Two pieces of #bestadvice I've been given within the past year included, "you're ready to mentor when you have advice to share" and "find someone who's been through what you've done to help mentor you." Although I don't have 15 years of experience in the industry, I do have recent experience on graduating college, applying for graduate school and graduate assistantships, and finding a career that fit me best. 

Last week I visited Illinois for the Illinois State Sport Management Symposium. Part of my trip was spent in my old GA office talking with the 1st and 2nd year GA's to see what type of career path they are interested in, what jobs/internships their applying for and helping them with their cover letter and resume. Tonight, I am even speaking to student-athletes at the University of Oklahoma as a part of the Passport to Your Future Networking Event. 

How are you able to help the young pros in our industry? Comment below. 

ISU Marketing Staff: Pete Brandstatter, LB Nagle, Maggie Ahern, Me, Lisa Juliano and Zach Schroeder

Two of my previous marketing interns: Kevin Kowynia and Matt Steckling

The Old Hat Creative staff with Cincinnati's Social Hub Coordinator, Hannah Deutsch. 

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