I used to play a lot of Words with Friends.  It was pretty much the only game I play on my iPhone and I’ll be honest, I refused to play with people that I couldn't beat at least half the time.  I stopped playing Old Hatter, Robert Smith, because I could never win.

One thing I have noticed when playing is that when it’s my turn, my first thought is to figure out what the longest word is that I can spell out.  I want to cover a double or triple-word if possible… I want to put a Q on the triple-letter spot.  And I want to use a lot of letters.  Sometimes I’ll stare at the “board” for a while and get so frustrated because I can’t find a long word to create.  And about that time, I’ll happen to see a triple-letter spot that has the letter ‘i’ next to it.  It’s at this point that I slap my forehead, place my Q and end up with 31 points rather than the 12 I probably would have gotten if I had been able to play my 6-letter word somewhere.

We do this all the time.  We “walk over dollars looking for pennies."  We look for the most complicated answer to the question because we assume that since it’s a complicated problem, it must have a complicated answer.  And sometimes it IS a complicated answer.  But why start there?  Why not start with the simple answer and work from there?  You might find the perfect answer somewhere in between there and the most complicated one.  You’ll save yourself a lot of time, a lot of stress and you’ll be a lot more satisfied with your simple solution if you arrive at it toward the beginning rather than after having exhausted every other option.

And sometimes, the simplest answer can reap the greatest rewards.


You might not want to read past this point.  Some people will take the above and apply it to their own situations and be good.  Others like to hear examples of where this has worked here at Old Hat.

We had a web designer leave a few years ago.  Our immediate reaction was, "Oh crap.  We have to find someone immediately.  They have to be really qualified.  They have to start soon."  And so on…  A couple weeks went by and after reviewing some resumes, interviewing some people, etc., we started to think, "Wait.  Do we have to replace this person at all?"  We realized that the client that occupied most of our web design team wasn't going to have as much work for us in the coming months.  We also recognized that our print designers were perfectly capable should the need arise for them to step in on some web projects.  So we went back to the most simple answer to the question… which was that we wouldn’t hire anyone. 

This is an answer we may not have come to without going a couple weeks without anyone in that position.  However, we would have saved everyone a lot of time if we had just entertained this option from the get-go.  Learning from my mistake, this is the first option I entertained the next time we had someone leave Old Hat.  It was obvious almost immediately that this was not a good option and that we had to replace that person asap.  But having started with the simplest solution and working from there, I was a lot more pleased with the thought process.

I really can't think of a lot to say right now, so I thought I would share some pics from my family vacation.  I think I am more exhausted from the vacation than work, but it was good to spend time with my family.

Here we are leaving the city (our neighbors took this pic):

This is where we broke down on our way there:

This was dad getting mad when we got there and the park was closed:

lol Ok so that was not really from our vacation, but it sure felt like it at times... So here is my actual vacation.

We went to several parks down in Florida.  My family got there a few days before I did, so my first day was a day at Coco Beach. It was fun.

Coco Beach

My Parents:

View from pier:


Some random guy catching a fish while we were there:

Universal Studios

Curious George greets us.

Hogwarts & Butterbeer

Jurrasic Park!!!

Visited the Homer's favorite spot:

Met Barney there:

Had my first Krusty Burger & yes I would like fries with that:

Caught Chief Wiggum hard at work:

And then the haunted houses and creepy guys came out! It was a lot of fun:

I don't think she liked me trying to take a pic with her:

Little BoPeep

And we called it a night at 1:05am!

Hollywood Studios

Me acting like a big kid again

And the end to another long day... didn't take as many pictures... you lucked out! ;)

Bass Fishing!!!

Much more relaxing! Other than the 3am wake up after going to bed at 12:30am.

Magic Kingdom (2 Days)

Belle was gorgious! Sadly didn't get a picture with her.

But I'll be your beast, Belle! lol


The aquarium was amazing!!!

My little sister and Mulan!  I got my picture with her too... and Belle this time... and Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)... but haven't order the pics yet!

The end!!! Time to get back to buiding awesome websites.  Hope you enjoyed it!

Ok, so I'm not really on the road right now, I'm actually back in the OH offices. I've spent the last several weeks doing shoots for clients near and far.

All of the shoots have gone well but it's been quite a bit of work. Sometimes going on the road shooting video and photos is a little like going to a surprise birthday party every week. You've got a vague sense that something is going to happen, but you don't have any details. 

Since there's so many variables that take place during a shoot it's important to have things that make my life easier when I'm out there. Here's a couple that I depend on:

Greenscreener App

We shoot quite a bit of green screen and this app can be very helpful when you're trying to even out a background. Your eye is a great tool, but add this baby to your arsenal and you'll be pulling clean keys like there's no tomorrow! (Out video effects peeps might disagree with me...but I'm looking out for you guys and gals the best I can!) 

Airport Roller Derby

I used to roll with a 2-wheeled bag and let me tell you, there's no comparison. 4 wheels for the win everytime. This thing has so many different pockets and handles and things that just plain make my life easier when I'm on the road. It's a bag that goes with me everywhere, from the plane to the location and back again. 4 wheels make for upright rolling and save my arm and back. (Camera gear is not light...) The handles on all sides make for easy loading in and out of tight spaces like overhead bins on the plane and packed tight with gear in the back of a car. It also holds a ton of stuff. 

That's two quick ones for today folks. I've got a ton of stuff to get to from all the shoots we just got finished with. Have a great weekend!


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