Decisions, decisions

Everyday we are faced with decisions. Some are simple and have no immediate effect on the direction of our lives, like what shirt to wear or what to have for lunch. Others can change the trajectory of not only our lives but also those around us. The problem with the latter is knowing how your decision will work out in the end.


I was recently faced with such a decision...


You see I'm new here at Old Hat. I'm originally from Lubbock, TX were I lived my entire life. I'm married and have two kids. My wife and I both had good jobs and a nice house. We had worked very hard to get where we were at. We had everything you're supposed to want in life. My wife was happy and our kids were happy. Yet, somehow I wasn't. 


I realized that the source of my unhappiness was my job. It was aggravating and creatively stifling. Unfortunately, that was where I spent most of my time. I dreamed of working some place fun and creatively simulating. I knew that a career as a designer in Lubbock, TX was a dead end and that I would never be able to achieve the goals I had set for myself. I'd often talk about how I wanted to leave Lubbock and experience something different. In fact, my wife and I had been discussing that very thing a few days before I sent a message to Old Hat via Facebook inquiring about a position. Then, as if on cue, the universe presented me with the opportunity to do what I had always talked about doing. I immediately got a response saying they were looking for a designer. In a matter of days I'd had an interview and was offered a position. Once that happened I realized just how completely unprepared I was for the decision I would soon have to make. Whatever it would be would affect not only me but my wife and kids as well.


There was no way of knowing what the right decision was. My wife and I agonized over it for a week. We talked it over with our friends and family but that only made it harder. I made up my mind and changed my mind a hundred times. In the end I decided that not taking this opportunity would be something that I would regret for the rest of my life. Sure I could have stayed in Lubbock, stayed in my nice house and worked a job that was aggravating and creatively stifling and been unhappy. It would have been the easy, safe thing to do. But I knew that decision would affect those around me in a negative way.


I guess the point I'm trying to make is that when you're faced with a decision that will change your life you have to ask yourself: Which decision am I going to regret the most and how will it affect those around me? 


By the way, I've only been here about three weeks. I have no idea if this was the right decision or not. But hey, that's life. You'll never know unless you try.





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