Back in June, we started a puzzle. Did you know that puzzles are only like 5 bucks at Target? You can get hours and hours of entertainment for just 5 bucks! Anyways, we picked out a 1000 piece “Dinosaur Land” puzzle and started working on it that night. We kept working on it as the weeks went on, but at some time got tired of it. So, we slid it under the couch and didn’t think about it for a while.

As the months went on, we kept talking about how we should get back to working on the puzzle…and one night, we did. It’s winter, once you’re inside, you don’t want to go back out, so this was a perfect time to finally complete a project we had started long ago. 

So, after a couple nights of working on our puzzle, we noticed that something was going wrong. There were no more sky pieces left, but we still were missing part of our sky..we were, as you might say, puzzled. 

I kept saying—“let me count the pieces, maybe they forgot to put some in the box.” We had to have been missing pieces, but we were so stumped on where they could have gone, but we kept trying with what we had. We were determined to finish this thing. 

Then, one afternoon, I said “Hey, didn’t we have some of the pieces on another poster board somewhere? (We were doing our puzzle on the back of a framed poster-and had placed many of the pieces on the back of another one. We also had pieces in the box still and on the board with the put together puzzle.) So we looked under the couch and BOOM! There were all the other pieces! We finished that puzzle in an hour! We were missing like 300 pieces that whole time! 

Ok, so why am I telling the internet this story!? Because I think it says something about not giving up. We were determined to finish the puzzle without all the pieces, we are not quitters and we are problem solvers. We were going to figure out what had happened with the puzzle instead of just deciding that it wasn’t working out and giving up.

Thats the same way with how you have to be in life, you have to problem solve, you have to think and try to figure out a solution instead of giving up or making someone else figure it out. More and more I see kids (you know, college graduates) that don’t know how to think, how to problem solve, and if they don’t get an answer in 2 minutes, they give up. Thats how the world is now, everyone is so “NOW NOW NOW”—and to be honest, it kind of worries me. Life isn’t just about the perfect selfie, kids! 

So, next time you have a problem, don’t give up, think about solutions—and you’ll figure it all out and have a great result at the end!  

2014 has been a busy year for me at Old Hat. I have been fortunate to work on close to 300 projects this past year. One of my favorite parts about working for Old Hat is the variety of clients I get to work with. It is always fun and interesting to collaborate with the clients and our designers to bring their vision to life. In 2014 I was able to work with many great people across 29 different organizations. Here's a small sampling of the many great projects I got to work on in 2014.

Bethune-Cookman Football Poster

Charlotte Poster Template


Duke Cameron Indoor Stadium Commemorative Logo

ECU Undaunted Campaign Videos

Florida State Men's Basketball Poster

Marist ESPN3 Broadcast Animation

Minor League Baseball Cap Poster


Yale Kids Club Logo

I'm already excited about projects planned for 2015 and can't wait for another great year!

Last week, @SportPosterSwag released their top 100 men's and women's basketball posters. Check out the 21 Old Hat designs chosen below:

Men's Basketball Posters 

96. Florida State 

95. Georgia State

74. Georgetown 

65. North Carolina 

64. Marist

55. College of Charleston 

52. Duquesne

47. Syracuse

43. North Carolina at Greensboro

41. Rice

40. Charlotte 

35. South Carolina 

29. Utah

22. Cleveland State 

Women's Basketball Posters

43. Duke


42. Syracuse

37. Charlotte

36. Duquesne

33. North Carolina at Greensboro 

18. Rice 

17. Georgetown


I LOVE fancy cards. I LOVE fancy paper. In fact, I have been known to spend way too much money at The Paper Source whenever I get the chance to go. (We don't have one in Oklahoma... which is probably a good thing). I get lost looking at all the letter press cards, the wrapping paper, just EVERYTHING. Now that its time to be sending out Christmas Cards, I wanted to share some of my fav's from some of the paper blogs I follow/ The Paper Source. 









Not Old Fashioned like me and enjoy something more digital?! You're in luck!! We create holiday cards! Check them out! 

When you go to a game, what do you pay attention to? Probably depends on your background and what you're interested in. Coaches and current or former players might watch the action differently than an average fan, maybe watching plays develop or the action away from the ball. An administrator might look at the atmosphere, the crowd reaction or how well the event is staffed. Kids might watch the mascot one moment and something completely random the next. A cheerleader might watch that game's cheerleaders or dance team. A musical person might concentrate on the music played over the speakers or the band. 

For me, having worked as a public address announcer for more than 20 years, I pay attention to the announcer. Are they speaking clearly and easy to understand? What type of style do they have? How is the sound in relation to the crowd noise, speakers and music? Having worked some as a photographer, I'm looking for a unique angle and the lighting. I also look at the presentation and how things flow - how smooth the timeouts and fan contests go. I'm also big on their graphics, on anything from the scoreboard to the programs and signage. My wife finds it funny that we as designers analyze the fonts and color choices in a TV commercial, but that's what we do. It is important to know what others are doing and what the trends are, to continue to grow.

That advice applies to anything. Pay attention to others in your field and see how they do things, good and bad. Use what you find to improve your skills. Never stop seeking to grow. If you want to get better, never stop learning.

Old Hat has been working hard on basketball projects for the past several months. Now that basketball season is upon us, we're getting to see a lot of those completed projects in action. From posters, to tickets to player features, intro videos and many other kinds of projects in between, we've been busy! One of my favorite parts about being located in Greensboro, NC, is that I'm in driving distance to a lot of our clients. One of those clients is Duke. We've been fortunate to have worked with Duke on a lot of their basketball print, branding, video and animation projects for this upcoming season. I was fortunate to have the opportunity to go over to Duke's Countdown to Craziness event with my family this past weekend and see a lot of those pieces in person.

Cameron Indoor Stadium is definitely one of the coolest sports venues I've been too. We arrived in time to watch some of the fun student entertainment prior to the team scrimmage and dunk contest, which also gave me some time to check out the schedule cards and roster cards that Old Hat designed.

The part of Countdown to Craziness that I was most excited about was getting to see the animation work we created for Duke's team intro video. We worked with Duke to create three unique animations to be projected onto the court. The first animation was a series of their 4 championship banners that dropped down while video clips of their national chamionship celebrations played. The second animation was two separate banners to help introduce the team before they took the court. The third and most involved animation was created to help bring the court to life. We created a series of 3D cubes and effects to make the the floor move and come alive. We built upon that design and created a series of cubes that rotated across the court to display many different images from Duke Basketball's storied history. Combining our animation work with the videos Duke created gave the crowd at Countdown to Craziness quite the show! You can check the projects out here as well as see how they were used at the event:

Keep an eye out for more exciting Duke work being released soon!



So last night I was talking to my best friend in Cali on a project I was doing for her.  Just a little graphic to go in the back of her truck, nothing fancy.  I sent her a proof of the image and she loved it and said how excited she was, which was really cool.  I like to think I have some photoshop & illustrator skills from time to time.

Then we started talking about Old Hat and I told her, "If you think that was good you should see some of the work that our designers do", since I spend all my time here coding the websites and not really designing.  Which got me to thinking about the coolest posters I've seen here, which is quite a few, but the first one that came to mind was the 2012 Florida State Football poster.

So just to admire it one more time, here is the timelapse:

Hope you enjoyed it all over again.  I know this is a really short blog, but I really want to work on my current project, which is going to be a super sweet website when I finish.  Hope you all have a great day!

Happy Columbus Day! Do you realize how significant this holiday is? I don't think most of us do... but that's for another day since that's not what I wanted to blog about. I did, however, decide to toss in a couple nautical terms within my blog, in honor of Columbus.

Staying on the topic of history, I wanted to dive into some sports history for all the youngsters that missed out on possibly one of the greatest eras in sports design - the 1980s.

I was reminded of some really atrocious sports posters just the other day as Deb passed along some similar athletics posters from one of our clients (who will remain nameless for the sake of anemones). The posters were obviously inspired by the totally rad designs of the Costacos brothers, which is an interesting story in itself. They are responsible for possibly the worst-themed posters imaginable, which might also be one of the coolest compilations of sports artwork. It's so bad it's good, and that's what the 80s were all about.

I wanted to share a few of these, pacifically some that had no regard for political correctness. You couldn't get away with a few of these nowadays, in our hyper-sensitive society. And I am truly sorry if yawl are overly sensitive to comments about hyper-sensitivity.

I know history eventually repeats itself, and I can't wait until we start thinking designs like this are cool again. I'm also looking forward to repeating that really good day I had in the spring of 1992, but that's not for this blog. Now on with the 80s...


And here are a few that might not necessarily pass the "PC" test today...





On my first day at Old Hat, Zac told me that I should always have a notepad with me. I am sure I have gone through a lot of legal pads of paper during the past three years—most the time they just list the projects that are being worked on so I can report it to the Client Reps every morning. During this meeting, and the other meetings I take my notepad to, i often doodle on the margins. 

I always doodled on the side of notes in college to pass the time in class—I am not a good artist, but I can draw a pretty good stick figure gal or guy, if I do say so myself.

This week, I read this article about how doolding helps improve your memory, helps the brain remaine active and express emotions. 

I am not sure how much doodling helps me with all that stuff, but I am going to keep doodling anyways. Here are some of my random doodles!


Recently I’ve been asked by a few clients if we can do certain print projects. The answer has always been yes. With our top notch design team, we can design pretty much anything! While I enjoy getting to work on the traditional print projects we do like schedule posters, schedule cards, magnets, brochures, tickets and game programs, it’s also fun to get to work on some of the more unique projects that come our way. Here’s a few examples of some of the different kinds of projects we've been able to work on:

We created a seat tarp for the University of Delaware to use in an endzone of their basketball arena that still allowed space for the band.

We took the Junior Iron Dukes logo we created for the Duke Kids Club and applied it to a t-shirt design.

We created truck wraps for App State to use on a variety of vehicles.

We created branded XBox and iPhone skins for UCO to use as giveaway items.


We designed a version of Duquesne's mascot to use as a cut out for fans to take their picture as the mascot.

We created a variety of banners for the University of Utah to use around campus.



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