I am currently working with Kevin and Ashley (AGK) on a social media project for one of Old Hat's clients. I love working on social media projects because it gives me the opportunity to learn more about strategies and find creative ideas. 

There are hundreds of websites and blogs that provide quality information on social media. I've provided my top two for ideas and strategies below. Where do you look to learn more about social media?

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Creative Ideas:

Mashable Social Media

Adweek Social


Buddy Media eBooks

socialmedia.org blog

All of the gymnastics preparation started in June when I moved to Salt Lake City.

Within the first few weeks of moving, I snapped some photos of the team at the Egyptian Theatre in Park City for their "Great Gatsby"-themed posterThat look lasted the summer and started to generate hype for a strong Ute gymnastics team with all of its members returning from the previous season.

By the fall it was time to revamp the look. Gymnastics at Utah is a production. Deep down its core experience resonates with the classic feelings of "Showtime." After lots of dialouge trying to discern what is showtime and how it can be crafted into a campaign, we made this poster. This poster may be my favorite of the pieces I've produced for Old Hat. It went on to inspire some other campaigns for different schools and completely sold out before the last home meet.

With all of the work before the season, I feel we set the bar pretty high for the Utah gymnastics experience. We made some killer pieces for the campaign and, not too surprisingly, the team lived up to the expectation. 

Saturday was the final home meet against Georgia. The Utes won in what was a close meet for a while, finishing a successful season. It was so successful, in fact, it set a school and national attendance record.

When the campaign and the season come together and both show signs of success? I think that's what we Hatters enjoy the most.


Every time my turn to blog comes up, I struggle to find something to write about.  I have no problem just sitting down and writing when I want to, but for some reason when I have that “assignment”, I struggle.  When I can’t think of anything, I start asking people for ideas.  

Today Kelby told me I could write about the Southland Conference.  Unfortunately, I have not worked on many of their projects and don’t have a great depth of knowledge about the conference.  This led me to Robert’s office to ask him about the work we did for them.  Robert asked why I was going to blog about Southland and that led to a conversation about why we have a blog. 

Old Hat had a blog before I got here.  It was something I inherited and was told to manage but it was not something that I brought to the table.  So why do we blog?  

If you look at Robert’s blogs you might think his purpose to blog is to show you what artistic project he has been working on over the weekends.  If you look at Zac’s blogs you think we blog so he can talk about how he has developed his management philosophy over the years.  If you look at my blogs you probably think our blogs are made for some one to aimlessly ramble.   

The more I think about this, the more I think that is the point.  We are Old Hat Creative.  We are a full service marketing agency.  We have six divisions and we have some personality.  That is the point of our blog.  We want you to get to know us.  We want you to trust us and we want you to understand the company that produces all of the work that we do.  Robert may blog about his kids, but that is who he is and who he is, is a VITAL part of Old Hat Creative.  Deb may only blog about video work we do, but that video work is one of the biggest reasons Old Hat is known in the industry.  

When you read our blog, I hope you enjoy it.  I hope it shows you the amazing work we do and the amazing people we have who produce that work.  

Think we should blog about something else? Let me know @kk13cball

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