So. let me tell you a little secret about me.

I don't sleep at night. 

Last night I went to bed around 9:30. I was tired! I had a busy weekend and I wanted to be ready for Monday. However, I woke up every hour, I think the last time I saw on my clock was 5 something.

Then my alarm went off at 7:10 and it was time to get up. 

I used to be a really solid sleeper. I am not sure when it changed. Perhaps when I got a job and the stress that goes along with it. I didn't care much about grades in college so I didn't wake up worrying about them-but I care what goes out the door at Old Hat, and I wake up in the middle of the night thinking, OMG did I send that poster? Did we do those edits???

Busy season is kicking in, so that means I'll probably be like this the next 4 months of my life, because it's hard to turn of your brain! 

Or, maybe I'll just sleep at the office...and try not to interrupted


Anyways, hope you had a good 4th of July and are ready for football coming up! I know we are around the Old Hat Offices! 


Tomorrow is July 4, 2014.  The 4th of July!  Happy Independence Day, y’all!

Growing up, I celebrated the 4th with America’s greatest pastime going to Texas Rangers games with my family.  During those years, I was more excited for the fireworks than the game though.  While I still love fireworks, I have grown to appreciate baseball much more thanks to my brother and dad.  

More recently, our typical 4th of July involved my family and I just hanging out with a few family friends.  We used to have this hill* behind our house that we could stand on and see the fireworks shows from each city/suburb.  It was SO cool…plus no traffic, which my parents appreciated.

*Hill – a pile of dirt in the field behind our neighborhood…this is Texas, remember?

This year, my parents are coming up to visit me here in Norman.  I plan to show them around Norman and Oklahoma City, eat some good food, and of course, watch some fireworks.

Shout out to an old teammate of mine, Anna Mains, for setting us up with dinner and a great place to watch the fireworks at their restaurant, In The Raw, in Bricktown!  Thank you!

Even though my family’s “traditions” for celebrating the 4th have evolved over the years, there is one aspect that stays: watching the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest!  Live from Coney Island, this is the favorite part of our day.  

This contest has been around since 1916, and in 2004, ESPN started broadcasting it.  About 40,000 people will flock to Coney Island to see if Joey Chestnut can break his own record AGAIN!  The guy has won every year since 2007 when he took the reigns from Kobayashi who was crowned the champion every year since 2001. 

Let’s take a look at Joey Chestnut’s recent stats:

2013: 69 (World Record)

2012: 68

2011: 62 (2nd place was only 53)

2010: 54

2009: 68

2008: 59 (tied with Kobayashi)

2007: 66

It is amazing to me the way ESPN can analyze a 10 minute hot dog eating contest the same way they would analyze the Super Bowl.  These contestants have practiced all year for this one day.  There were qualifying rounds to make it through.  The preparation has taken place, and it all comes down to this one event on July 4th.  There’s strategy to be discussed (to wet the buns or not??).  There are opponents to study.  It’s crazy!

If you have never watched this, I definitely recommend it.  I still don’t understand how they can eat so much so fast.  Take a look at last year's contest:

Don’t worry though.  If hot dogs aren’t your thing, here are some other Major League Eating contests you could try:

The World Slugburger Eating Championship

Hooters World Wing-Eating Championship

World Chicken Spiedle Eating Championship

Joey Chestnut vs. Joey’s All-Stars Fish Taco World Record Challenge


Good luck to Joey Chestnut and competitors this year!  Let’s go for 70!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend, and Happy 4th of July!  


I've spent all summer traveling to shoot jobs for clients. It's a whirlwind of packing equipment, unpacking equipment, setting up, tearing down, and capturing photos and motion along the way. 

The benefit of all that work is that we come back to the office with some amazing content to put out for clients. The disadvantage is that I get way behind on showing that work off on this blog. 

Recently we attended NACMA and had a new portfolio put together to show clients there. Here's a digital version for all of you who didn't get the chance to attend. Hit us up here at Old Hat Headquarters to see what we can do for you.


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