Every time my turn to blog comes up, I struggle to find something to write about.  I have no problem just sitting down and writing when I want to, but for some reason when I have that “assignment”, I struggle.  When I can’t think of anything, I start asking people for ideas.  

Today Kelby told me I could write about the Southland Conference.  Unfortunately, I have not worked on many of their projects and don’t have a great depth of knowledge about the conference.  This led me to Robert’s office to ask him about the work we did for them.  Robert asked why I was going to blog about Southland and that led to a conversation about why we have a blog. 

Old Hat had a blog before I got here.  It was something I inherited and was told to manage but it was not something that I brought to the table.  So why do we blog?  

If you look at Robert’s blogs you might think his purpose to blog is to show you what artistic project he has been working on over the weekends.  If you look at Zac’s blogs you think we blog so he can talk about how he has developed his management philosophy over the years.  If you look at my blogs you probably think our blogs are made for some one to aimlessly ramble.   

The more I think about this, the more I think that is the point.  We are Old Hat Creative.  We are a full service marketing agency.  We have six divisions and we have some personality.  That is the point of our blog.  We want you to get to know us.  We want you to trust us and we want you to understand the company that produces all of the work that we do.  Robert may blog about his kids, but that is who he is and who he is, is a VITAL part of Old Hat Creative.  Deb may only blog about video work we do, but that video work is one of the biggest reasons Old Hat is known in the industry.  

When you read our blog, I hope you enjoy it.  I hope it shows you the amazing work we do and the amazing people we have who produce that work.  

Think we should blog about something else? Let me know @kk13cball

Last Thursday my husband, two daughters and I packed up our car to make the three hour drive to Asheville for the SoCon Basketball Tournament to cheer on UNCG. We thought we had timed it well in that we'd eat lunch before leaving and then surely the girls would rest in the car for part of the drive. We were wrong. Instead we were serenaded with the songs from Frozen for the better part of the drive. For those of you unfamiliar with the movie, just listen to these two songs on repeat, for three hours, and that's basically what our drive was like.


 Instead of sounding like the official soundtrack, our girls sound a lot more like this:


This is our third year going to the SoCon tournament, and there are two places that we have to go to every time we're in town. This double decker bus that's been turned into a coffee shop because the girls love sitting up top and watching the people below, and Tupelo Honey, because Tim and I love their brunch.

Unfortunately UNCG lost in the first round of the tournament, so our stay was short. Even more unfortunate was that while we were gone, there was an ice storm in Greensboro which caused a lot of damage and 75% of the town to lose power on Friday. As we prepared to leave Asheville on Saturday morning, we were getting reports from friends that our neighborhood was still without power, and that the energy company was saying it could be as late as Thursday (!!!!????) before it was restored. We decided we'd take a scenic drive back towards Greensboro and take our time with the hope that maybe we'd get a better update on the power later in the day. We decided to drive a bit outside of Asheville to the Pisgah National Forest to see a waterfall and then drive up to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a bit. The Pisgah National Forest was really pretty and the girls enjoyed the waterfall and a nice picnic lunch along the river.   


Tim and I were really excited to go along the Blue Ridge Parkway. The only problem was that once we got to it, it was closed! On the bright side, since we were so high up, there was still snow on the ground and the girls got to build an Elmo snowman in the middle of the road. Definitely the highlight of their day.

The good news about the Blue Ridge Parkway being closed was that it added on some more drive time as we found another route to start making our way back towards Greensboro. Unfortunatley, we came to find out that we still didn't have power and it didn't look like we'd be getting it any time soon. So we started calling around for hotels in Greensboro and of course there was not a room to be found. We found a room in Winston-Salem instead and ended up staying the night there. With still no power on Sunday morning, we spent a good part of the day at the Winston-Salem Children's Museum until we got the miraculous text that we had power back. Hooray! We finally were able to make our way back home and were not only thankful to have our power back, but to find that we were fortunate to not have had any tree or house damage. 

March Madness is right around the corner and it seems like everyone has basketball on their mind. Yes, basketball is fun and exciting and I do love watching the NCAA Tournament. I have even more to cheer about this year as both the Nebraska Women's and Men's teams look to each make the tourney. However, I find myself getting more excited about another sport....baseball! 

As the weather warms up and daylight savings time makes the light last into the evening, I really get the urge to take a trip out to the ballpark. Collegiate baseball started last month and since I live in Norman, those are the games I make it to the most. I like baseball, but I'm definitely not a superfan. I don't have a favorite team and I generally don't watch games on TV. What really gets me excited is being at an actual game. The environment is second to none. The sounds, the smells, the general atmosphere all add up to a great time for me. There's nothing better than sitting down with a cheap hot dog and a drink (preferably a beer) and watching a game. I've also spent way more time than I care to admit thinking about what my "at bat" song would be if I played.

A few weeks ago, the Sooners opened the 2014 season with a series vs. Seton Hall and the weather was incredible for February. So, my husband and I packed up all of the required baby travel items and took our son to his first baseball game. We brought a blanket and sat in the outfield since we didn't know how he would respond. We were able to watch about four solid innings of baseball before he got too fussy. Soon after arriving, one of the OU outfielders blasted a three run homer right near where we were sitting. The Sooners put up 15 runs on the day for a great win and it was great to enjoy some family time at the ballpark. 

Here is my son at his first game (Mommy looks a lot more excited than he is):

The Old Hat staff has recently put out some stellar baseball projects - here are a few posters that I really like:

And...Dustin recently took some great vintage baseball inspired photos for an internal Old Hat project.  Here is my shot:  

I'm looking forward to seeing the results of this project - stay tuned! 


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