrensic motivation.

I have written a check for $500, made out to the most despicable organization I can think of. I have place that check in a stamped and addressed envelope and have instructed the officiant that if I break any rule on this list, he is to mail the check immediately. The money wouldn't break me but the thought of my money going to fund this organization AND the knowledge that my name would forever be listed in the database of donors to this organization makes me sick to my stomach. I would not only be humiliated for myself but for my children and grandchildren. 

I will not announce publicly the name of the organization the check has been written to because I do not want to offend anyone that might not find this organization as repulsive as I do. But rest assured that there is no organization on earth that I would want my name associated with less than this one. Just writing the check makes me want to vomit. 


STEP 3: Be Held Accountable

Kevin Kelly is Old Hat's Director of Internal Operations. He doesn't let things slide and if I break any of these rules, rest assured that he will take great pleasure in mailing that check. We'll be on the honor system, of course. He can't watch me at all times. But I'm not going to be sneaking around doing stuff to break the rules.

Once I achieve my goal of 175 pounds and have adequately proven than weight to Mr. Kelly, he will return the check to me immediately so I can shred it and destroy any evidence that the check was ever written.

Here is a photo of me passing the check over to Kevin this morning. It is officially in his possession and as of the posting of this blog, the game is on.



My weight-loss-scheme will officially begin Monday, January 26th at 12:01 a.m. So if you see me out on Sunday morning eating a stack of pancakes, don't call Kevin.

Just to make sure there's a fail-safe, I'm putting a deadline on completion. I want to give myself plenty of time but I don't think I'll need it. If I follow these rules, I'll lose the weight. But just in case I DO go sneaking around shoving donuts in my mouth any time no one is watching, this deadline will make it so I have to achieve my goal regardless. Therefore, if I do not weigh 175 pounds or less by June 1, 2015, Kevin is instructed to mail the check.


So here I go, kids. Launching into what is sure to be a most miserable time. I'll keep you updated along the way and let you know my progress. You can follow me on Twitter @zaclogsdon if you want to see me whine about having to eat healthy. Wish me luck.


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