All Star weekend

The NBA All-Start weekend concluded last night.  I can honestly say, I did not watch any of it on TV, save the highlights that ESPN has been airing non-stop.  However, I did pay attention to the social and digital media aspect of the NBA’s big weekend.  They truly hit their fans from all angles using social media and websites to generate buzz for those fans that were not able to attend.  

Most of our work is with collegiate clients.  They tend to know how their fans want to be contacted and try to maximize their efforts on that medium.  How do you go about reaching out to fans on opening weekend?  Do you hit every single medium you can to reach everyone? Or do you focus on what you know what works and make sure you get the message out to those that matter?  

The NBA obviously went after their fans from multiple angles.  Did it work?  Overall I think they had a greater impact because of that strategy.  

How do you handle the big events in your department?

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