Last weekend we all got infected here at Old Hat Creative.  Staff infection is a point in the year were we all gather to discuss what has happened, what needs to happen, and what will happen in the coming months at Old Hat. Along with a little bit of painting!

This was my second staff infection at the company and it is something I value quite a bit about working at Old Hat.  Zac takes the time to let us know where he sees the company going and to listen to what we have to say.  

This year was different in the fact that we broke up into small committees to discuss the issues facing Old Hat.  In fact, each committee took it one step further, solutions had to be offered.  Each committee addressed the problem and came up with a solution to implement.  

As a whole group, we discussed the problems and the solutions.  We all know what we need to do to improve and we all know what our goals are for the coming busy season.  It should be an interesting year!

As you may know, the NBA Playoffs have started. As you may not know (as I did not until Hannah sent me this yesterday), the OKC Thunder have a new fight song.

Thank you to Hannah and thank you to "Matthias in Southern California" who, in case you were wondering, made another chant for Manchester United.

Can somebody get this guy a shirt? 

There are few things as sacred in the world of sports as records. They are not only impressive statistics but really a measure of greatness. For male sprinters it was 10-second barrier in the 100 meter dash. Jamaica's Usain Bolt owns the current world record at 9.58. If you're a running back in the NFL the magic number is 2,105 yards. The Vikings' Adrian Peterson was just nine yards short of breaking Eric Dickerson's 28-year-old single season mark. Records also help tell the story of the sport. Hank Aaron broke baseball god Babe Ruth's career homerun total just three decades after Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier. 

One hallowed record that is quickly being approached is Mia Hamm's all-time scoring record of 158 career goals in international women's soccer. U.S. forward Abby Wambach is just three shy of tying this one. As a fan it's exciting to be a witness to history. U.S. Soccer has a great campaign called #ChasingMia that really helps the fan follow along and get some behind-the-scenes looks at history being made. And from a video and design perspective they're doing some really cool things.

I love the graphics and photo intro they have before showing Wambach's latest goal:

The text in this image includes the goal number, date, opponent, location and type of goal (head, right or left foot or penalty kick):

U.S. Soccer is also honoring the current record holder with Legend to Legend episodes:

Lent is the time of year between Ash Wednesday and Easter, when many Christians prepare for the Easter season by making some sort of sacrifice in their personal lives.  The Lent season last 40 days, not including Sundays, and ends on Easter.  Many give up things like coke or alcohol, others go out of their way to try and do something nice for others, and then there are those of this new trend.

I have noticed many friends and family members of mine giving up Facebook, or social media all together, for the 40 days.  The biggest question I have is will they return to Facebook after the Easter season?  If they do will they check it less often then they did before Lent?  Will this trend continue in the future?

Another trend that is happening in the Facebook world, and not related to any religion, is one of people unfriending others.  You have hundreds of friends on Facebook, but how many of them do you really talk to?  People are moving back to the basics, and unfriending people they do not talk to regularly.

Twitter on the other hand seems to be more resistant to this trend, as people already choose who they want to follow.  You don't have to be friends with them.  You can read their posts and if they choose so, they can follow you back.  I tend to view Twitter as the Entertainment channel on tv, but where you get to choose which celebrities you want to keep up with.  And if one thing is for sure about many Americans, it's that they love their celebrities and all the drama of their daily lives.  

As it seems that more and more people are moving away from social media, how will marketers and advertisers find new ways to reach out to their client bases in the future?  Maybe more celebrity endorsements on twitter, will be the answer.  Only time will tell.


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