This is what I look at every day. You saw my desk a couple weeks ago (but I will admit, after that blog went out, I did a little cleaning and my desk is a little different that day). 

So, what is this big board I look at every day? Well, its our “Lil Duey’s Wall of Inspiration Board”. It’s purpose? To provide inspiration for our designers, so if we see something we like in a magazine, we can put it on the board and use it somehow in a design. 

What do we actually use it for? A lot of random stuff. 

These are a lot of things we said we’d do, and then did. Every six months we all come up with a goal to complete, and these are the ones that have been completed. If you look really closely on this really low res picture, you can see a star on each of them. 

These are some encouraging notes and emails we’ve received from clients telling us how awesome and great we are. 

These are a couple of old school photos, one of this is dustin with a lot of hair, featured in one of zac’s iphone interviews. Then someone here thought he looked like Sylvester Stallone back in the day and printed it out and put it next to him. 

This is an Old Hat License Plate, it’s expired, so its up on the board. Thats all I really know about it. 

This is a Successes and Bummers poster that no one has filled out because the person in charge (ME) always forgets and is lazy. Once we start football projects (which is in the next week) I will do better at keeping up with it. 

These are Polaroid’s from Taylor Swift’s 1989 album. They are inspiring to me, so I put them up here. 

These are magnets we’ve designed and then clients sent us.Since the board is magnetic, it makes it the perfect place to showcase them. These are from Utah/Stanford/North Texas. We LOVE when we get stuff from clients.


As Zac likes to point out from time to time around the office with everyone, I am the oldest in the office.  I have to admit, growing old isn’t so bad, of course there are things from my more youthful days that I can’t even think about doing anymore without having some type of EMT on standby waiting for me.

In the past few weeks, I guess I have noticed that I am getting older, and much like the song Growing Old Is Getting Old by the Silversun Pickups, it is starting to ring true. The one thing that is hard for me about getting older is seeing my childhood heroes getting really old, and this came to light within the past week.

When I was watching the Saturday Night Live 40th anniversary special (I might be the same age as SNL, but that is beside the point), and seeing some of the comedians that my sister and I would sneak around at my grandparents house to watch late at night, were indeed getting very old. The one that hit home for me was seeing Chevy Chase, he is no longer the Clark Griswold we all remember making us laugh during all the Vacation movies, he looked more like a grandparent than the Dad from vacation. Plus, the fact that Eddie Murphy is pushing closer 60 is another shock that I had to overcome during that special, and trust me Eddie does not look 53.

Then this week, it really hit home when the greatest basketball player ever Michael Jordan turned 52.  Even though I remember some of the early days of SNL, I can honestly say I can remember every game of MJ’s career. The amazing Dunk contests, the playoffs, the push off, unfortunately his (short) baseball career, Space Jam, Mars Blackmon, Six NBA titles, and I could go on and on. Everyone wanted to be “Like Mike” when I was a kid, and honestly who wouldn’t want to be him now!  It’s just now Michael Jordan is 52, not the young amazing 20 year old basketball player I still remember him being to this day, but someone closer to my Dad’s age than mine.

Growing older is something that you can’t avoid, and I have always said to myself that I never wanted to use the saying “back in my day”, but at some point you can’t really avoid saying that.  Especially when you hear someone trying to tell you LeBron is better than Michael.  Sorry kids, LeBron is a great player, but he still has a long way to go to be better than MJ. 

I had my best friend from college tell me not to long ago, “that you only feel and act as old as the best age of your life” and for me I guess I still feel in my mind I am in my late 20’s, but my body might not think so.


Age is a case of mind over matter. If you don't mind, it don't matter.-Satchel Page

Last month I downloaded a new app to my phone.  I had always heard and read many funny stories about the conversations people have on this app.  So I go to sign up.  First thing it does is ask for permission to access my Facebook.  I absolutely hate when things ask for my Facebook info.  This normally means that they are seeking to sell your private information to a third party, but then I read that it only needs access to my public profile.  I was like cool I'm okay with that, but then the app goes back and keeps asking for more and more permissions.  This erks me to say the least.  Anyways due to boredom, I go ahead and give them access so I can see what everyone is talking about.

I start reading people's profiles, and something starts to become a reoccurring theme.  In their profiles, people keep saying that they are a different age than what it shows.  I start thinking, why are they doing this?  Then I realize they are pulling the information from Facebook.  To protect their identities and personal information, people commonly lie when filling out their Facebook profiles.  I checked my profile to see what it said, and I was 19 years old according to the app, which made the app completely worthless to me at this point.  I updated my Facebook birthday to something a little closer, but now Facebook gives a warning that you are no longer allowed to change my birthday after this last time... So what did I do?  Yea it's still not the correct birthday.  A lot of this has to do with Facebook's actions in the past which has caused the majority of people to mistrust Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook as a whole.  So this app now is trusting false data for its functionality, leading to bad user experiences.

So what info from Facebook can be trusted?  Well mainly people's likes and shares tell the most about them.  Most people don't sit around liking and sharing stories they don't like.  Where as they commonly have fake birthdays and a lot of girls I know find it funny to change their names on Facebook, especially when using apps like this that require their name to work.

So why is this all important to you?  Well a lot of people believe that Facebook is the best way to collect information from their clientele for contests and such, but as commonly known to developers, the more information you ask for from the person, the less likely they are to tell you, and probably the less likely they are to tell you the truth.  You are better off finding fun more innovative ways like the 12th Man Challenge campaign to gather info from your prospects than Facebook, if accurate data is required.

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