The year 2013 has come and gone.  My lucky number has been 13 since I was nine years old.  I think I had it in my head that something big would happen in 2013.  Not that 2013 was a bad year, it just wasn’t what my head had worked up.  

This year should be interesting though.  Old Hat Creative is growing and changing (in a good way).  I am taking on different roles in the company and expanding my skill set.  We hired AGK, aka, Ashley Gloystein-Klatt as Director of Marketing and Sales. Unfortunately for her, AGK is sticking in my mind because we already have another Ashley.  Once it is your email, I tend to keep that in my mind.  We are having a party at the end of this month to celebrate 10 years as a company.  It could get interesting…

On a personal level 2014 will be a big year for me as well.  My best friend is getting married in June.  He wanted to have the ceremony in a slightly random place so I got ordained to officiate the ceremony.  I am not sure my mother ever expected me to come home with a certificate showing I was ordained.  Along with the wedding comes the bachelor party, which is shaping up to be an awesome trip down the Devil’s River in west Texas.     

Who knows what else will happen?  There are several things I have in my mind that I think will happen or that I hope to happen.    

That is the funny thing about life.  Whether it is your work life or personal life it is always difficult to predict.  I had expectations for 2013 and very few things turned out that way.  Now I am getting things set in my mind about 2014, knowing all along it will end up far from what I thought, but that’s what gets me out of bed in the morning… not knowing.   I would have never thought this industry would lead me to Norman, Oklahoma.  I never thought I would get to work projects like  I got to know about a major event for my alma mater months before the other alumni because of this industry.  

That is why I enjoy what I do.  Every day is different.  I have no idea what kind of website we will get to do this year.  Clients bring us new ideas all the time and that is what makes it fun.  I love to challenge my developers to create the crazy idea I came up with the night before. It does not always turn out, but the challenge is enjoyable.  

Enjoy 2014.  Think of the craziest idea for a website you can and send it over.  Old Hat wants the challenge.  We want to do a website, poster, video, schedule card, or social contest that NO ONE HAS EVER DONE.  It challenges us as a company and it challenges our team to think outside the box.   Give us what you got, because I probably did not see that coming in 2014. 

We are not necessarily hungry or voluntold to take part in these games but for some reason the subject continues to come up in our office.  Who would win the office hunger games?  Below is a first hand account of how our simulator predicted the “games”, done Mad Lib style.  No Old Hatters were actually harmed for this simulation. Thanks to Tricia for completing the process. 

As the tributes stand _wiggly______ and  __proudly______ gaze at their competition as the announcer speaks about the  _______peaceful__________ challenge that lies ahead.  Tricia ____dances_______ before she _____sneaks___________ into action, much to the _____surprise________ of Deb who is just _____tripping over a fireplace____________.  

Dustin starts rambling about something being “good enough for __cats__________” but quickly trails off as Stevie cuts him down with _____a video cable_________.  As Stevie stands there ___laughing_________ Deb reminds her about her task list.  Only to distract her long enough to __lasso her _____________ .  Deb screams in triumph about being the only person left who knows how to work a ____margarita machine_________ but her victory is short lived as a malfunctioning video camera falls from the ______rainbow________ and quickly ends her victory dance. 

Meanwhile, Tanner and Richard are arguing about how to pronounce animated GIF.  Little did they know that Geoff was using his ___speedy__________ GIFFing skills to create a ___dancing duck_________ that takes them both out.   In a ___flash__________ Geoff disappears into the ____secret cave_______.   

On the other side of the stadium Ashley, Jessica, and Luke ___light sabor_______ at each other trying to ______fake________ what is going on.  Luke’s evil beard possesses him causing him to _jump______ directly at Ashley.  Jessica, realizing this is her opportunity to be the only _____human___ that does not work in Norman starts _____speed reading_______ RFPs at Ashley.  Luke’s beard _____grows at____ the interference and _____wraps around him____________ in Jessica’s direction.  All three end up in a ___furball____________ ball of hair, RFPs, and ____slime___________ that is _____rolled_________ up by a ___golden_______ gnome.   

Traci immediately goes for Robert with a ____ruler_________.  Distracted by his hair and a ____picture of Tom Selleck ________ he never sees her coming from _____a dog house_______, missing his chance to escape.  With Robert down, Traci turns to Zac in an attempt to ____play darts___________.  This ultimately fails as Zac asks her to _find him a new house___ and takes his opportunity  to ___electrocute________ while she ponders the question.  Zac, upon realizing what he has done, drinks a ___lemonade_______, says the Boy Scout code_________, and runs around in a  ____toga__________.   Confused by what Zac is doing, Justin runs into Zac causing them both to fall in a ___bear trap________, immediately _______taken to the center of the earth_________.  

Kelby, standing in the center of it all trying to communicate to everyone fails to notice the giant ____snowman_________ quickly approaching her.  At the last second Hannah ____does a handstand______ to get Kelby’s attention.  This only causes Kelby to ____laugh___________ and greet the giant ______snowman__________ with open arms in an attempt to diffuse the situation.  This fails miserably.   

Hannah, distraught with __the melted snowman___________ starts performing crossfit ___punches__________ for no apparent reason.  Bethany sees this and takes the opportunity to ____fly_________ up three stairs, power clean a _____bucket________, and then tosses the ___water________ directly onto Hannah.  

Kevin, realizing he has to narrate this in the third person stands gazing __lovingly_________ into the _____field of dreams_________.  Jared, wanting to be the only Texan left turns on  _____Kenny G_____________ music that scares Kevin so much he ___prances________ while ____picking flowers_______ only to meet his demise by ______picking a poison flower__________.  

Bethany, Tricia, and Jared believe they are the only __sane ones___________ left and begin to ___bake______ in celebration.  Tricia thinks wobbling(well, her version of it) is _____beautiful________ which quickly causes her to wobble off a _____stage__________ doing her best impression of Ron Prince air ______victory_________ as she falls to her demise.  

At this point in time Lil Duey, the Game Maker ____turns________ up a ____texas sized_______ chocolate chocolate donut, directly between Jared and Bethany.  They both ___jump___________ quickly and ___swim_________ at a full sprint towards the donut.  At the last second Lil Duey  ____evaporates _________ confusing both and causing them to ___trip____________ to meet an untimely end.  

All this time ___calm____________ Geoff has been  ____rapping__________ with the tracker jackers.  He has managed to become their ___bestie_____________ and they ______carry___ him to the center of the ________donut hole______________.   He ____celebrates________, saying this was all one big animated Geoff.  


If you would like to play our Mad Lib, check out the link below and show your results. 



Here at Old Hat, there are times when our designers, developers, etc. don't have a lot on their plates.  Rather than spending that time posting photos of their lunch on facebook or tweeting about what they're thankful for, we ask that they spend that time working on Toy Cannon projects.  I could bore you with the story behind why it's called a Toy Cannon project but that would require that I remember why it's called that.  Something about how there was an old baseball player the called the Toy Cannon because he was small but hit a lot of homeruns.  

I feel like it's important to encourage our staff to challenge themselves with projects outside their daily routine.  We want them to learn new techniques, new skills and have as much professional development as possible.  It makes them better at their jobs and hopefully more fulfilled as well.  For the past year, our development team has been working on a side project to develop their skills in iPhone app development.  Set to launch this week, the Due You Know Sports app (which Kevin will talk about more tomorrow) not only offers Old Hat exposure as an application development firm and provides an additional revenue stream, should people decide to download this app, it ALSO has given our development team that ability to grow in their skill set.  Tanner led the programming charge and spent hours and hours and hours on this app.  Richard helped with programming at times, Dustin offered design assistance and Kevin oversaw the project and tested it.  Four members of our team now have valuable experience they would not otherwise have gotten.  And it was all done in between other projects so it didn't cost Old Hat anything.

Many companies do similar things to the Toy Cannon, challenging their teams to come up with new products while at the same time giving those employees the ability to learn new skills.  It's been something I've really enjoyed seeing our staff participate in as it gives us the chance to see what they can do if they have no limitations.  

Follow @OldHatCreative for this year's #OH12Days. Each day a new Old Hatter will take over Twitter to answer your questions about the given topic. Check the schedule below and get your questions ready! Be sure to use #OH12Days for your tweets to show up in the conversation. 

Monday, Dec. 9 - Mobile Apps & Websites - Kevin

Tuesday, Dec. 10 - Customer Service  - Robert

Wednesday, Dec. 11 - Print Design - Tricia

Thursday, Dec. 12 - Networking - Jessica

Friday, Dec. 13 - Logo Design - Jared

Saturday, Dec. 14 - Social Media - Kelby 

Sunday, Dec. 15 - Old Hatter Book Suggestions - All Old Hatters 

Monday, Dec. 16 - Running & Building a Business - Zac 

Tuesday, Dec. 17 -  Fan Engagement - Ashley

Wednesday, Dec. 18 - Sports Video Productions - Deb

Thursday, Dec. 19 - Working with Coaches - Bethany

Friday, Dec. 20 - Photography - Dustin 



Nellie Logsdon was my grandmother.  She passed away when I was 18.  But one of her many philosophies was this one.  Now, by no means did she intend to say that you shouldn't apologize when you screw up.  What she was really saying was, "Don't screw up."  She knew how badly it sucks to have to admit when you've failed someone.  Looking them in the eye and admitting that you made a mistake and then apologizing for it is really hard sometimes.  And she knew that the only way to avoid it was to not make mistakes.

Well, we all make mistakes.  And she knew that too.  I think that a subliminal part of her message was to say that when you screw up, you MUST apologize.  Some people say, "Failure is not an option."  But I think she'd say, "Not admitting failure is not an option."  And that's the philosophy we have at Old Hat.  I cannot tell you how many times we have dealt with vendors that simply will not admit with they've screwed up.  And further, they won't try to fix the mistake.  Nothing could be more counterproductive to building a loyal client base in my opinion.  

Old Hat turns out an absurd amount of projects in a given month.  Hundreds of videos/animations, numerous websites and thousands (yes, thousands) of print projects every year.  And the amount of times we just completely screw up is nearly 0%.  We have many systems in place to prevent such failure.  The problem is, we're human and we mess up.  Not often, but we mess up.  Sometimes we make the most boneheaded, inexcusable mistakes.  So what do we do when that happens?

I'm sure all of you have watched a basketball game at some point and seen a player commit a foul.  Most of the time, the player (like most vendors) acts like he did nothing wrong.  He/she look at the ref as if to say, "Are you crazy?!  That was NOT my fault."  But sometimes, you'll see the player just nod his head in agreement, point at himself and take responsibility for the mistake.  That's Old Hat.  

When you fail, you have two choices.  You can either embrace it or act innocent.  Either way though, the person looking at you knows you failed.  Embracing that mistake shows that you are taking responsibility for it and while you may end up looking like you failed, you certainly don't look like a failure.

How to Apologize

We screwed up recently.  A couple of times, actually.  First step to take when you realize you've screwed up is to do anything and everything you can do to fix it.  If we make a typo on a print piece, WE call the printer to see if it's too late to send a new file.  We volunteer to go back to the office at 9p on a Friday to revise the file.  And if it can't be fixed, just apologize.  If you can't fix the problem, at least take responsibility for it.  It won't change anything but it'll sure as heck make your client feel better to know you accept responsibility.  And don't be afraid to accept responsibility even when it's NOT your fault.  "Yes, we just copied and pasted the information you sent us but we should have caught that."  Chances are at this point that tempers are high and you should just be seeking to calm things down.  The client will remember that rather than being a tool about it, you admitted fault.  And it's likely that 24 hours later they'll realize that it really wasn't your fault and they'll respect you even more.

Finally, and most importantly, after a few days have passed, the person responsible for the mistake (designer, client rep, etc.) will send a handwritten note to the client further apologizing for the mistake.  By this time, the client is probably totally over it.  Which is the perfect time for you to apologize again.  Don't just tell them you're sorry.  It's imperative that you also outline the steps you will take to make sure that same mistake never happens again.  They care that you're sorry... but they care even more that you're not going to let it happen again.  They need to be reassured that this isn't going to be a reoccurring thing.  

Nellie was right

Your best bet is to follow Nellie's advice and just never screw up.  But when you do, nod your head and point at yourself.  

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Hey folks, good to have you here on the blog today. If you’ve ever come across one or two of my past blogs, you probably realize by now I like to blog using photos. Or perhaps ramble on about things that you couldn’t care less about. Or maybe even combine the two for the double whammy… a useless blog centered around meaningless photos. Well that’s all about to change, at least today. I think.

So Old Hat is about to start working on an athletics slogan for an unnamed client (they have a name, I’m just not going to tell you what it is). And it got me to thinking about what makes a slogan work. I mean, they work… right? I’m not talking about the yearly campaigns that an athletic department tries to tie in across every sport, I’m talking about the overarching university athletics slogan, like “Go Blue” for Michigan.

What is it that makes the slogan work? Why do some slogans catch on and others don’t? What’s the value in creating a slogan for an athletics program? Those are all good questions, and by good I mean that I probably can’t answer them. But I wanna give it a shot anyhow.

First off, what makes a slogan work? I’m going to narrow that down to my top three-  repetition, clarity and conciseness. Each of these plays a big part in helping fans (and even non-fans) retain these messages. Here’s what I mean by those:

  1. Repetition- saying something over and over and over and over and over and over and over so much that seeing or hearing your slogan one more time could cause a seizure, or at least mild convulsions.
  2. Clarity- can I understand your message plastered on a billboard as I drive by it at 85 mph, while my kids yell at me from the back seat because I’m texting my boss about this cool billboard I just saw? If so, that’s clarity. Be careful though, don’t feel like you have to create it for the masses. And don’t allow the masses (internally) to create it for you.
  3. Conciseness- Keep it simple, stupid.


So what if you don’t have the budget to get the message out to the masses? You may have realized by now that we’re in the digital age, and impressions can be cheap, even free. You’ve got a website, right? If not, go back 20 years, create a website, then proceed with the next sentence. How about using your slogan as your URL? A successful URL has a lot of the same qualities as a slogan, so why not kill two birds with one URL?

Unfortunately I didn’t make it to all those questions I mentioned earlier, and I’m too lazy to delete them. But maybe I provided a little sliver of insight about what makes a successful athletics slogan. There’s so much to it, and yet it’s also so simple. Don’t overthink it.


“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” they said.  

“It’s not who you know, it’s who knows you,” they said.

Those two statements could not ring more true in the story of how Presbyterian College, one of the smallest NCAA Division I universities, became one of the biggest new clients at Old Hat Creative.

Having heard of Old Hat from former coworkers, Simon Whitaker contacted us to help PC celebrate 100 years of football and basketball this season.  This included developing a website to honor the past and present, a commemorative logo, a historical and intro video, and various print pieces.  We did print pieces for Presbyterian’s other fall sports as well.  

We started with the 100 years logo.  Our designer, Brian, found a way to celebrate both football and basketball in one logo. 

From that point, our designer, Geoff, created an amazing football poster that featured the logo front and center and captured the historical essence of football through photos in the background. (top photo of this blog)

With the print work completed, we were able to design a website with the same design elements.  The goal of is to highlight the great moments throughout the 100 years of football and basketball at PC.  

The website is broken down into ten decades.  Each decade features stories, photos, and videos to share the story.  

One feature of the site that will catch your attention right away is the historical video.  Again, with the logo prominent, this video captures memorable moments in time through the 100 years of football at PC. 

The website is structured to be continually be updated throughout the season.  As basketball season approaches, the content can become more concentrated towards basketball, while still featuring football.

I have had a wonderful time over the last few months working with Simon to complete all of these projects.  He has been AMAZING at communicating what he wanted to see and providing us the content we needed to produce these pieces.  

PC now has a consistent brand across all platforms to promote and celebrate the history of their athletic programs.   

Who knows what would have happened if Simon never had that conversation about Old Hat from his former coworkers.  

Can you feel it?  Can you feel the optimism and anticipation that fans all over the country are feeling leading up to this weekend?  No one has lost a game and everyone thinks or hopes his or her team will stay that way all season.  That wont happen to most, a few teams… maybe. Possibly, none.  But at this point in the year every one can be optimistic.  

So while fans are figuring out what time to start tailgating, what the main course will be or what beer they want to drink this weekend, at Old Hat Creative, things are a bit different.  This time of year we are crazy busy trying to finalize everything that needs to be done by kick off.  Wait, not kick off, the day before or weeks before or at least when the team enters the field…

Check out what we will be doing this last week leading up to kickoff…

17 intro videos

4 websites

30 Posters

25 Schedule cards

13 ticket designs

6 Programs


I wanted to end this with a line asking everyone to think about all that goes into these games for fans entertainment but I am not going to do that.  In fact, I am going to do the opposite.  Do not think about any of this stuff!  

Old Hat Creative is here to amplify the sports experience, you just enjoy the game!

This fall will be unlike any other for Charlotte, NC. On August 31, UNC Charlotte will kick off its inaugural football season when the team takes the field for their first game ever in the brand new Jerry Richardson Stadium. This moment has been years in the making, and Old Hat is excited to have been part of the marketing and branding process for the new football program. To commemorate this historic season, Old Hat worked with Charlotte to create logos for both Jerry Richardson Stadium and the Inaugural Season. 


In addition to the logos, Old Hat also created the season tickets, poster, fan guides and media guide covers. 




We're ready to cheer on the 49ers on August 31 when they take on Campbell at Noon and have no doubt that Jerry Richardson Stadium will be packed with Charlotte fans enjoying this historical event.



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