I Stand in Front of Large Groups of People and Say Words

See that image up there? That's the header image for ZacLogsdon.com. What is ZacLogsdon.com all about? I'm glad you asked.

I'm Writing a Book

Not sure if you've heard, but I'm writing a book. And it's going to be amazing. See, what I've discovered in my nearly two decades of working in athletics is that sports is really, really important to people. And I believe that sports has a more positive impact on humanity than any other form of entertainment. The effects of what sports can do in the life of an athlete, a coach and even a fan are unbelievable and I thought it would be great to tell that story.

So, I set out to interview as many athletics directors and senior staff members from universities all over the country to get stories from them that back this theory. What I found was that I initally had no idea how important sports is. After interviewing more than 60 top athletics administrators, including the likes of Joe Castiglione, Barry Alvarez and Tom Osborne, I realized just how huge the impact of sports can be.

The book is in progress and I hope to have it released sometime in Summer, 2017. And I needed a place to promote that book. So I decided to do that on a website with the author's name as the URL. And that's me. Zac Logsdon.