Apples and Farmers


Apple's market valuation just crossed the 500 billion mark on Wednesday. Pretty amazing really. And most analysts have set even higher price targets for it in the coming year.

We like Apple products here around the office. We work on Macs, carry iPhones and tap away on our iPads. But the reason I like Apple products so much is because they just work and they make my job easier.

So here's to Apple's continued hot streak of innovation and excitement. Now, if they can just make a cool TV I'd want to buy...

(Photograph: Eric Kiel )

• Cool post over at Wonderful Machine's blog today on photographer Eric KIel's recent work with John Deere. I think these ads are spot-on. They really remind me of where I grew up outside of Wichita, KS and do a nice job of showing the John Deere brand out in the real world. (Albeit a little bit cleaner than usual.)

• We've got a pretty cool site that should be launching today, fingers crossed, that I'll shout out a bit later on Twitter when it goes live and blog more about on Tuesday. Should be interesting and we'll be able to get back to some of the new work we've been sitting on for a couple of weeks. Stay tuned.

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