Hello Old Hat blog readers! We're starting to get into what I call "Photo Season" here at Old Hat. This is the part of the year where we go around and capture the video footage and photographs that we'll use for clients throughout the fall sports season. The biggest one of these is obviously football materials. 

Once we get a little further along into the summer and things are humming along for football, we'll go out to schools and capture stuff for basketball and other sports. 

This year I've already had the opportunity to do some very cool and different things with some new schools that we may have worked with before, but not captured video or photos for. And that's definitely an awesome thing. 


This past weekend we were in Lubbock capturing photos for their football campaign at Texas Tech University. You can see a short Exposure story on that here

The week or so before that we were lucky enough to be on Tulsa's campus shooting photographs for their football campaign. Keep an eye out for those materials starting at their spring game this Saturday, the 19th. I think we did some very interesting stuff for them. 

We've got trips lined up in the next few weeks with the University of Wyoming, University of Cincinnati and the University of Utah. Stay on the look out for more Capture related info in the coming weeks. 

Have a great Easter weekend!

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I love small businesses. Whether it's a local boutique or restaurant, I love finding unique things in each city I visit. Recent studies found that 50% of small businesses have increased their time spent on social media compared to last year, in return, they've gainied new customers and better business. 

Are article posted on socialmediatoday.com shares 5 ways your small business can make a bigger impact. Here are some best practices (some from the article, some added by me): 

1. Post Regularly. 1 to 2 posts on Facebook, 4 to 5 posts on Twitter, 1 post on Instagram per day. 

2. Plan Posts. Running challenges and campaigns don't work well on the spur of the moment. Plan out your challenge and campaign at least one week in advance. 

3. Connect. Respond, like, share, comment, retweet, and favorite posts. Engaging with your customers helps build relationships and trust.

4. Choosing a Channel: Not every social media channel works for every brand. Choose the top 2 to 3 channels that work best for you and excel at them before launching another. 

5. Be Unique. What's unique about your business? Share it. 

Here are a few of my favorite local business in Oklahoma who I believe are excelling on social media:

Plenty Mercantile: A home goods store in OKC. They have a unique location in Auto Alley with rooftop space. For the third Thursday of the month they host an event during Auto Alley's Shop Hop to bring in new friends and invite old friends back. If you visit their store, you're likely to get a snack (cotton candy or roasted chestnuts) and the chance to teeter-tot! 

Keep It Local OK: An organization created to introduce all things local to Oklahoma. They are very active on Twitter and Instagram. Each day they post new content, telling followers where they can find that day's deal with their Keep It Local OK card. If you post about one of the businesses who is a member of their organization, they're very likely to respond!

STASH: A local shop in Norman that sells local made products. The unique thing about STASH isn't what they sell, but their recent story. 12 weeks ago they adopted a dog from a local shelter who was expecting. Two weeks later she had 11 puppies! Since the day they were born, STASH has been telling the story of their journey, sharing photos and videos, and even hosting an adoption event at their store. 

In honor of tax day, no that doesn't sound right. Because it is tax day, I thought I would drop some tax day knowledge to brighten this wonderful holiday.

1) Around the turn of the 20th century, it only took the average American three weeks to make enough money to pay their state and federal taxes. Today it takes until April and beyond!

2) Traffic accidents increase significantly on or around April 15th, so watch out for frantic drivers making a beeline for the post office! 

3) Alabama has a 10 cent tax on a deck of playing cards.

4) “Fountain soda drinks” in Chicago are taxed at 9%, if it comes in a bottle or can then it’s only taxed at 3%.

5) In 70 A.D., Roman Emperor Vespasian established a urine tax on public toilets; at the time, it was collected as a source of ammonia for tanning hides and laundering clothing.

6) ”The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."- Albert Einstein

7) The Gettysburg Address was 269 words. The Declaration of Independence is 1,337 words. Versions of the Bible range from 750,000 to 775,000 words. According to Forbes.com, the U.S. Tax Code is about four million words, “just under four times the number of words in all of the Harry Potter books put together.”

8) The notorious Chicago gangster Al Capone evaded conviction on gang-related criminal charges. But he was tried and convicted in 1931 of income tax evasion and sentenced to federal prison.

9) “Taxation with representation ain't so hot either.” — Gerald Barzan, humorist

10) Finally, the best part of Tax Day...Free stuff

Happy Tax Day everyone!

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