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I think every school has their super fans--I'm sure you can name that one guy or girl that comes to all sporting events. Your department probably knows them well and helps them out or saves them a poster or two when they come in. At K-State we had Weird Robert (yes, thats what we called him). I saw him at the K-State OU Basketball game a couple of weeks ago. That guy is everywhere. He lives and breathes K-State Sports..and knows everything you could ever need to know about it. He even has his own radio show during football season where he says where he is going to be tailgating that game. 

Anyways--I think I have turned into a super fan…of The Bachelor. 


I was always that person that didn't want to get sucked in to the false reality of the show…but one summer I was hanging out with some friends and we started watching Ali's Season..and then I was hooked. So, i've watched the past couple of years and seasons…but this season I'm even more invested then I should probably admit on the internet. 

 Bachelor Sean was great on Emily's season, and I didn't see them together, so I'm glad that she didn't pick him. He is also a graduate of K-State and played football under Bill Snyder, so you KNOW he is a good guy. So, when I found out he was going to be on the show I was PUMPED. The K-State sports writer wrote a story about him when he signed at K-State years ago about how he always wanted to play football at Texas A&M but then went on a visit to K-State and completely changed his mind. He took all his  A&M gear to a homeless shelter in downtown Dallas and started buying a lot of purple. What?! That is a great story---right?! Sean is a good guy and probably one of the best bachelor's they've had. 

 I read This guy, Steve,  somehow has made it his JOB to figure out what goes on during the season, and spoil it all  before it even happens. I am not sure why or how he does it..but I read it. I feel like its the girl version of the message boards on that fans love to read. So, yes, I know from the first episode way more about the girls and the season then I probably should..and I know who he picks..(as long as Reality Steve is right). I like to see if I think they have chemistry from the beginning and if I think its going to last. I know the show isn't really how love works and the success rate of past contestants is very low, but It all makes for good TV. I  could tell you probably way more information then you want to know about this season..but just trust me, I'm a super fan…and I might have a problem.


What about you!? Are you a super fan of anything, even stuff not sports related?!


Let me know so I don't feel like I'm the only crazy one out there! 

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