You know that saying, right? I'm not really sure why or where it came from, but it seems really random (just like this blog post) that it's the third time. Because sometimes you get it right the first time, sometimes the second or even fourth, so why do we have this saying about the third time?! I don't know. But it has happened to me twice this week.

First instance:  I had plans to go out to dinner with a friend, and we had two places in mind. We decide on the first and meet there at 7. It's closed. No big deal, the other restaurant is right around the corner. We go there, and it's also closed. What the what?! I know OU's finals ended last week and most of the students have gone home, but come on, plenty of people still live and (attempt to) eat in Norman. So we're standing in the cold, deciding on where to go, and we finally just land on a place, which luckily was open when we got there. Sheesh!

Second instance:  I went Christmas gift shopping last night (which is pretty much the worst thing, in my opinion, hence going just a week before the big day). At the first store, I'm not even looking for anything super specific. They usually have cool, random things there and should have a few of the things I'm hoping to find for my mom. NOPE. No cool, random things. Nothing I was looking at buying for my mom. So, on to the second store; I'm only looking for one specific thing that I could get at a few other places but I have a coupon for this store. Naturally, they are out of that one specific thing. Ugh. I end up at a third store that I was just going to wander around in, not expecting anything really, and boom, I find multiple things. Of course! Third time's the charm.

If you haven’t realized it already, we’re a mere seven days away from Christmas! I think this year may be the most behind I’ve been on Christmas shopping. This might actually be the year when “it’s the thought that counts”.

A lot of people out there are so good at finding that perfect gift for someone. I am NOT that person. I struggle to find gifts that people like. I’d like to attribute this trait to my dad, who has gotten me a variety of unusual and often unusable gifts, ranging from a Houdini magic set (which actually was really cool as a kid) to a howling wolf cookie jar (which was way less cool as an adult).


So for those of you way behind on Christmas shopping, here’s a list of some totally rad gadgets for 2014. However, keep in mind that I’m terrible at picking gifts so these could all be very bad gift ideas. I thought they were cool though.

If you’re into breakfast and sandwiches, and a bit of a DIYer, this is probably the contraption for you. It’s a breakfast sandwich maker. Yep, say goodbye to the days of waking up three hours before sunrise so you have time to make that breakfast sandwich before work.  Now you just throw any breakfast item into this multi-layered steel trap (Pop Tarts, Moon Pies, Cocoa Puffs), push a button and out comes a sandwich. Pretty nifty, and a heckuva price.

There are a lot of tangible gifts that you can waste your money on, but why not waste it on something intangible instead? Like land on Mars… the only thing is, if you read the print at the bottom, they state this is not a legal document. So you just think you’re buying land on a planet that you’ll never get to visit. Still, a step up from the howling wolf cookie jar.

This same site also offers a 1’x 1’ square of actual land in Ireland for $50. Now that, I could do. If nothing else, it would be cool to say “I have to go check out a land purchase I made in Ireland.” Maybe put a stack of business cards on your plot, and write off the trip as a business expense…?

This next gift is off the hook. I don’t know how they do it, and I don’t wanna know. If this thing really works like it appears to, this could be the best use of the iPad yet. Telecommunications, camera technology, geolocation- all good. But Foosball on your iPad? Genius. Bonus points if it has wrist-roll detection built into the game, for those of you that like to spin the handles.

This is probably a great product, but I think the lady in the ad has an advantage over your normal Eye Massager user. The third hand protruding from the back of her head arguably allows you to get a better massage. They should probably include in the disclaimer “Hand protruding from head sold separately. Some assembly required,” or something to that effect.

I don’t know why I’m so intrigued by these, but I am. And apparently it’s not easy to replicate natural stones with pillows because these things are expensive. It’d be fun to have a pillow fight with these bad boys though.

My top gift would be this Live Video Drone. Man has been flying for over a century now, but for those of you not comfortable with getting off the ground, yet still want the thrill of doing so, this might be the answer. Everything about this gizmo looks cool- easy to control, ability to watch from your iPhone, good camera specs. I may have to talk our Capture division into getting us one of these… for the sole purpose of enhancing our video work of course.

Happy shopping to all of you that haven't finished up yet, and to all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

So I thought I would step away from the Christmas stuff and talk about some other things. Have any of you ever renovated a house? Have you ever knocked down a wall? Maybe decided to paint a room... Well it is all a pain in the butt. The end results are usually worth it, but it definitely requires some good hard time to make it happen. Recently I moved into a house that needed serious updating. Well it has been a PAIN to deal with everything. Good news is that I am slowly but surely inching closer to my goals. The major projects have consisted up tearing down popcorn ceiling. If you do not know what that is look it up. It is disgusting terrible looking popcorn like texture on the ceiling. The popcorn ceiling usually have aspestos in them too which made this renovation a little difficult to pull off without giving myself lung cancer. I wore two heavy duty masks, googles, and wrapped my head in a wet towel. I was not going to take any chances. Once the popcorn ceilings were down in each room I proceeded to tear down the ugly wallpaper which was literally on every wall cailing to floor... Now I am repainting and getting carpets installed this coming week. Once it is all done I will finally have a room. I won't have to sleep on the couch ha ha. So Christmas this year is going to be awesome because my gift to myself is having a room again. :)

Merry Christmas to all!

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