Yesterday, Ashley and I traveled to Stillwater to meet with the OSU Sports Management Club.  I enjoyed getting to meet the students involved in the group and share a few of the things I have learned from working in the industry.  The excitement they have about going into the sports industry is refreshing. We spent about an hour talking with them about our careers and answering any questions they had about the industry.  I am truly grateful to work where I work.   I consider myself lucky to work on sports projects everyday. 

I enjoy seeing that excitement in young people.  Excited about what is to come and excited to learn.  I help coach a flag football team for similar reasons.  I enjoy working with kids and seeing that spark in their eye when they start to understand the game.  Watching a young person go from confusion to pure joy in their understanding or the lesson they just learned.  Then watching them apply it during a game is something that always brings a smile to my face.  

Sports bring that out in people.  At Old Hat we “Amplify the Sports Experience” and in that motto is the reason I enjoy coming to work everyday.   We want to make every experience a fan has with your team an exciting one.  We want fans to get the tickets they bought in the mail, see the design, and start counting down the days until they are in the stadium.  We want fans to get chills when they watch a team run out of the tunnel to an intro video.  That enjoyment, that passion for the game is what we want to amplify, and all it takes is a young person being excited about sports to remind me of why we do it.  

Hello Hello,

Today is September 22 which for me is good ole blogging day which I have not participated in for a while. If I were not the absent minded professor you would get to read all sorts of wonderful posts, but I have reigned as the absent minded professor for a long time. When I was a little boy I would forget my house key at school which forced me to either walk all the way back to school or pull some acrobatic moves to open and jump through the back kitchen window just off the side of the back deck. My mother would have been quite upset if she knew how many times I jumped to that window 15' above where I could have easily plumeted to my death. Anyway, the title of my post is 365 Days of Social Media not The Absent Minded Professor, so lets continue moving forward on that topic.

365 Days of Social Media refers to a journey I am sending myself on in which I will be attempting to post a social media graphic every day for a year. I have been putting a lot of effort towards improving my overall life in every way and in today's world social media is ever more important and is only expanding and evolving. Social media engulfs the lives of anyone who has access to a computer. It has the power alter someones life in various ways, which has brought about debates as to whether it is good and/or bad. Regardless of what you think social media is most likely not going anywhere. So, I say embrace social media and take a look at my instgram and facebook pages. One of the graphics could inspire you, it could change your opinion, it could also piss you off, but remember Don't Think Too Much. Thinking too much can be a very bad thing. 


At some point in the last couple of months I made it a point to recall things that I've learned from my day because I think there's probably at least one lesson to learn each day. Seems like eventually you might run out of things to learn, but I haven't yet. Most evenings I go home and ask my girls what they learned that day, so I figure it's worthwhile for me to at least contemplate those things, even if it's just on my drive home after work.

I don't do this every day, but I should. It's helpful for me to figure out what went well, what didn't go well and what I'll change next time. Or just remembering things I said or did that made someone feel better (and sometimes worse). This weekend and even today I've already learned a few things, none of them groundbreaking or anything, but hey, at least I'm learning. Here are a few of them.

- It's good to get away with your significant other, even if you don't have much planned.

I'm pretty sure most people know this already, but my wife and I have such a hard time scheduling a weekend or even a night for ourselves. Some of that's because we have 3 kids, but some if it's just because we're reactive about schedules versus proactive. We wait until Thursday to figure out what's going to fill up our weekend, then work around any "extra" time we might have. That's not the way to do it and I've learned I need to have better control of what takes up my time.

- Texas isn't terrible.

My wife and I went to Texas this weekend. It wasn't terrible. I know a lot of people already know this, but I'm just now realizing it.

- Football season is tough for me.

I like football, but it takes up most of my Saturday if watch all the football I'd like to watch. And at the end of my Saturday, my life has not changed significantly, so I resent feeling the need to sit in front of the TV all day but also feel somewhat guilty calling myself a fan if I don't even see what's happened over the weekend. Poor me.

- Trosper Park Golf Course is a nicer course than I expected.

I went to shoot photos this morning of Trosper Park in OKC (Oklahoma City for you non-Okies). I drive by the course a lot as it's on the same road as my girls' school. But today I stopped, got to see almost all the course and shot a lot of photos. It's a much nicer course than I thought it would be. It's a public course, but from my experience with OKC Golf Courses, they're a step above any other public courses I've played or seen. I'm not an avid golfer by any means, but the next time I golf will most likely be at an OKC Golf Course.

- People surprise me.

It's always interesting when I hear or see someone with a talent that I'd never picture from their personality. During my visit to the Trosper Golf Course this morning, I found out that the director of the course there, Mark Galloway, is also quite the musician. He gave me a copy of a CD he just released (Southern Sweet) and I was blown away by his vocals and guitar. He seems like a fairly quiet guy from my past meetings with him, but performers tend to let out their alter ego when it comes to doing what they love.


That's all I learned the last couple of days, and the fact that I need to spend more time preparing my blogs. Maybe next time...

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