Ok, so I'm not really on the road right now, I'm actually back in the OH offices. I've spent the last several weeks doing shoots for clients near and far.

All of the shoots have gone well but it's been quite a bit of work. Sometimes going on the road shooting video and photos is a little like going to a surprise birthday party every week. You've got a vague sense that something is going to happen, but you don't have any details. 

Since there's so many variables that take place during a shoot it's important to have things that make my life easier when I'm out there. Here's a couple that I depend on:

Greenscreener App

We shoot quite a bit of green screen and this app can be very helpful when you're trying to even out a background. Your eye is a great tool, but add this baby to your arsenal and you'll be pulling clean keys like there's no tomorrow! (Out video effects peeps might disagree with me...but I'm looking out for you guys and gals the best I can!) 

Airport Roller Derby

I used to roll with a 2-wheeled bag and let me tell you, there's no comparison. 4 wheels for the win everytime. This thing has so many different pockets and handles and things that just plain make my life easier when I'm on the road. It's a bag that goes with me everywhere, from the plane to the location and back again. 4 wheels make for upright rolling and save my arm and back. (Camera gear is not light...) The handles on all sides make for easy loading in and out of tight spaces like overhead bins on the plane and packed tight with gear in the back of a car. It also holds a ton of stuff. 

That's two quick ones for today folks. I've got a ton of stuff to get to from all the shoots we just got finished with. Have a great weekend!


Monday, Dustin, Stevie, and I flew out to Laramie, Wyoming, for a video shoot with Wyoming men and women's basketball. Dustin and I went for the first time last April, and we were excited to bring Stevie along this time. The weather was BEAUTIFUL! Although, I did have to put on my (The) Northface fleece for the first time this fall season...

Anyway, I got the chance to meet/see again my new contacts at Wyoming - David, Felicia, and Dennis (Hiiii!) They helped organize the shoot and fit both men and women's basketball green screen player features AND intro video footage on the court in one day.  Everything ran super smoothly, and we had a lot of fun. 

In previous videos we have done for Wyoming, we noted the altitude - 7220 ft. above sea level.  We even asked, "How's your oxygen?"

Well let me tell you...not good. Even just walking up the stairs, I would get winded. I was able to get a quick workout in, and oh my gosh it was hard to breathe. I don't know how they do it up there. 

You might have seen some of these on Facebook, but here are some photos from our adventure.

Ta da!!!




 As Stevie would say - Photoception!  This is from my perspective while being a "test model"





No joke, the MBB team started doing handstands on their own! Then I joined them for a picture...I swear! 



Ah mid-September it's probably my favorite time of year. 90% of our football projects are out the door and there are only the slight rumblings of the 2015 basketball season in the distance (that might just be the print department dealing with basketball ticketbooks and posters). It's nice to take a breath, watch some football and enjoy the break, because before you know it "the hoopies," as i have started calling basketball, will be here.

With Productions it's our goal, if given the opportunity, to do something different with every video or animation project that comes our way. There will always be that one concept - prepping before a game or green screen hyping into the camera; or that ONE song - I'm looking at you Fall Out Boy and Kanye; that fans and marketers are head over heels in love with. It's kind of the same reasoning there are so many superhero movies with the same type of story structure. It's what the people like. However, that doesn't mean they can't redo Captain America, right? Right. (seriously click that link, "The best scene of the lackluster Captain America film from 1990.")

For our videos we actively look for opportunities to do something different with one or several of the following: music, script, design, highlights, photos, green screen, shoots, etc. We also aim to execute these ideas well, whether it be in the capture, pre-production and/or post-production phases. Execution is something that differentiates an Old Hat project from a lot of the other videos out there. It's not in my dna to half-butt (ha) something here at OH. In fact, it's probably my number one pet peeve.

So without further ado here's a snippet of some of the 2015 Football Videos:









We've been shooting a lot of football intro videos and photos for clients this summer and with football season fast approaching I'll be able to share some of those soon. Alas, now is not the time so you'll have to make do with some quick links to what else we've been up to around here lately.

ESPN has a big story about new uniforms in college football this year. You can check that out here. Of course, the Utah Throwbacks I photographed are in there. You're welcome ESPN.

If you haven't been by there in awhile, there's some new work up on oldhatcapture.com. I continue to add stuff to all the old galleries, create new ones, etc. There's LOTS of work in the backlog that the public's never seen, so keep coming back there if you want to see more stuff.

That's it for today. More tk...


If you work with Old Hat or especially for Old Hat (shout out to all my OH co-workers), you might have guessed things are picking up around here. I'm even late on my blog because of the busyness going on today.

So, as is typical with a lot of my blogs, I'll revert to using photos to tell my story. Today's story will be about my recent travels to the magical campuses I've traveled to.

Since my last trip to USC last month, Dustin and I went to the American Athletic Conference media days in Newport, RI. I've never been to Rhode Island, so I was able to cross that off my bucket list (#282, right after "jump in during act at SeaWorld and wrestle baby dolphin").

Here's my photo recap of Rhode Island and a shoot visit to North Texas, brought to you by Instagram.


Early flight

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 5:58am PDT



Nice view from the hotel room on this week's work trip.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 1:08pm PDT



Hard to beat this view for a morning stroll

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 5:55am PDT



Very cool place for our dining tonight.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 2, 2015 at 7:52pm PDT



A video posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 4:56pm PDT



I don't normally Instagram food, but come on... Tonight's dinner looks de-lish.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 3, 2015 at 5:05pm PDT



Working my on-camera smile before our shoot today.

A photo posted by Robert Smith (@elguapo76) onAug 13, 2015 at 2:37pm PDT

Hey Old Hat Blog Readers,

I've been out traveling for work. A lot. So forgive me for my absence if you can. As a matter of fact, I leave for another shoot in just a couple hours. So today's blog will be short, but oh so sweet. 

A couple months ago we went out to The University of Utah to capture stills and video for the upcoming football season. One of the things we did while we were there was shoot some photographs for their throwback uniforms that they just unveiled recently. 

Here's some of those shots. 


In my last blog, I talked about all of the places I've traveled so far this summer.  Guess what?!  It's time to add another place to the list - Champaign, Illinois.

Tomorrow, Dustin, Stevie, and I are heading to Champaign for a football video shoot.  Since I went to college only 40 minutes down the highway, I have been there before, but this is the first time we will be there with U of I as a client!

We are super excited and always love going to new campuses.  I know our capture and video team have some awesome concepts in mind, and I cannot wait to see how this video will look when it's done.

Be on the look out for some behind the scenes photos this week!

In the meantime, here's a look at some football materials we've created for the Illini this season:


Schedule Card

Hello Old Hat Blog Readers!

Today is very exciting because I'm announcing the launch of OldHatCapture.com. It's actually been out since just before NACMA but we haven't talked about it too much yet so I wanted to take this opportunity to explain it a little bit more. 

Old Hat Capture has always been present on our main site of OldHatCreative.com. We have various sections and lots of work there but it wasn't geared towards presenting photography specifically.

OldHatCapture.com is built with a lot of features that make the photo viewing experience better for clients. Here are some examples.

  • Create custom PDF portfolios
  • Email images directly from the site
  • Deeplinking to each image on the site
  • Big Photos with “dynamic photo resizing.” The image will resize to fit any screen from a 11″ laptop to a 30″ cinema display. Yes, really.
  • Big videos. Videos scale to fit any size screen. Again, YES. 
  • Navigation everywhere. There are advance and forward buttons on the bottom of the web page, on the mouse cursor (click on the image) and on the keyboard (click the left and right arrows).
Right now we have just a few different categories, but there are more on the way as we go through our backlog of photographs. There's LOTS to post so my goal is to get plenty of work up so you can find an example of what YOU'RE looking for for your next shoot.
While you're on the site, be sure to check out our portfolio builder and make a custom PDF. You can group together photos for mockups or idea boards and download them directly to your desktop. Then send it our way to see what we can do for you on your next shoot.
Let us know what you think about the site and hit us up with any questions about what Old Hat Capture can do for you!

This past weekend I got a camera, a Canon Rebel. I've been wanting a camera so that I can take better pictures and print them or create books and gifts. I guess I also wanted a camera so that one day my kids can look through photos that aren't on my phone. 

I've been trying out different settings and checking out tips on Pinterest. Robert sent me this infographic to learn how to use the manual setting:

And I am sure once Dustin is back in the office from the Utah photo shoot, I'll be asking a bunch of questions! 

I'm excited to learn more about this camera and to capture photos for our client OKC Golf Courses throughout the summer. I've posted a few photos below of what I've taken so far, which are all of my dog Happy. 

Another year and another successful NACMA in the books for us. We had a great time catching up with current clients and connecting with potential new clients. Overall, the trip was a blast and here are the top nine things we learned:


1. Stuckey's is an American Tradition - Anyone ever heard of Stuckey's? It's a chain of gas stations that I thought had gone the way of the dodo bird. There used to be multiple Stuckey's locations dotting I-35 in Oklahoma but I haven't seen one in years. As luck would have it, there's one right outside Pensacola, FL and we stopped there TWICE on this trip. Stuckey's is a great place to stop if you want really cheaply made chachkis, ugly t-shirts, alligator claw back-scratchers, etc. We decided to pick up surprises for all the staff that couldn't make the trip with us. See below.


2. The back seat of a Suburban is not meant for adults - Six adults in one suburban in a 45 hour (total) road trip is tough. Josie and Hannah are the smallest so we forced them into the third seat for a good portion of the trip. I gave them a hard time for complaining about it but the fact of the matter is, that seat wasn't meant for adults. Holli and I rode back there for a while on the way down there and then started the trip back with a solid 6 hours back there. It was not enjoyable. Here's a photo of me and Holli asleep in the back while everyone else is enjoying their spacious seating.


3. There's Only One Place Left in the World That Still Allows Smoking Indoors... And We Had Our Party There - For all of our clients that are chain-smokers, I'm sure you were delighted to see that the bar we chose for our party allowed smoking. For all of you that DON'T want lung cancer, I'm sure the cloud of smoke was a bit of a shock when you arrive. On the upside, the bar's vending machine DID offer condoms. So we had that going for us... which was nice.


4. Make Sure to Bring $1.25 to Pensacola Beach - Pensacola Beach is a pretty nice beach. Crowded... but the sand is white and the water is clear. But if you have any desire to walk out on the pier, you better have some cash with you. Pensacola must be very proud of their pier as they charge $1.25 to walk on it. It's like a toll road for your feet. We walked over to it but hadn't brought any methods of payment with us so we opted out of the walk on the pier. Oh well.


5. The Lighting is Better in the Suburban than in My Shower - So apparently sunlight through the back windows of a Suburband does a better job of showing missed spots on shaven legs than the lighting in my shower at home. Holli noticed a few spots on the drive out there that she had missed so she hollered at whoever was in the front seat to fetch her the razor she keeps in the glove compartment for this very reason. I'm thinking about installing a shower in the Suburban so she can kill two birds with one stone from here on out.


6. 500 Square Feet is a LOT of Awesomeness - The past few years, we've had a 20 x 20 foot booth space in the tradeshow. This year, we decided to go with a 10 x 40 foot space to mix it up a little. It was a little experiment. Well, due to a longer story than you care to hear, we expanded that to 10 x 50 feet. It was nice to have all that space but I think we'll go back down to 10 x 40 next year. 


7. Robert and I have Similar Tastes in Swimwear - I've known Robert a long time... since we were juniors in college, to be exact. And we've worked together for many years. So I know him pretty well. But I have to admit that I was surprised when we got ready to leave for the beach and discovered that our swimsuits were nearly identical. 


8. Just Like the Seminoles, My Diet Dr Pepper Record will Forever be Unconquered - FSU was the latest in my trek to have the record for the most Division 1 college campuses upon which a person has been photographed drinking a Diet Dr Pepper. This was number 26 for me.


9. People Would Rather See My Wife Hula Hoop than See Me Do ANYTHING - It all started as a joke. Last year we had a hula hoop at the booth because we wrapped a sign around it. Holli hula hooped with it, I video'd it, uploaded it to facebook and she became a hula hooping sensation. So I decided it would be funny to make this year's t-shirt giveaway an Old Hat University Hula Hooping Team t-shirt and to promote it, I'd have her hula hoop at landmarks all the way to Orlando AND at the booth. Well what I discovered is that videos of her hula hooping are far more popular than anything I've ever done on camera. So far, her videos have been viewed 3,201 times. The most popular was the one of her hula hooping with Nicole Imbrogno. You can view that on the Old Hat facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/oldhat


That's all! See you next year!



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