What We Do

Our ability to perform all of the necessary services under one roof allows us to provide a consistent brand image for our clients. Combine that with the staff members who have worked for sports organizations and those who are trained in their technical areas and we provide a top-notch experience that translates into unique insight that generates revenue and increases brand awareness for our clients. Our clients see us as an extension of their teams. And who doesn't need more staff members?

Our customer service plays a big role in our success and the success of our clients. We work to put out the best product at an affordable price within our clients' deadlines. Because of this, clients stick with us for years, including our very first clients - Michigan, Florida State, North Carolina and Syracuse, who continue to be some of our top clients today.

Our passion for helping clients amplify the sports experience opened the door to work with our first professional sports client, the Oklahoma City Thunder, after moving from Seattle. Since then we have worked with the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Washington Wizards and Washington Mystics.

Our scope of work with so many sports organizations means we are part of the best practices across the industry, allowing us to stay ahead of the trends in order to create innovative ideas each year.

Who We Are

  • 6 Divisions built for sports
  • 3 Offices located in Oklahoma (headquarters), North Carolina, and Utah
  • 140+ Clients in college and pro sports, including pro athletes, national associations, corporate partners and a sports business journal
  • 20+ Employees each trained in specific fields to create one cohesive creative team
  • 35+ Years of experience among nine staff members who worked for universities and pro sports teams
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Zac Logsdon
Robert Smith's picture
Robert Smith
COO/Director of Client Relations
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Hannah Deutsch
Client Service Representative
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Jessica George
Client Service Representative
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Kevin Huffine
Client Service Representative
Ashley Gloystein-Klatt's picture
Ashley Gloystei...
Director of Marketing and Sales
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Kelby Weiter
Director of Communications & Marketing

How We Work


This covers all those acronyms you don’t know about (HTML, CSS, AJAX, CMS), but know you need them to help generate revenue. Whether it’s for your desktop, mobile device or smart phone, Old Hat can design and develop it to get you ROI, one of those acronyms you are familiar with.

Kevin Kelly's picture
Kevin Kelly
Director of Interactive Media and Internal Operations


They say print is dying. They say it won’t survive the digital age. But don’t pull the plug yet, Old Hat is still producing award-winning designs that are alive and kicking. And we just might be the life support your print collateral needs.

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Tricia Robben
Print Production Manager


We could just as easily have called it photogravideogramming, but we like to keep it simple. And in case you’re still confused about what capture means, we visit your campus to take photos and videos using cameras. It’s that easy.

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Dustin Schmidt
Creative Director / Director of Photography


Ever notice the production company names leading into a movie? Well, that’s us. But instead of dragging you through a two-hour movie, we pack all that Jerry Bruckheimer action into two minutes. Yes, it’s mind-blowing.

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Deb Wallevand
Director of Video Production


Ever had your head stuck in a cattle chute for branding? Trust us, it’s no fun. That’s why we took our branding a different direction and our clients have been thanking us ever since. A better impact for your program, and less visible scarring.

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Jessica George
Client Service Representative


You talk, we listen. And sometimes we talk back, otherwise it makes for an awkward conversation. Tell us your goals and Lil' Duey will lock our staff of marketing minds in a tiny, unventilated room until they develop a long list of crazy-awesome ideas.

Ashley Gloystein-Klatt's picture
Ashley Gloystei...
Director of Marketing and Sales