Fun. Farewell. Friday.

Well today is going to be a pretty big day around the Hat. We not only have a lot of work going on, but a little bit of play too (don't worry, 30% of the time work is more important than play, every time). First off, it's Tracie's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Tracie! You're officially the oldest person at Old Hat by a year. In case any of you don't know who Tracie is, I've included a couple of the most recent photos I could find. I think she currently looks most like the second photo.


In addition to Tracie's birthday, we're also celebrating Ashley leaving our Old Hat headquarters in Norman to start a branch in the Chicago area! It should be a fun and exciting next couple of months for Ashley as she's getting married in October and also trying to get Old Hat more clients. I personally am going to miss pulling pranks on her. She's a pretty easy target but has been a good sport about it; however, I've gotta think she might not miss this part of Old Hat so much.


Among the festivities for the day are plenty of food (where some judging will be involved), fun stuff like cornholing, and we'll end it with some crying by Ashley during her goodbyes, and probably some crying by Tracie because she's getting old. Sounds like a heckuva good party to me...

Everyone be sure to wish Ashley good luck, and Tracie a very Happy Birthday!

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