On The Road with Old Hat Capture

Hi everyone, Dustin here again. I've been lucky enough to be out on the road again shooting videos for clients since my last blog. We recently returned from the University of Georgia where we were capuring content for Women's Basketball and Gymnastics. 

(Above: Client Rep Hannah and myself In front of the famous Georgia arch at the end of Day 2 shooting.)

We had a great time working with our contact Jolie there in Georgia and the student-athletes were a really great group of ladies to shoot. I laughed more than I can remember listening to the women's gymnastics team answer some funny questions. 

(Above: Two Georgia gymnastics student-athletes review their answers while Jolie and I look on.)

As much fun as it is to go on these shoots, once I'm back in the office it's time to let it go and move on to the next project. I'm currently prepping for our yearly shoot with the Oklahoma City Thunder's dance team, the Thunder Girls, taking place next week.

Once a year we get the opportunity to create the images that they use to promote themselves online and in their printed marketing materials throughout the season. You also never know where else these photos might end up...like China for example.

(Photo courtesy okcthundergirls )

That's Thunder Girl Lateshia next to a photo I took about 10 months prior during the Thunder Girls media day. There's nothing like seeing a larger than life cut-out of one of your photos next to the actual person. I guess everything's bigger in China.

More to come...

(Lead photo courtesy Kory Mortensen)