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I feel like I have written this blog 1,000 times.  My love of sports, or at least certain sports, is like a roller coaster sometimes.  No sport more so than baseball in the last few years.  

I grew up loving the game.  I remember one rainy Saturday morning when I was playing tee ball.  I woke up early to play and did not care about the rain.  I was dressed and ready to go as soon as the sun came up.  Well, dressed… kinda.  I did not have a great understanding of baseball socks or how they worked, but I was ready to go and trying to wake my parents up, only to be told it was too wet to play.  My memory is not perfect, but I doubt that uniform came off easily that day. 

I idolized Ken Griffey Jr.  I had his posters and cards all over my wall. I had 1,000's of baseball cards and probably still do in a box somewhere.  Bottom line, I loved the sport.  

When the Astros were in the playoffs in 2005, I was in dreamland.  Half way through the League Championship Series, I took out a loan and spent $2,000 so my father and I could attend a world series game.  We had a blast.  I have a program with every inning scored from the longest (duration not innings) world series game in history.  Astros got swept, but it was still an exciting time. 

And then baseball lost me.  

Steroids, liars, cheaters, and a poorly run league lost my attention.  The Astros being sold at a discounted price so the owner did not protest the team being moved to the American League pushed me to the brink.  That owner talking about changing the team name and look took me over the edge.  

Every once in a while, I will watch an at bat as I flip through the channels, but MLB lost me and my money a while back.  If I hear of a perfect game, I will check it out because the sport still entices me, but the league has gone downhill, and I can not get myself interested.  

The funny thing is, I love the game.  I still love to see a one hit shutout or a 6-4-3 double play up the middle.  Today, as I was looking through Twitter I saw a tweet from my cousin about loving sports.


We have sports on all the time in the office and I knew Rivera was retiring.  I had glanced at clips of his final outing on the TV but my cousins tweet caused me to stop and actually watch the whole scene.   It gave me chills…

Mariano Rivera was exceptional at what he did.  Love or hate the Yankees? It does not matter because you could respect him as a master of his craft.  Seeing him break down on the mound, crying and hugging his teammates, reminded me of how much I love sports.  Here is a man who was great at what he did being recognized by 40,000 fans.  The bond that he shares with so many people he has never met is amazing.  In today's world of  “lets make a big deal out of me leaving one team to go to another by creating an incredibly boring hour long discussion for tv”, where players are only loyal to the highest bidder, it was nice to see fans truly supporting a guy they admired.  

I love sports.  It is obvious by what I do for a living and by what content I put out there,  but moments like these make me feel like a kid again.  They make me remember idolizing the athletes and wanting nothing more than to see them succeed.  They remind me of when I was able to only worry about who the Astros were signing to close out games or who the starting QB would be for the Aggies next year.  Our goal at Old Hat Creative is to “Amplify the Sports Experience” and moments like this are exactly what we mean.  Sports bring us together as a community, but they also allow us to escape back to our youths when concerns were about the next game, not the next step in life.  Sports are complicated, yet so simple.  And for that, I love them.  Even you… baseball. 

Are you an encyclopedia full of useless information or have access to Google? 

Submit your answers to the 3 stupid questions in this video in the comment section below. The first person to have all 3 correct answers will win one of our NEW Old Hat t-shirt! 


Ever seen this website

It was pointed out to me a couple months back as a funny site with some interesting technology.  After wasting an hour or so trying to be more dog, the question became, what can I do with this?  

This website allows you to sync a mobile device with a computer.  Once the devices are synced, your interactions on the mobile device controls how the cat on the computer behaves.  There are so many possibilities for this technology.  Yes, it requires two devices to interact with the site, but most people have multiple devices available that they could use.  This is something I want Old Hat Creative to use for one of our clients.  It is a fun site and something our Interactive team would enjoy programming.

This is a lot of what I do.  In essence, I surf the web.  There are so many websites out there doing unique work that I have not found.  If I find something that works, looks cool, or behaves in a way I have never seen before, I want to find a way to use that technique.  Whether it be on the Old Hat Creative website or on a clients website, I want my team doing work that challenges them and helps our department get better.  

I was looking through a lot of my old blogs this week and realized how often I repeat certain themes.  Today, I am doing it again. I want my department to always be challenged and pushing themselves to be better.  Not everything we do will be cutting edge, but as long as we are improving and constantly getting better at what we do, we will prosper.    As much as certain professors annoyed me at times, the good ones always did or said something that sticks with me and is on my mind frequently.  I want Old Hat Creative to always be sharpening its axe.  There is so much talent in this office it can be intimidating, but everyone can still be better.  Whether taking the small steps to use a new programming language or designing a poster using a method that has not been used frequently, we can do the things that make us better and make us the company that everyone wants to use.  All we have to do is keep sharpening our axes and we will be fine.

You guys, blogging is hard. I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this before, but it is a serious subject that must be acknowledged. Now, I've told you about how I have a personal blog that, well... let's face it... has pretty much died a terrible death from being neglected by its creator. But you know why? Because blogging is just SO hard.

I was supposed to write this blog post yesterday, but got busy doing other things and completely forgot about it and it's HARD. I mean, I have a fulltime job (obvs) and I just recently bought a house, which is a huge deal because I am an OCD, picky, anal, perfectionist designer who has to have every single detail about everything perfect and beautiful. This takes up a lot of time... OKAY?

I'm not the only one though, ok? Dustin had a baking blog and he completely abandoned it as well! And I think there may be others... or something... OKAY??

I'm seriously hoping that one day in the very hopeful future, that I can saddle back up on the blog horse and giddy up. Wish me luck. 


Also, I found this really amazing playlist on spotify for designers. It's called 'Tracks for Designers.' Search for it, find it, listen to it... you're welcome. 

We created this avatar creator card for the Washington Wizards. We have also used these in the past to help our clients celebrate their birthday. With this type of site your main goal is showing your appreciation.  Almost anything on this site can be customized. Have a specific character or mascot you want to use? Not a problem. Need to let fans choose last years championship trophy as a hat? We can do that. Want to allow you fans to create their avatar in your arena or on a beach? We will make that happen. 

The Avatar Creator allows you to customize just about anything while giving your fans something they will enjoy playing with. Add in the fact that if used correctly it can help promote your organization and you have an awesome Happy Holiday message. The best part is, you never had to lick a stamp. 

Customization is key with this holiday video site.  If you were to send a letter or email to your fan base few will read it.  Most will have to dig through a spam folder or a pile of junk mail just to find it.  Will they read it?  Maybe, but why take the risk?  With a dedicated site like this you have a captive audience to tell your story.  With the customization of the video you can share any story you'd like with your fans!  Win a championship or play in a memorable game that year? Highlight the memories in this video and thank your fans for being a part of the experience. 

Fans get emails and letters all the time.  Do something unique this year to say thank you and show them you care. 

In honor of college football season kicking off and College Colors Day, we want you to show us how you wear your colors! Post a photo on Twitter and tag @OldHatCreative. We'll be accepting photos all weekend, so if you're watching or working the football game, send in your pics! We'll select a winner on Tuesday morning to win some Old Hat colors! 

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the optimism and anticipation that fans all over the country are feeling leading up to this weekend?  No one has lost a game and everyone thinks or hopes his or her team will stay that way all season.  That wont happen to most, a few teams… maybe. Possibly, none.  But at this point in the year every one can be optimistic.  

So while fans are figuring out what time to start tailgating, what the main course will be or what beer they want to drink this weekend, at Old Hat Creative, things are a bit different.  This time of year we are crazy busy trying to finalize everything that needs to be done by kick off.  Wait, not kick off, the day before or weeks before or at least when the team enters the field…

Check out what we will be doing this last week leading up to kickoff…

17 intro videos

4 websites

30 Posters

25 Schedule cards

13 ticket designs

6 Programs


I wanted to end this with a line asking everyone to think about all that goes into these games for fans entertainment but I am not going to do that.  In fact, I am going to do the opposite.  Do not think about any of this stuff!  

Old Hat Creative is here to amplify the sports experience, you just enjoy the game!

Getting my haircut late last week, I began to notice far more gray hairs on my large noggin' than I'm ready to admit to having. That's when it hit me: I'm an adult.

After coming to terms with the reality that is being a grown up, I felt an increased responsibility to impress upon younger generations of sports professionals things you should know, not only about what to expect in the business, but what is expected of you. I've been particularly perplexed by the stuff that people put online about themselves, specifically students and recent graduates who are trying to establish an identity in the industry. Through my own personal trial and error, I've learned that once you introduce yourself to the internet as an aspiring sports professional, you're now under a microscope. 

I'm all for being wild and crazy. YOLO (Are the cool kids still saying that?) I was 21 years old too a couple years back. Thankfully when I was that age, social media as we know it today was in its infancy, and it wasn't as likely for your personal business to be front page news in your professional circles.

Anything you post online is part of your personal brand. It's how people in the industry, not just your friends, see you as an individual, a peer and a potential employee. The moment you decide to make your debut on the professional scene you've essentially surrendered your "Look at all the stupid stuff I did this weekend/I think (INSERT POLITICAL PARTY/CANDIDATE) is a #%@^$*/Guess how many vodka shots I CAN'T take in an hour/O.M.G XYZ HOTTIE is TOTES HAWT." card.

Don't get me wrong. It's important that you filter in tid-bits of your life that reflect your personality and individuality, but what you post should never work to comprimise your integrity or present you as a liability. Form a marketing perspective social media gives you the unique opportunity to position yourself in the most positive way in front of your target market's most captive audience.

With that being said, here is my list of the ten things students and young professionals who are trying to establish a presence on social media should think about: 


1. If you wouldn't say it in front of you mom, would you say it on social media?

People have probably been telling you this since you were a kid about life in general. Same rules apply to social media.


2.  It's ok to have fun, but not everyone needs to know about.

Consider keeping one of your social media platforms, like Facebook, on lock for close friends and family only. That way if you absolutely must share some shenanigans, its only going out to people you trust.


3. Don't get in internet fights with peers or professionals.

 It's not appropriate to fight in a professional environment and having petty arguments with realtive strangers online makes you look just as bad. Social media is totally the right place to exhcange thoughts and ideas freely, but if you just can't find common ground on a particular topic, agree to disagree.


4. It's ok to stand for something (Politics, religion, social causes), but making polarized statements can turn people off.

Social media puts your thoughts on a stage for everyone to see. While your inner circle may share your views, your social media circle is a much more diverse collection of opnions and convictions. While you may feel you can flex your monitor muscles from the safety of your own home, remember the sports business is small and you may have to address any member of our diverse community face to face some day.

5. Don't use social media to beg for a job. Seriously.

You'd never go into a job interview prepared only to plead for a job would you? Then why would you use social media to do the same thing? Just like in an interview, you should use social media to show potential employers why you'd be an asset to their organization, to show your knowledgeable about current trends and capable of being professional.



Using social media to hate on your current job/boss or  brag about goofing off at work is literally telling people in the industry that you would not take any potential opportunities seriously.

7. Be nice and respectful to everyone. You never really know who it is you're going up against.

It's easy to sit behind your keyboard and run your mouth like a tough guy, but as previously mentioned, you never know who you're going up against on the other side of the conversation. A mentor? An influential industry member? Being positive, helpful and willing to lend an ear can open up many opportunities for you in the industry.


8. It's ok to cheer for your team, but try not to be disrespectful toward someone else's--they could be your employer someday.

School spirit is a big part of what we do and not all of us are fortunate enough to work for our alma maters. We love our teams and we're wildly protective of them. So are other professionals in the business. Talking trash about a rival team, especially doing so doing so in poor taste can be the first step to burning bridges with potential hiring managers or potential employers. Imagine talking trash about a team and then the perfect job you've always wanted opens up with them. You better hope anything you may have said doesn't come up in any online searches or worse off --they read ot for themselves.


9. Keep your emotions in check--it won't be a big deal in 10 minutes. I promise.

Your team just lost; your dog just ate your burrito; your candidate just lost an election or the Bachelor didn't pick your favorite contestant. It's not the end of the world but freaking  out over nothing online might damage your credibility.


10. YOU TELL US! What is another social media faux paux that young professionals fall victim to?

 Did we miss something? Do you think we left something imprtant off the list? Comment below or share your thoughts with me on Twitter (@amvillalobos) and lets help tomorrow's sports professionals set themselves up for success!


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