I love my grandparents. They're all dead now but I still love them. Without them and their guidance I don't know where I'd be today.

My parents divorced when I was 7. The only time I really saw my dad was when he was coaching my baseball team or when we went to Texas Tech football games. My mother worked all the time and was hardly ever around. So a good portion of my childhood was spent hanging out with my grandparents. Everyday after school, every weekend and almost all summers were spent with them.

My grandparents grew up poor during the great depression. They knew what it meant to have nothing and what it felt like to struggle for what little they did have. They knew the importance of hard work and understood the sacrifices that were required to make ends meet. Many of the lessons they learned in those difficult years were passed on to me and have served me well over the years. 

In addition to important life lessons, other things were passed on to me as well. For example my dad’s father loved to play guitar. I would sit and watch him for hours strum and sing. He wasn’t all that great but he taught me what he knew. To this day I think of him every time I pick up my guitar.  Both my grandmothers were very religious women. They’d both take me to church on Sundays and both loved to read stories from the bible. Even though these things ended up having the opposite affect on me I think they’re both responsible for my intense interested in religious and spiritual matters. Then there’s my mother’s dad, the man that taught me how to be a man. Almost everything I needed to know about how to function in the world I learned from him; from how to shave to how to change the oil in my car, he taught me a lot. I also picked up his love of reading; the man would read just about everything. His book collection (a library really) was extremely eclectic. He had books ranging from Shakespeare’s classics to UFO’s and Bigfoot, from Homer’s Iliad to the hunt for Atlantis. Nothing was beyond his interest.

I miss grandparents a lot; not only did they raise me but they were my first and best friends. Over the years I guess I’ve had some difficulty letting them go.

Last week I went back home to visit. While I was there my mother and I went to my storage unit. We had gone to get some furniture but ended up finding boxes upon boxes of my grandparent’s things. There were boxes full books, keepsakes, clothes, and jewelry. It was all taking up so much room! Over half of that storage unit was filled with their belongings. We spent hours going through boxes, flipping through books, reading through business papers and looking at pictures. There were a lot of great memories in there; more than would ever fit in my in my tiny house. I guess that’s why they were in storage to begin with.

On the way home my mother said, almost in passing, if you weren’t hanging on to all that stuff you could quit lugging it around, maybe get rid of your storage unit and save money. When she said that it dawned on me that this was a perfect metaphor for why I was having such a difficulty time getting over my grandparent’s deaths. That storage unit and it’s endless boxes are a physical representation of the emotional baggage I mentally cling to and have lugged around for all these years. I don’t know why I insist on keep all this stuff. It’s not like any of it is ever going to bring them back. It’s not like those books are going to tell me things I don’t already know about them. They’re just dusty old boxes taking up space preventing me from truly moving on. It isn't their belongs that matter, it's all the life lessons that matter. It's all the time we spent together that matter. That's what I should keep and cherish not their junk.

I’m planning on going back this fall to empty out my storage unit. I plan on selling and donating everything I can bring myself to part with because after all, it's just stuff and stuff gets forgoten about and stuff collects dust.  

It's time for football! As the start of a new season and school year approaches quickly, Old Hat Print is already deep into our busy season. Make sure to follow Old Hat Creative (@OldHatCreative) on Twitter as we tweet an Old Hat-designed football poster each day leading up to the start of college football season. Prior to that, here's a sneak peek of a few of our favorites from the home base in Norman.

Florida International 



Football posters are just a portion of the work we do. There are many other sports to highlight. Some schools prefer a uniform look, with the same design for several sports. Other schools choose different looks for each sport. Some also opt to put several sports together on the same poster. It doesn't matter which option to us, as you can you see below - we can make any option work well. This is just a small sampling of work. There are tons more projects in the queue or that haven't been released yet to the public. And not just posters, but tickets, logos, game programs, media guides, ticket brochures, annual reports, development brochures, stadium displays, signage - the list goes on and on. Be sure to check here or any of our other social media, as we will have an abundance of work to showcase in the weeks ahead.


Abilene Christian



North Texas

South Carolina




Western Michigan

It’s that time of year.

People are getting here earlier, and staying later, which must mean one thing-football is about to begin! In print, we are working on basketball stuff already…so football seems like its come and gone. 

But enough about sports! I am going to share with you my new favorite online service called Rent the Runway. AGK and I are huge fans here around Old Hat. 

Rent the Runway is a service where you can rent designer dresses and jewelry. You can set a price range, anywhere from $30-$1000, and rent the dresses for four days.. They send you two sizes, just in case one doesn’t fit. You wear it, and put it in a bag and return them. Its so easy! I have rented 3 dresses in the past year and each time I wear one, I get so many compliments. 

So, you might be thinking-why would I pay to rent a dress one time when I could just buy one and wear it lots of times? I’ve rented dresses for special occasions- weddings, parties, etc. I would have spent more money on buying a fancy dress because I wanted to feel fancy, and then probably have wouldn’t wear that same dress again. It’s hard to find nice dresses for a good price. These aren’t just some Old Navy sundresses, these are sparkly, well designed dresses that fit well. They also have customers post photos of them wearing their dresses so you can see how the dress looks on your body shape. You can read reviews about if how it fit and what people thought of it. That helps with the process! 

Now I may be spoiled, but wearing a nicely designed, well made dress, is worth paying a rental, even if you are only wearing it once. Most the dresses retail for over $250-and I don’t have the budget to be buying anything that pricy. So, this way you can wear a nice dress for an event. And if you have a ton of weddings to go to over one season, you can just rent a ton of fun dresses instead of buying a couple and rotating them.

So-next time you are looking to wear something new/fun/nice—check out Rent the Runway! You’ll be glad you did!

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