It seems that every spring/summer I blog about where I'm going or where I've been, so it's that time again!

I just got back from my third weekend in a row to be out of town. I became an aunt a couple weeks ago, so I spent some time in Dallas visiting this little guy. I love him so much. 

Last weekend I traveled to Fayetteville, Arkansas to watch my little sister graduate from University of Arkansas. I am so proud of her! She worked so hard, and got her dream job at Children's Hospital in Dallas. I respect her so much for not giving up and becoming a nurse. That is one job I would NEVER want to do. Blood, #gross. 

In a couple weeks I will head up to Nebraska for my cousins wedding in Omaha. I plan on visiting the zoo while I'm there.. (obvi). I'm excited to see all my family as well. It seems every year one of the kids gets married so we all get to see each other. I've really enjoyed that the past couple of years!

Two weeks after that, I'm headed to Baltimore to visit another little sister while she lives out there for the summer. She got an internship at Girl's Life Magazine. I am equally as proud of her for working hard to follow her dream. I can't wait to hear all her stories from working at a magazine all summer. I think she'll have some good ones! Crazy how all of us are growing up so fast! 

Two weeks after that, I'll head up to Kansas City for a fun trip home before busy season starts and visit the cutest bunny ever... 

Then in July, I'm going to see Beyonce and Jay Z in Dallas! I AM FREAKING EXCITED.

So many fun trips planned, and a lot of travel time which helps me reflect on what I can be doing to help my department and Old Hat succeed in the next year. 

I've never been much of a water drinker.  In fact, I can't stand the stuff.  I drink a LOT of Diet Dr. Pepper but when I go through periods of cutting back on that, I just don't drink anything.  My philosophies on eating are similar to those of drinking.  I'd rather not eat than eat things that taste awful.  I don't eat vegetables.  I don't eat healthy food, for the most part.  If I'm trying to lose weight, I just have to cut way back on portions because I'd rather not eat anything than eat a quinoa burger with a side of squash.  Same rules apply with drinking water.  Why drink something that has no flavor?  I'd rather drink nothing than drink something that has no flavor.  So what's the point?

The Point
Well, the point is that sometimes you gotta do things you don't want to do in order to be succesful in achieving your goals.  I've been working out with a trainer for a year now.  I also jog 4-5 miles at least 5 times per week.  I lost 18 pounds from November to February but have since plateaued.  I haven't been eating as well as I should be but I should still be dropping pounds.  For a year, my trainer has been pretty much begging me to drink more water.  When I told her a year ago that I drank 8-10 DDPs per day, I thought she was going to faint.  Now, I've cut that down to between 1-4 DDPs per day but what I haven't done is supplemented with water.  I try.  But I'll sit here at my desk and get thirsty and think, "No... I'd rather drink nothing than drink water."  But my trainer has been persistent.  And this week I promised her that I'd drink 34 oz. (or more) of water per day.  She swears that will help kickstart my weight loss.  (Trying to drop another 10 pounds by NACMA.)

I don't know if drinking lots of water every day will help me reach my goal.  But when what you're doing isn't working any more, you have to try new things.  Even if it's as awful as drinking more water.

Doing Things You Don't Want To Do
I think the same is true in operating your business.  This isn't a brilliant revelation, of course.  Who Moved My Cheese is a great book by Spencer Johnson that addresses this very point.  A business continually has to change and adapt to the culture around it to make sure that it doesn't die or become obsolete.  History is full of examples of companies that adapted and thrived.  But the examples of companies that refused to adapt and therefore went belly-up are a much higher percentage.  I think the point that I'm trying to make is that it's not enough to just try new things in order to achieve your success.  Sometimes, you gotta go a step further and do things you've always avoided doing.  Like drinking water.  

Old Hat is ten years old.  We've never had a single year without revenue growth.  But that didn't come from doing things the way we've always done them.  That came from continuously examining how we do everything and making sure that the way we do it is the most effective way.  And sometimes it means doing things we don't really want to do because we know that doing them will make us healthier.

I think that sometimes the mistake people (myself included) make is they make adjustments they WANT to make... adapt the ways they WANT to adapt.  They do the things that allow them to say they are implementing change, but they're sticking to the things that taste good.  But I think the key to finding true success is not WANTING to do the things you know need to be done... and then doing them anyway.

I have a 20 ounce cup of water at my desk and I'm on my 3rd fill-up of the day.  I don't know if it's going to help.  But it sure won't hurt.

This blog will touch on several things which seems to be the way to go with blogs these days. 

Today is the first round of the NFL Draft. I'll watch some of the first round (and much less of the following rounds). I'm just ready for the draft speculations, projections, mock drafts, etc. to be over. Five months of hype is way too long and now they would like to move it back even further.

Luke's blog last week about Netflix for sports got me thinking. That is the way sports and content are headed. The NFL Now is set to launch this summer. Each sport has their own networks plus their game packages (NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, NHL Center Ice) and streaming services bundled together. Individual teams offer on-demand media through their local TV partners. College conferences already do this with their networks (SEC, Pac-12, Big 10) and subsequent online offerings. Many leagues are keeping a close eye on new services like the WWE Network and UFC Fight Pass, with exclusive live events and a regular schedule of online programming in addition to a vast library of on-demand content. How soon will we see a day when all live playoff games are available exclusively online or through the league network, and not on free TV or basic cable? Now if we could just do away with the archaic blackout rules for pro sports…

Did you happen to catch the OKC Thunder's Kevin Durant and his emotional MVP speech? Check it out here, along with graphics designed by Old Hat's @HostetlerGraphx and @iBeGeoD. I think most of us would agree that our moms are the real MVPs.

Finally, check out the Super Fan 5K website. The event takes place Saturday, May 31 to support the Mary Abbott Children's House and the Norman Public School Foundation.

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