All of our staff is back in the office after a whirlwind week of NACMA and traveling.  It is good to have the full team back in the office so we can get prepared for our busy season to get going.  

Looking around the office yesterday afternoon I had to take a step back for a second.  There are several new faces in the office and it has me excited for the upcoming season for Old Hat.  

In January, we brought on AGK or Ashley or Ashley Gloystein-Klatt.  Unfortunately, we have a habit of hiring people with the same name as people who currently work for us.  Like it or not, Ashley sort of got a nickname when she first arrived.  Regardless of the name, she brings a lot to the table.  Her skill set is perfect for what we need in our marketing efforts and I am excited to see the results of her hard work during NACMA and beyond.  

Ashley has been around for a while now but the combination of her, Douglas, and our two new interns really made me think.  

Douglas is our new print designer.  He is going to be spending a couple weeks down here to be turned into an Old Hatter.  Then he will head back to Utah to be stationed on the University of Utah’s campus as our on campus designer.  Having looked through his portfolio, I am excited about what he brings to the table.  On top of that, he is a Utah native and will bring a level of knowledge about our client that will help take our work to the next level.  

On top of that, we have two interns that will be helping out our print department this summer.  Lauren and Tanner each bring a different skill set and will have a lot to contribute.  

At Old Hat, the month of June is spent preparing.  We are getting ready to produce amazing work for our clients.  We are ready to do what it takes to deliver exactly what our clients need.  And we are ready to help you get your message out to your fans.  

Spend some time checking out what we can do for you.  OR reach out to us and lets discuss what you envision for the upcoming year.  

Oh, and go buy some lottery tickets. It’s my lucky day!

Hi all, 

I hope everyone who attended #NACMA14 had a safe trip home! Returning home from NACMA is always an exciting time as we are inspired by new ideas to create and lead. It's also a great time to reflect on our personal development as things in the college athletics industry are a bit slower during the summer months. 

This year, one of my New Year's resolutions was to read a professional development book every other month focused on leadership. So far I've read Lean In and QuietI took a break from non-fiction to read The Hunger Games, but once I finish book #1, I am going to pick back up on the professional development books. I've heard David and Goliath is a great book, and Daring Greatly sounds like a great as well, but I am looking for suggestions! 

What are you reading this summer? Tell us in the comments section below, or tweet me at @KelbyWeiter


I always like to think of the NACMA convention week as the calm before the storm. Typically NEXT week marks the start of "the busy season" when our clients return to their respective campuses with new ideas and a fresh outlook on their work. It's an exciting time before the fall sports season consumes us all and before we know it it's October and the winter season is upon us.

At Old Hat we use this time to reload our arsenal of creativity and provide our clients with new ways to amplify the sports experience for their fans. Personally, it's all about making cool stuff. Anything on top of that is a cherry...or whatever you find to be an extra treat on something that is already QUITE tasty. 

So without further ado (<--synonyms for "ado" include: hubbub, kerfuffle, hullabaloo and foofaraw), for your viewing pleasure, Old Hat Productions' NEWEST fan entertainment game: The Lil' Duey Derby!  

A brief backstory: We knew we wanted a race, but it took some time to come up with what we thought was a sellable concept that would be entertaining to fans throughout a season. So what's better than a random cartoon cup of coffee racing a cup of slush? Or a hotdog racing a bratwurst?? We think it's actual people. We took a cue from the Washington Nationals Racing Presidents. I find that race hilarious. So what if you were able to have your favorite coaches or players or team legends race each other in a silly game? Heck, you could turn this into a contest where you have fans race each other! The sky is the limit with this game. For the Lil' Duey Derby we went with pictures of Zac, Robert and a rare appearance from your fearless Director of Video Production (us production types prefer to chill behind the scenes and make everybody else look cool and/or ridiculous). We gave our animators some basic direction for design and script and they went to work. I'm always amazed how they can take bits and pieces of direction and turn it into something like this. 

This is our Basic Version of the race:

- The colors, text and school logo are customizable in the introduction

- The car colors are customizable

- The faces are customizable

- There are 3 race versions with different obstacles with 3 different endings included


This is our Advanced Customization of the race and includes everything in the basic version plus:

- You can select your own music and new audio mix with voiceovers and sound effects (optional)

- There are additional sponsor integration opportunities in the form of signage around the track (rail signage, billboard, brick planters in the hills, the blimp!!, bridge signs and trophy)


Please contact your friendly Old Hat client rep or for more info!

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