I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a pretty visual person. I haven't seen that Ben Stiller movie "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" (i'm a little wary of comedians in possibly serious roles...I'm looking at you Sandler and Ferrell), but the preview made me think that the main character had a pretty active imagination. Listen, I may be judging the movie completely by its trailer. Okay I AM completely judging it by its trailer. Tricia saw it and liked it, but Tricia has never seen Titanic or Jurrasic Park. How can I possibly trust a person's movie judgement if they've never seen those two movies?? Alright fine, people. I think Walter Mitty is coming to HBO this month. I'll check it out and dedicate my next blog post to that movie (maybe).

BUT I DIGRESS. What was this blog post supposed to be about?

I'm a visual person.

Fun fact #2: I use humor to cope with the daily ins and outs of life. 

Combine the two and you'll find that communicating with me via email or IM will always contain a series of gifs to help me express myself. I actually have a pretty extensive library of gifs organized according to moods, actions or people. Remember Apple's "There's an app for that" slogan a few years back? Well I have the slogan "There's a gif for that" (trademark pending). I find that gifs can perfectly communicate what I'm trying to say.

Below are some of my favorite gifs:


 I actually have a folder called "Tom Hanks." He is perfect and I love him.

I could put this in either my "Hi" or "Food" folders. 

 This is also Tom Hanks, but it's categorized in my "Wink and Point" folder.

 This is for when I want to give somebody an uncomfortable virtual hug.

 I save this one for special occasions like delivering a bunch of projects. 

 The Mexican National Team Coach has a bunch of amazing gifs. He is all energy.

 The following are fairly self-explanatory. It's a fun, but stressful job. Good thing we have gifs.


 I credit this one to Dustin. Nice find, man. I use this one a lot now.

 Possibly my favorite scene from my favorite movie.

And finally a little positive affirmation for the end of the day. 

Writing is hard. 

If I could get away with it, that is probably all this blog would say.  Constantly creating new and relevant content is a challenge.  I blog one to two times a month and still struggle to come up with ideas that actually make sense to go on Old Hat Creative’s blog.  Old Hat Creative is what I do for a living and I still struggle to write coherent and entertaining sentences about what I do.  Life is interesting enough that I should be able to find a few interesting things to write about. 

In the past, I have blogged about writing drills that I was taught at a young age and how I use(d) those to keep my skills fresh and sharp.  You know?  The whole sharpen your axe speech?   

Those are topics that interested me and were easy to write about.  I used to drill myself all the time to make myself a better writer, but lately my axe has gotten a bit dull.  I still write for Old Hat when needed, but I am not doing what I should be to make myself better.  Ahh, the comfort zone…

We all know about it.  Whether it is in a relationship with a significant other or the relationship to a skill you once wanted to perfect.  You get comfortable.  You obtain a level of proficiency that surpasses most people and you rest on your laurels.  We work in the sports industry and there are countless examples of teams getting in this comfort zone.  See Miami Heat 2014 NBA Finals and GO SPURS GO!

And that is the challenge.  Do you have enough motivation or desire to constantly be improving yourself, your craft or just sharpening your axe in general?  It is not something that is easy to do.  A lot of people get into this industry because they are or were athletes and finding this motivation was always easy when playing sports.  “Oh that guy, kicked me in the shin last time… I am going to tear him apart this year.” Every game presents you with an opportunity to get one years worth of motivation, but when we get to the real world and out of athletics, it can be more difficult to find that motivation.  

That elusive motivation that gets us to improve ourselves in areas others may not think we need improving.  For me, it is not the thing that gets you out of bed in the morning; it is the thing that keeps you awake at night.  Laying there thinking about how it happened and what you wish you would have said or wrote or done… that is what motivates me.  

I am lucky to work where I work.  I know that and try to remember that every day.  The last few months have not been easy for me outside of work and that is not how I usually want to go into our busy season.  I like to be well rested and have myself fully prepared for the busy season, but that did not happen this year.  However, that is where the people I work with come into play.  I am lucky to work here for the all the cool stuff we do, but I am also lucky to be surrounded by such good people. The people here motivate me to sharpen my axe.  It can be as simple as Kelby forcing me to blog twice in one week. Realizing that at one point I would have no issue writing two good blogs in a week because I was always practicing is a wake up call. Deb calling me out on something I said and making me prove it or at least provide reasoning.  This makes me better.  It reminds me of the work that went into getting here and what it will take to continually improve.  

Writing is hard and so is finding motivation.  You will always find yourself falling into one comfort zone or another.  How you pull yourself out of those is up to you and will go a long way in determining how long you stay successful or how successful you become.  You can choose the attitude you take into a situation and ONLY YOU can choose what motivates you. 

At Old Hat we like to challenge ourselves.  Whether building a website that will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, doing a video shoot sixty feet underground, or creating videos/posters that no one has ever seen anything like, we like a challenge.  Clients are great at challenging us and we welcome any challenge you can lay at our feet. 

Lately I've been hooked on the website MindBodyGreen. It has a lot of insightful articles about things that are good for your mind and body. A few weeks ago I blogged about mindfulness meditation and have been flooding my brain with more and more information on the subject due to its unbelievable list of benefits. As I was scrolling through MindBodyGreen, I came across this article 5 Life-Changing Ways to Start Your Day.

Most of us have a routine when we wake up in the morning, and for most of us, checking our phone is pretty high on the list. When we check email, Facebook and other apps first thing in the morning and feel everything our minds are absorbing, we set the tone for our day. We're giving our full attention to our external world rather than our internal world all within seconds of waking up. 

In this article, the author lists five easy things you can do can set a more positive tone for your day. 

1. Meditation 

2. Write Down Your Dreams 

3. Journal. And Do It Right

4. Practice Simple Yoga Moves 

5. Get Fresh Air and/or Sunlight 

Click here to learn more. 

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