I saw the graphic above yesterday on my Twitter feed. 47%, The average amount of life spent lost in tought. 

This statistic came from Headspace, an online community dedicated to teaching the world how to meditate. If you've ever been courious of meditation, I encourage you to check out their website, read their blog, and follow them on Twitter at @Get_Headspace for the latest updates. 

Here are some of my favorite posts about what meditation is:



           I decided I’d do something a little different for my blog today, and talk about things I’m excited about right now. I haven’t really thought about my list at all, so it could be a very short list. Or maybe as I get going it’ll pick up steam and I’ll realize there’s so much to be excited about. I hope that’s how it goes. The benefit you have from all this is you don’t have to sit and watch me make all these weird faces as I’m thinking really hard, you get to just read it like it all happened instantaneously. Lucky you.

          This is in no particular order, unless I change the order up afterwards. Oh wait, I just thought of something. Maybe I’ll do it in alphabetical order. And surely I can find at least one thing for each letter to be excited about. That sounds like a challenge, and I never back away from a challenge I make for myself. Of course I know this going into making a challenge with myself, so I don’t make the challenges over-challenging.

          My alphabetical list of possibly exciting things.     

         Athletics. Well that was easy. Right now I’m into basketball, but more playing than watching. I play at least 3 times a week at lunch, and sometimes on Saturdays. I’d say it’s a lifetime sport but I’m afraid it will eventually kill me. I’m always sore somewhere. But it’s fun and I’m excited that I can do it.

 -         Bees. Beads? Bees. So I was really excited when my oldest daughter and I were riding the tractor out at the in-laws, and out of nowhere a huge cloud of bees came through. I thought I had run over a nest in the ground or something, but we soon realized they were migrating (I think). There were literally thousands of them buzzing around our heads, but they didn’t attack. I still yelled for my daughter to run to the barn. And we did. We ran like the wind blows.

            Cooked carrots. Double points for this one. Although I’m excited that I’m an adult and DON’T EVER HAVE TO EAT COOKED CARROTS, if I don’t wanna. Believe me, I don’t wanna.


         Drinks. I really like my V-8 Fusion with Energy drinks, the Peach Mango to be more specific. I have one almost every morning. It’s my morning coffee, but it has slightly less caffeine than coffee. That’s probably good for everyone around me.      


         Elephants. No, I don’t really get that excited about elephants, but Tricia and Geoff do. And I’m excited for them.


         Farm life. Every time I go visit my mom up in rural Oklahoma, it makes me happy. I’m glad my girls get a little glimpse of what farm life is like, and the fact they really enjoy being around it. It’s great to get away from it all every now and then.


  Gardening. I think this is going to turn out to be more sowing than reaping at the end of the season, but I’m excited that I got to plant a garden this spring.

            Heather. That’s my wife. I’m excited that we’re together and just celebrated our 17th anniversary. (We got married when I was 7, that’s how I’m still so young.)

   -       Ice. It’s good in drinks.

  -       Jam or Jelly. I may be picking plums soon, and they make for some delicious jam.

  -       Kids. I have 3 of them. All girls. They make me proud and although they sometimes act ridiculously embarrassed by being around me, I think they still like me.


         Lampoon’s Vacation. I hear they’re making another one and I’m excited, but not too excited, because I want to be pleasantly surprised by how much better it was than I thought it would be.

         Milk. I love milk. With any kind of dessert, I must have a big glass of milk. Sometimes I drink a glass for no reason, and then I’ve got to have another just because I drank the first one too fast. Then my stomach will hurt. Then I think “milk was a bad choice”. 

  -       NACMA. Ah yes, that time of the year again. Orlando has become like home away from home and I’m excited about seeing everyone and having a great time.

  -       Oreos. I really like Oreos. But my family makes fun of me for the way I eat them. See, I put a whole Oreo in my mouth, then take a big gulp of milk (see entry above), filling up the rest of my mouth space. I wait for the Oreo to soak up all the milk, and mix it all together before taking it down. My daughter secretly recorded me doing this one day. 

  Peanut butter. I like peanut butter almost as much as Oreos, but not as much as milk. I could eat a peanut butter and honey sandwich (with or without bananas) every day. I often do for lunch.

 Q       Qi. That’s the easiest and sometimes very high-scoring word to play on Words With Friends.

  -       Rubik’s Cube. Have you seen this thing? Totally rad.

          Space travel. I heard they’re sending a group of folks to Mars in 2024. That’s pretty cool. Unfortunately it’s a one-way trip and will involve about 9 months of travel. Still cool though. Also, I watched Interstellar. It was stellar.


         Tornadoes. Yeah, I get excited about tornadoes. Not about being in the path of one, but they’re quite a thing to experience and watch. My wife thinks it’s a bad idea to chase them so I haven’t been chasing yet this season.        

         Underwear. I’m not excited about every pair I wear, but they do create a nice buffer between me and the outside world. I have a pair with a racing stripe down the back that are pretty cool. My wife must’ve bought them for me because I don’t remember buying any with a racing stripe.

  -        V. The Final Battle. This was one of my favorite miniseries-turned-shows growing up. It’s just weird now, but it was really cool as a kid, I promise.

  -        Woodworking. I’m working on another lathe project right now. I get excited about new projects. Sometimes it wears off a little during the process, but usually if I stick with it I’m happy with the end result.

  -        Xylophone. This was always the word they came up with in elementary school to represent X. What a terrible word for a kindergartener. It’s got a lot of letters and sounds like it starts with a Z. “Exciting” sounds more like it would start with an X, so I’m going with that instead.


         Yellow. It’s an exciting color. You always see yellow used for SALE stickers and signs, and if that’s not exciting, I don’t know what is. Wait, yes I do... everything else I put on this list.


         Zoo. I like the zoo because I like animals. I haven’t been in a while, but it’s exciting to go with my girls.


The third annual Old Hat Super Fan 5K took place this past Saturday to once again benefit the Mary Abbott Children's House and the Norman Public School Foundation. Big thanks to all who participated or helped - runners, volunteers, sponsors, police, medical and those who showed up in support of the race to cheer on the runners. Congratulations to our winners, both of the Super Fan 5K and the Lil' Duey Fun Run. Shout outs to our sponsors - Accent Glass Services, BancFirst, The Railhouse, Koskie & Eulberg CPAs, CVW Media, Abbey Road Catering, OU Alumni and Academy Sports & Outdoors. Thanks also to Kelby Weiter, Michael Wilson and others at Old Hat for all of their hard work.


Here's a few photo highlights from the day:

Former OU and Dallas Cowboys coach Barry Switzer started things off...

Some serious runners even in the Lil' Duey Fun Run

Congrats to our male and female top finishers, Al and Jan...

And to our co-Best Dressed winners...


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