Build Your Powerhouse

For more than 13 years, Old Hat has been an industry leader in design for athletics organizations. There is no firm in the country over that same period of time that has worked with more athletic programs and produced more creative for sports organizations than Old Hat. The majority of what we've done, however, has been small format projects. We've done thousands of posters and schedule cards, websites and tv spots. And while the hundreds of intro videos we've produced play in very large formats, our focus has always been on the attendance and game experience aspect of athletics. Pure and simple, Old Hat helps universities and professional sports organizations fill their seats and improve the fan experience once they're in those seats.

But along the way, we've been called upon to put our design skills to use on large format offerings. A wall wrap here, a pole banner there. And over the course of time, we ended up producing hundreds of environmental graphics pieces for our clients. Mall banners for Michigan Basketball. A building wrap for the Oklahoma City Thunder. Window clings for the University of Utah. We designed it and sent it off for production and installation.

Then one day, I got a call from SMU. They had received estimates from a number of vendors to redo all of the environmental graphics for their football offices. The costs were astronomical. So they came to us and asked us to handle all of the design, production, and installation of the entire project. They did that because there is an established level of trust. They knew that Old Hat would do top-notch design and that we would seek out the most cost-effective ways to print and install it. And that's exactly what we did. Three floors of wall wraps, 3-dimensional lettering, a digital wall display, a back-lit SMU logo, fabric wraps and more. 


Because of the success of that project and because the environmental graphics business is growing and growing... and growing, we decided to launch a new company with its own mission, separate from Old Hat. We didn't want environmental projects to be just one more thing that Old Hat does.

Powerhouse's mission: To help athletic organizations build their powerhouses.

To build a powerhouse athletic program, one key element is attracting the talent necessary to win championships. And these days, doing that means having first-class facilities that are covered floor-to-ceiling with your organization's brand. 

That's exactly what Powerhouse does.

Using our nearly two decades of experience in athletics design, our production facility, and our nationwide network of professional installers, Powerhouse has the ability to deliver the absolute best in creative without breaking the bank on production and installation. And you can count on the same level of customer service you've grown to expect out of us. Because even though Powerhouse is its own company with its own staff and mission, it's still an Old Hat company, and therefore, you can expect us to always be on time, always be available, and always be on target.

If you need help building your powerhouse, visit us online at

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