The one where I recap the good, the bad and the ugly.

Well that about covers the bad and the ugly over the last few weeks. Now let’s move on to the good…


Another successful NACMA is under the Old Hat belt and although it feels really good to have made it through without any hiccups, I also realize what the end of the NACMA conference signifies… BUSINESS TIME!  That’s why they call them business socks.

I always enjoy NACMA but this year seemed especially good and I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I’m not naturally an extroverted person and it takes me some time to warm up to people. So one would figure by my seventh conference maybe I’m starting to warm up to all the people I see every year, and I figure that’s why this year seems to have gone so well. I admit I’m not a small-talker and I don’t feel uncomfortable with having some silence. It’s golden, after all. It’s also hard for me to “fake it” when I’m talking with people, so if I act like I want to talk with you, chances are I do.

Office Pranks


So this didn’t seem like it should fall in the “good” category, but it does. I came back from NACMA to find a piece of foil wrapped around my office doorknob. I thought to myself, “Oh, nice prank people- that’s so amateur.” Before I could even finish my thought I had opened my door to what appeared to be the inside of the ship from Flight of the Navigator. It was ridiculous… ridiculously awesome. Although I knew there was going to be some serious cleanup to be done, there was a true respect for the effort put forth by Tricia, Traci and Stevie. I’m quite the prankster around the office, but I can handle getting a taste of my own medicine every now and then. So we’ll see what happens…

 North Texas On-Site Shoot

Last on my list of the good things is the video shoot Dustin and I just finished up with North Texas (actually on our way back now as I write this blog). It’s always nice to go to a shoot and have things run smoothly. Dustin does a great job on our side making sure we have everything needed, but we also have to rely on our clients to get the student-athletes, coaches and many others in the right place at the right time. Tonight was a perfect example of all those things coming together seamlessly. We started off by setting up a couple hours before the first football players came in. The room provided for our blue screen was exactly what we needed- a high ceiling and a lot of space to allow us to capture what we needed (FYI- we use blue screens when shooting folks wearing a lot of green). Secondly, the student-athletes were ready on time. That was crucial to keeping with the schedule and it worked out beautifully. Once we had all the guys “captured” we moved out to Apogee Stadium to shoot 600 rowdy students. It was good foresight by Jamie and Kayla to use the freshman orientation as a backdrop for our video shoot. When else are you gonna have that many students in one place, having a good time and dressed in fan gear, with the ability to direct them to do what you want? It turned out incredible- the students were pumped after an electric speech by Athletic Director Rick Villareal, they did exactly what they were asked and at the end of the day we got a lot of great footage that will show how much fun it is to be part of North Texas athletics.

So there you have it, a breakdown of the good, the bad and the ugly, with more emphasis on the good. Happy humpday!