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Simon Whitaker. What can we say about the guy? Amazing attitude. Great sense of humor. Easy going dude. Associate AD for Sports Information/Game Operations at Presbyterian College. We love working with Simon. We've partnered with Simon and Presby (as it's affectionately referred to at OH HQ) since 2013. We're big fans of the Blue Hose and love how this small school in Clinton, S.C. is such a close community. 

Simon had some buyer's remorse after sending us his answers: "As I am sitting here in the office about to watch "The Goonies" on AMC, I feel the need to change one of my answers. My favorite movie would have to be "The Goonies." If you can't change it, my other choice is still solid. OK, last time I'm going to second-guess my answers though, I should be second-guessing the pictures I sent."

I have so many questions after that exchange, but I guess the main one would be "why are you watching The Goonies at the office, Simon??" We'll have to wait for a response to that one. In the meantime, here's 20 answers to 20 Questions.


1. NAME: Simon Whitaker

2. OCCUPATION/TITLE: Presbyterian College Associate AD for Sports Information/Game Operations (and Video Services and a little Marketing and Promotions)

3. HOMETOWN: Charleston, S.C.

4. PREGAME RITUAL: Before football games, the first song I play at the stadium is “Beautiful Day” by U2. I typically play it before anyone is there and usually as the sun is rising.

5. FAVORITE THING TO SNACK: I keep a desk drawer full of Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (chocolate chip and peanut butter chocolate chip, otherwise anything with sugar.

6. FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: The challenge of figuring out how to do something that we haven’t done before, especially since we don’t always have the resources to do it.

7. LEAST FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR JOB: The challenge of figuring out how to do something that we haven’t done before, especially since we don’t always have the resources to do it.

8. HIDDEN TALENTS/HOBBIES: Most people I work with, and even several friends, don’t know that I hunt. I actually bagged a nice-sized doe this past December, and I have deer antlers from a hunt in 2010, hanging on my office wall. It surprises people, though I think that is more of a surprise that I am handy with firearms.

9. ADVICE TO YOUR YOUNGER SELF: Don’t take the red pill. Seriously though, don’t over-analyze and don’t be afraid to make necessary changes.

10. YOUR GO-TO KARAOKE SONG: “Your Love” by Outfield

11. FAVORITE MOVIE: “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly”

12. FAVORITE TV SHOW: The Office


14. FAVORITE PLACE TO EAT: Kickin’ Chicken in Charleston, S.C.

15. WHAT DO YOU ORDER THERE: Chicken Fingers, small, with honey mustard and fries.

16. FAVORITE DISNEY PRINCESS: Ariel. Up on the shore they work all day, Out in the sun they slave away, While we devotin', Full time to floatin', Under the sea.

17. WHAT’S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL: According to three on-line quizzes I completed it is either a snake or a coyote or a wolf.

18. WHAT’S THE STUPIDEST THING YOU’VE EVER DONE: I left a $300 Columbus Blue Jackets hockey jersey in a closet hotel in Columbus, Ohio. By the time I realized it the jersey was no longer there. Stupid for someone who travels a lot and ALWAYS checks the closet before they leave.


20. IF YOU WEREN’T DOING THIS JOB WHAT WOULD YOU BE DOING: Secret Service or working for a politician

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