Big things happenin' at The Finn

I made up that name (The Finn) because I figure at some point, Villanova's Finneran Pavilion will get shortened to something else by the fans. I want to make sure I get credit for it, though.

Villanova recently announced a $60 million renovation to the Pavilion, which is the arena that hosts the men's and women's basketball programs. The name Finneran comes from William Finneran, who was kind enough to donate a chunk of the renovation costs ($22.6 million). That seems deserving of getting to put your name on the building.

But the best part of this story (for me, anyway) is that Old Hat got to work with Villanova on the new website, which shows fans what they can expect from the renovations. There were a couple of phases to the site that our web team was able to turn around very quickly. I'm thankful for our design and development guys we have because they're able to do great work, and do it fast.

By the Numbers

Our first phase of the site was a clean, simple, one-page announcement of the site along with a Villanova Insider form to fill out. This allowed fans to get more info as it became available, and allowed Villanova to expand their database so they can further engage with their fans. Within the first 24 hours of the site announcement, had nearly 20,000 unique users. And they weren't just users coming to the site to see a pretty picture and move on. For the first phase of the site, there were about 2,700 users that filled out the "Become an Insider" form. Even better than that, of those 2,700, nearly 1,100 responded that they would be interested in donating to the renovation project. These are the types of numbers that can result in a great ROI for the website.

Our second phase of the site was a more in-depth look at the renovation, showcasing renderings, answering FAQs, and recapping the storied programs that have played at the Pavilion. The site is easy to navigate whether you're on your desktop computer or checking it out from a mobile device. Needless to say (but I'll say it anyway), responsive design has become a crucial part of our web design because the data for website use on mobile devices has skyrocketed over the last few years.

So what about those numbers for the rollout of the second phase? They were impressive as well, as you can see below. Another component to this site that I thought was really cool is the new Google data studio (currently in beta). We were able to provide real-time analytics to Villanova so all they had to do was simply refresh the info and watch those numbers grow. This is something we'll customize and definitely use on future website projects.

The next time you decide to build or enhance a facility, or maybe you just want to show folks your newly renovated home (we won't judge), we'd certainly be excited to create a website that helps propel that message and engage your current and future fans.