HELLO! So having graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts - naturally, I went to art school. We had to have just about as many hours in art history as we did in actual art classes. Yes, some of the classes were miserable, but some were really interesting and I ended up loving them. I traveled abroad twice, each trip focusing on art history, traveling to many churches and museums to see the art in person that we had been studying in our classes. It really was incredible, but I'm getting off-topic. Basically, I can appreciate art, some mediums more than others, but I can appreciate them all to an extent. 

What I'm getting at here is that THESE PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS/SCULPTURES THAT YOU ARE ABOUT TO SEE ARE IN FACT, PAINTINGS/DRAWINGS/SCULPTURES, AND NOT PHOTOGRAPHS. I know it may be hard to believe, but IT'S TRUE! You're welcome for blowing your mind... 


Paul Cadden - Small drawing pencil on paper (artist shown in the first image)


Gregory Thielker - Oil on canvas


Lee Price - Oil on Linen


Ron Mueck - Sculpture, mixed materials


Kim Ji-hoon - Pencil


Pedro Campos - Oil on Canvas


Robin Eley - Oil on Belgian linen (CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ONE?! There's a video of the plastic being painted in the link at the bottom of the post.)


Diego Fazio - Charcoal pencil


You can see quite a bit more here: Buzzfeed


Our lives are oftentimes not the culmination of a plan or method, but the result of chance. 

Some people believe it's fate while others believe they make their own luck. Me? I see my life as the unintended consequences of unexpected opportunities.

How else could I explain how I got here? Considering I entered college with pre-medical intentions, practiced journalism and writing for years, etc., etc. To put it plainly, I've done a lot for myself and my life has been well lived. (There are a lot of people I owe gratitude for this. I've not done it on my own.) 

And this journey thing sure isn't slowing down.

My life took an unexpected turn when I came to Old Hat and I'm happy to announce another big change for both the company and myself. 

Are you ready?

Starting in July, I will be operating from the campus of the University of Utah in Salt Lake City. 

From a business standpoint: A designer on location offers so many opportunities for myself, Old Hat and the Utes. There isn't much better than direct communication and cooperation in developing marketing strategy. The ability to have a designer in the midst of a marketing crew can greatly impact the quality and turnaround of campaigns and day-to-day material.

From a personal standpoint: I'm entering a new life chapter of challenges and growth. I'm a big fan of learning new things and adapting myself to new situations, but there is always stress associated with new frontiers. The opportunity to work far away from home will be interesting. I've never lived outside of a 100-mile radius of my birthplace and my journeys include only limited time outside of the state and country.

I could go more in depth, but this is a blog post, and there is a 99 percent chance I'd just be re-hashing my moving to-do list.

So what am I getting at here? A valid question for which I have a unclear response. 

The best I can say is this: I value opportunity and the chance to make a positive change for myself and others. I value the feeling of anxiety which keeps me up at night and allows me to fuel my purpose. 

And is there a lesson I can offer based on these observations? Well, someone more famous than me put it better:

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I

I took the one less traveled by

And that has made all the difference." 

My road less traveled lies ahead. Although I regret not being able to travel both, I'm confident my choice in this opportunity will provide plenty of adventure.

The past few weeks in Norman have been quite interesting! I am sure many of you have heard about the torando that hit Moore, Oklahoma just over two weeks ago. The devastation that Moore has experienced is beyond words for the families that have lost everything. Norman experienced nothing to this extreme but we did have quite the storm on Friday.

This is the timeline of events:

5:00 pm

I had one of my good friends (JINA) come up from Texas to stay this weekend. I had a few people over and was ready to show Jina all the sights of Norman, Oklahoma

6:00 pm


7:00 pm


8:00 pm

Maybe we should take shelter.....nah! PARTY!

9:00 pm

By this time we were all having a good time at my house....duh! But we decided to listen to the news to make sure the torando was not headed for Norman. Once we found out it was just a thunderstorm with high winds we went back to the party!

10:00 pm

So this is when things got interesting. One of the party people went to the bathroom when we heard a strange noise. Everyone assumed this person had fallen off the toilet...that seemed logical.

10:30 pm

Someone finally went ouside when the power went off and noticed the large tree covering all of the cars.

11:00 pm

Between trying to find candles and removing a tree from the driveway the party slowly stopped. Two of the cars had significant damage but mine was fine! YAY!

12:00 am

Everyone headed out for the night once we cleared the driveway.

Friday night at 10:30 pm we lost power and have not had power since. I feel like I am camping in my own house which is odd. Everything is slient in the house, no running electronics or tv for backgroud noise. Our cell phones keep dying on us so we have to find places in town to charge them. As for keeping up with the news it was not until today that I was able to find out how bad the storm was in towns like El Reno and surrounding areas. A tree falling on our house seems very small compared to what other families are going through. I am very thankful that is was just a tree and a few dents in the cars that the storm caused. As for now we wait to see when the power will come back on....lets hope for Day 4!


You met our newest client rep Hannah a few weeks ago, now meet Andy. The newest face at Old Hat!

Andy is the director of sales at Old Hat. He has worked with many teams and conferences for their sales needs. He is also the newest member of the crew. Don’t worry, he hasn’t been hazed (yet) and loves everyone here at Old Hat HQ. 

He also loves Hawaiian shirts and Bojangles Chicken which we believe makes him so dang good at his job.

About six months ago Old Hat Creative was approached by the team at Operation Hat Trick for a little help with their website.  I had heard of the organization before but did not really have any idea of what they did.  It is a great organization and you can find out more about it here.  

In the past, Old Hat has done Mayham, Humayliation, and this year our Super Fan 5k to help raise money for good causes.  Since I have been here we have not had an opportunity like this and it was something I was excited to play my part.  The request was simple enough, help us redesign our website and make it look professional.  

When we started, the site looked like this….

There are a couple of issues with the look, but all in all, it really just needed a face-lift.  Our interactive team jumped on a conference call with everyone involved.  When we first look at a site, it is easy to tell what can be changed and what should be fixed.  However, it is not until you talk to the people involved that you really get an idea of what needs to be done.  Amber Lilyestrom was great to work with on this project.  She has a passion for her work and this organization that you feel when talking to her.  Once we heard what she had to say, it was a lot easier to come up with the changes.  Here are a couple of looks at the changes.


It is always a process doing a project like this because we were not going to develop the site.  Normally, our designers work hand in hand with our programmers to make sure the site design will function properly, and more importantly can actually be coded.  The programmer for this site is someone I have only met through email and that leads to even more emails.  

Relaying the functionality of the design, as well as the specific items that the client needs, requires a lot of emails and discussion but in the end, it came out right.  The site looks great, the programmer did a great job of making our design come alive, and the client is happy with the work.  

Operation Hat Trick is a great organization and one I would encourage you to support. 


This past weekend, a few of us Old Hatters went up to Moore to help clean up Veteran's Park in time for Memorial Day. We were joined by a few hundred other volunteers who ended up spilling over into the neighboring developments that were in the path of Monday's tornado. You never really know the force of Mother Nature until you're picking up baby blankets, credit cards, tupperware, cheerleading trophies and other bits of what used to be someone's home and life. It's completely heartbreaking.

But among the sadness, there were moments of awesome and funny. Awesome just to see the countless people from all over the state, and even from out-of-state, taking time out of their weekend to help strangers clean up. Also awesome were the churches and local businesses that kept us all fed, hydrated and possibly most important, not sunburned. Funny moments include Aaron and Deb simultaneously slipping on their bums in the muddy creekbed, getting covered maybe two minutes after we showed up. Later on, I'm pretty sure Deb jumped about 10 feet in the air when she saw a snake while cleaning said creek. According to her most recent retelling of this story, I think the snake was up to 12 feet long... we may never know.

One of the greatest things about living in Chicago is that we are close to some of the best minds in the business. It is a huge asset to be able to interact with inspiring people when you are stuck on something.

Yesterday, Tracie drove up to Chicago and we met with Dan Migala at his Chicago office. We spent most of our day brainstorming with a bunch of super minds and making plans for the upcoming year. Working away from our Norman office can be uninspiring, so Tracie and I make sure to get out and interact with each other and our clients.

And it isn’t a complete Chicago day without some Lou Malnati’s pizza, which we shared (kinda) with our friend Brad from the Chicago Fire. The Fire is such a great organization and it is amazing to hear about what they are doing to drive ticket sales.

In true Old Hat style, we finished the evening recapping the day at the pub. Being able to meet new minds and hear new ideas is what makes Old Hat the best. We strive to always keep our ideas fresh by surrounding ourselves with amazing people.

Updated 5/24/13 at 11:00 am

Hearts are heavy this morning at Old Hat World Headquarters. Just before 3p.m. CST yesterday afternoon, the town of Moore, Oklahoma, approximately 10 miles north of our offices, was devastated by an EF4/5 tornado

Amidst the devastation, droves of people have already began to help in whatever way they can and it should come as no surprise that the sports world is following suit.

Below is a list of ways that you can help the residents and first responders of Central Oklahoma no matter where you are.


The "We'll be OK" design by Old hat designer Jared Stanley posted earlier today is up for sale. Check it out if you're interested in getting one. 100% of the proceeds will go to the OK Strong Disaster Relief which is part of the United Way of Central Oklahoma. 


Governor Mary Fallin, in coordination with the United Way of Central Oklahoma, has established the OK Strong Disaster Relief Fund to assist with the long-term medical, emotional and educational needs of victims of the May 20 tornado in Moore and the May 19 tornado near Shawnee.



The Oklahoma Red Cross is asking people to donate by texting Red Cross to 90999 which will be a $10 donation.

Donations allow the Red Cross purchase needed supplies.


Those who are looking for family members can visit www.safeandwell.org.


The Salvation Army Arkansas-Oklahoma Division has dispatched disaster response teams.

Donations can be made to:

  The Salvation Army Disaster Relief
  P.O. Box 12600
  Oklahoma City, OK 73157

Designate Oklahoma Tornado Relief on all checks.

Donate by phone: (800) 725-2769

Text GIVE to 80888 for a $10 donation to the Salvation Army.


The Oklahoma City-base non profit is currently seeking donations of boots, gloves, tools, bottled water, non-perishable food items and cash.

Doantions can be made online at http://www.feedthechildren.org/site/PageServer?pagename=dotorg_homepage

Text DISASTER to 80888 for a $10 Donation to Feed the Children.


Team Rubicon unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Similar to our response to Superstorm Sandy, TR will activate volunteers from across the country to deploy to Oklahoma. Strike teams will work in the community, going home to home, providing damage assessments and expedient home repair. 

 It is Super Fan 5k time here in Norman.  If you are reading this blog you probably already have seen something about the 5k but it is finally here!!

When Zac first announced that he wanted to change to a 5k from Humayliation, I was excited.  Mostly because this was painful.  I have never had half of my face go numb like that without involving a trip to the dentist.  On top of that, it turns out I am a little allergic to the grass wherever we filmed that video.  Add in the pain of jumping in the air and landing on your back, I was happy to have to run a little for charity this year instead.  

Setting something like this takes a lot of work and preparation.  Kelby has led our efforts to put this event on and she has done a great job.  Initially, I thought I would run the 5k, but I wont.  I will be taking photos of the event as Old Hat’s third string photographer.   When everyone that has talent is gone, they turn to me.  I am excited to do it and I am excited for the race to be here. 

Giving back in some way or another is something I love about Old Hat.  Ironically, I am not a fan of being on websites or filming myself and posting it online.  I try to keep a tight lid on what gets out on the interwebs about me.  When I applied for Old Hat, Zac asked if I used Facebook.  He asked because he could not find me on Facebook and it would be a part of my job.  I keep my account locked down as much as possible.  When Robert tagged me at a restaurant in North Carolina, I almost un-friended him and then quickly logged on to undo what he had done.  I am not trying to hide; I am just not one to broadcast my life to the world.  The point of this rambling is that when it comes to giving back, I do not even think about it.  I ran for an hour on a treadmill last week, broadcasting my receding hairline to the world but really did not care.  I am not near as entertaining as Zac, Robert, or Tricia but I wanted to do it to help out even if I bored the audience to tears.   Twenty years from now, there will still be a video of my failed attempts to be a real soccer player and embarrassing myself online but I do not care because of what Old Hat is doing to help those in need.  

The Super Fan 5k is raising money for Norman Public School Foundation and the Mary Abbott House.  Both are great causes and the money is definitely going somewhere that it is needed.   We are still accepting donations so if you have not managed to get to Norman for the race, go to http://superfan5k.org/donate and help Old Hat support two great causes.  And who knows, after this weekend we may have a few more embarrassing videos to put online. 

This week we are having our Super Fan 5K event to raise money for charity. I am volunteering my services as DJ for the event, so I have been thinking about what music I am going to play. So this week, I have decided to deviate from my normal tech talk and speak about what music means to me.

Some of my earliest memories involving music would be riding in the car with my mother, and a song would come on the radio, and she say, "This song brings back memories" (and then irritatingly start singing it). At the time, I didn't really understand what that meant, not really having a music taste yet nor having any big events to associate with any music. But now, I find mysylf on occasion mumbling those same words. Some good memories. Some bad. But always evoking some sort of emotion.

I have played music ever since I was about ten. I started with the saxophone in my elementary school band. Eventually picked up a guitar. Learned a little technique on the drums and keys. Started a band. Became a rock star. Just kidding about the rock star, but we were kind of known for a little while in Norman and Oklahoma City. Music to me can be so many things. Whether listening to or composing, music can be an escape. An inspiration. A friend when things are dark. Provide a little levity when things are good. But most of all, music always enhaces the emotion.

Which kind of brings me back to what we do here at Old Hat. We have a motto here, "We amplify the sports experience." Sports, a lot like music, can evoke so many emotions as well. And the marriage of the two can be downright EPIC. I am constantly impressed with what our Productions Department is able to create. I can watch one of their hype or intro videos and I am ready to take the field. So, in a way, music and sports kind of go hand in hand. Even in movies, there is an indelible link between music and sports. Who cannot listen to the opening measures of "Chariots of Fire" and not envision runners on the beach, or think about the movie "The Natural" and it conjure up the horn fanfare of Roy Hobbs last home run.


Music and sports. It just kind of works. And probably the most lasting link between the two for me... I cant hear The Alan Parsons Project without hearing the words in my head...



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