I wanted to send you off into your weekend with a few cool links/stuff/thoughts that I've been checking out lately. I've already been lots of places since my last blog and that work will be popping up all over soon. Stay tuned for that stuff.

• First up, cameras. This Leica camera will set you back $21,000. That's right, $21,000. Frankly I think Leica's are overpriced, but so are lots of things in life. Pick your vices. 

• We shot some photos for SMU football recently. Check out this very cool behind the scenes video of the shoot that their video department put together. 

• The photo industry has been in a state of flux for several years now. But the last couple of months have certainly brought some new challenges (opportunities?) to light. Interesting thoughts from the Thoughts of a Bohemian blog here

• We shot these photos for Tulsa football several weeks ago now, but I realized I never put anything about it on the blog. 

Shooting with holi powder is a messy affair and also a technical challenge. Although it does linger in the air for a long time, (we were finding it in every spot you can think of after the shoot) you do need to shoot a lot of frames to capture the right moment. It's only cool-looking and cloud-like for a couple of frames after you throw it, so you have to be ready. 

We had a blast shooting that job and we're looking forward to more crazy shoots in the coming months. 


Random thoughts for today...

NACMA is less than one month away! So much stuff for our staff to finish in a short amount of time including completing a brochure, designing banners, and editing a video. We'll also need to set up our booth completely and do some additional planning/organizing. Working on these projects has taken most of my week so far and will be top of mind for the time being. I'm excited to meet some of our clients in person and to hopefully catch up with some friends from around the country. We are taking six staffers to NACMA this year and Robert is actually driving our booth materials from OKC to Orlando.. I'm hoping to talk him into documenting his journey in photos.

The Thunder have a big game tonight vs. the Clippers. It starts at 9:30 p.m. central so we'll see how much I actually watch. I'm too tired to stay up much past 10:30 p.m.! Guessing there will be a lot of sleepy Oklahomans at work tomorrow.

Yesterday, Hannah was showing this video to Robert...I've seen it before but listening to him giggle made me remember how funny it was.  For a fun break, check it out:  


My favorite person to follow on Twitter is @FauxPelini.  Hilarious!

Today is the last day of early registration for the Superfan 5K! Register by the end of the day today for only $25. Tomorrow, the price increases to $35. I'm really excited for the race, and more importantly, to see what people will be wearing!




We all love an exciting sporting event! (Or at least if you're an Old Hatter you do.)  And not many are exciting as last night's NBA Playoff game 5 of the Thunder vs Clippers.  It was breathtaking for myself and fellow Thunder fans.  I'm not going to get into the details of the game, but rather talk about how we choose to interact with each other during and after the game via Social Media.

Social Media spikes during major sporting events (or major events in general).  People, like myself, want to cheer on their team, congratulate their favorite players, or yell publicly at the refs (well as loud as 144 characters will let you yell).  What I started thinking about last night was how we do this... Some post just to Twitter; others to Facebook; some to Google+; and then people like me that post to all three... when their phone doesn't die mid tweet.

Each platform has its strengths and weaknesses. Facebook has all (or most) your friends on it and you can tell the world or just those friends how you feel.  Setting the privacy allows you to vent a little more than you should with a public post.  Then their is Twitter that allows you to speak to the world and maybe even a celebrity, but only with 144 characters. (Still scratching my head on where that number came from.)  The privacy on tweets is not really there, unless you lock your entire account and even then you may have some followers you don't want to share with.  Then there is Google Plus that seems to be the best of all the worlds... yet only a few people may see your post as members don't seem to be as active as members of other two platforms.

I use each one a bit differently.  When I want others to public see my support for my team, I go to Twitter.  When I want to say something to my friends and family or hear their reaction, I go with Facebook.  And finally, when I want my close friends (as most of them are nerds like me and have Google+ accounts) or I want a very targeted audience I fall back on Google Plus.  How do you use your Social Media accounts during sporting events?

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