new chair...kinda.

For the past couple of months, Traci Fuller and I have been talking about getting exercise balls to sit on instead of our desk chairs. We both are wanting to work on our posture, and strengthen our core, which is what people say these exercise balls do. So far, we are not convinced. It took us a while to blow up our ball, and then when we sat on it, we were a bit low compared to sitting in our desk chair. 


So far, we have lasted past the three hours you are supposed to start with.  It's kinda fun to bounce to some music (Ke$ha) while you work. 

None of the guys in the office are convinced we are going to keep this up for long, but we are going to prove them wrong. 


..but lets face it, we will probably end up here at random times throughout the day. 

(deb and stevies couch).


Maybe by May, I'll still be on this "I'm going to get in shape and eat heatlhy kick" and run in the Old Hat Superfan 5K

Any of you guys sit on exercise balls at work?! How long does it last? Tell me in the comments! 

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